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Glider Picking at Stitches post Neuter
by YummierGravy. 04/25/19 09:46 PM
Gliders of the Round Table 9
by Hutch. 04/25/19 06:32 PM
New Member Lucky w/Joeys
by Luckey. 04/24/19 01:46 PM
Attachment disorder in sugar gliders.
by KarenE. 04/23/19 07:25 PM
ANY ADVICE?? Intro to pregnant mother
by JazEmber. 04/23/19 12:32 PM
Ziggy, Zelda, and Zoey
by Echo333. 04/23/19 11:00 AM
Creamino X Creamino Breeding??
by JazEmber. 04/23/19 06:36 AM
Change in behavior
by Feather. 04/22/19 06:49 PM
Mold in food
by Feather. 04/22/19 06:48 PM
Intro to Pregnant Mother
by KarenE. 04/22/19 09:31 AM

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Health & Hygiene
6 hours ago
Thanks, guys. Don't know what I'd do without you. Can't wait for this whole ordeal to be over honestly. He's usually full of personality but this cone has just defeated him frown I'll be sure to grab some pictures of the colony that aren't just gonad scabs
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Glider Talk and Traveling
Yesterday at 10:32 PM
They always have two or three sleeping pouches. My spoiled furballs are never shorted when it comes to options. One occasionally does splinter off to be on their own, but it is rare. They really like to choose a favorite & use it until I take it away. They've become very bad about switching to clean ones when I put them in, the lazy squatting buggers. They just don't want to move their 'stash.'

So, between being the current 'favorite' & where Arthur was, Morgana & Merlin were trying to join him (& not getting the message he was inappropriately trying to deliver). He even crabbed when I talked at them while seeing what was going on. Especially when he heard his name. He was being even worse than Merlin without his evening coffee.
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Breeding & Babies
04/24/19 05:46 PM
Originally Posted by Ladymagyver
He also may be interested in in mating with her too, and she's not receptive to it yet.

So when they are mating do they stay connected for a while? Kalili was on Lutana back for a while last night. I mean she continued to eat and sip some water but he was there on her back. I got video of it but don't really want to post that.
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04/23/19 11:25 PM
I have not heard of this degree of behavior for such a long time with no response to bonding.

You said you could not remember your previous registration. Where were you located/state. Have you looked through the State Roll Call to see if you perhaps see a familiar registration? If it has been several years since you logged in, it is possible your registration was purged/deleted, however, we have not done that for a long time.

I am going to move this post to Help, I'm New, however, I cannot move it into the Glider Care Forums because you will not be able to reply or post further if I do.

Go ahead and register again, and then post under your new display name. That way I can move your post where it best suits.
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Bonding & Relations
04/23/19 04:32 PM
Yes, that was my concerns to have them together, companions but it should be time pretty soon for Joey(s) to start coming out of pouch. I guess depending on the sexes of Joey's (we will keep Joey(s)) we'll have cagemates for both pregnant mom and young Jaz.

Thank you so much for everyone's advice. I've been trying to post pics and I'll update when Joey's are here and how everything goes.
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04/23/19 03:00 PM
I have tried to remember but it has not come to me.. if it helps Ziggy is a classic grey, Zelda is Leusistic, and Zoey is a Platinum. Thank you for your help Kimberley.
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Breeding & Babies
04/23/19 10:36 AM
Thank you so much. I've gotten advice to tell him if he's so set on breeding, he can have their blood drawn 😣 and tested to at least get their lineage. I'm hoping discussing this will at least postpone his decision.
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Health & Hygiene
04/22/19 10:49 PM
Please let us know what the vet says.
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04/22/19 10:48 PM
I would take her to the vet for a check up and explain what you found when you came home. Mold can make them very sick.

I will be moving this post so please sign up here so you can take full use of the board. And keep us posted on your little one.
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Breeding & Babies
04/22/19 01:31 PM
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Health & Hygiene
04/22/19 10:42 AM
I would be concerned about the Joey's eye. I would want to make sure he fully recovered from Mom's over grooming. I would also pass on the Joey until he 100% recovers from this and is given a clean bill of health by a vet. I would also be concerned that the Joey may continue to overvgroom himself in the future due to a neurological disorder. Just my thoughts. Being a first time owner, I would want the best for you.
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Diet & Nutrition
04/21/19 05:26 PM
Will do!
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Regulations & Laws
04/20/19 03:03 PM
Originally Posted by Feather
If he PMs me his email, I can send him the letter that I sent to the City of Wausau.

Email is in your pms ^_^
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Health & Hygiene
04/20/19 02:29 PM
Such good news. Thank you for the update.
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04/20/19 02:28 PM
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Rainbow Memorials
04/19/19 02:16 PM
I read that on fb. Such sad news. I know they are heartbroken hug2
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Attachment disorder in sugar gliders.
by Anonymous. 04/23/19 04:07 PM
Mold in food
by Anonymous. 04/22/19 06:29 PM
Creamino X Creamino Breeding??
by JazEmber. 04/22/19 02:33 PM
Glider Picking at Stitches post Neuter
by YummierGravy. 04/22/19 02:20 PM
ANY ADVICE?? Intro to pregnant mother
by JazEmber. 04/22/19 06:47 AM
Intro to Pregnant Mother
by JazEmber. 04/22/19 06:40 AM
Change in behavior
by ZoeyandLucysMom. 04/21/19 08:32 PM
by glidersug. 04/21/19 11:18 AM
by Feather. 04/18/19 05:42 PM
Ziggy, Zelda, and Zoey
by Echo333. 04/18/19 03:50 PM
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