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Been a while, so I feel new again.....
by Feather. 06/15/19 11:41 PM
by Feather. 06/15/19 11:39 PM
Mealworm Farming small scale
by Ladymagyver. 06/15/19 10:22 PM
Step dads'
by Claralice. 06/15/19 11:59 AM
What colors to expect?
by JazEmber. 06/13/19 11:33 PM
Glider seems terrified of ANY other gliders
by Feather. 06/13/19 11:06 PM
Finding a new cagemate HELP
by Feather. 06/13/19 11:04 PM
Please Help with Introductions!
by Xeno. 06/12/19 04:15 PM
New to GC and joeys 7 days oop
by Serendipity. 06/12/19 07:08 AM

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1 hour ago
Welcome Back!

Start slow with them, tent time would work wonders, specially if you were doing it with them before.
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GC Community Hall
1 hour ago
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Diet & Nutrition
2 hours ago
" Meal-ie acres is the place for me.
Farm livin' is the life for me.
Worms spreading out so far and wide!
Keep that cornmeal, and give that wheat bran side...."

Chapter 2 Raising Pupae into Beetles

I bought a can of large mealies 500 ct.(not super worms) from a PetSmart who had just received a new shipment. The first thing I do with any mealies is put them in a larger container and feed them apples for their water for at least 12 hours. They eat the wheat bran, and just need a drink. They will usually shed their outer skin. Some may pupate at this time. I set those aside and I chose about 20 more of the biggest mealies.

I had a small tackle box tray with a lid and dropped one into each small sectioned spot. Mine wasn't airtight so I didn't make airholes. I watched the mealies and eventually I got 20 more Pupae. It took about 2 weeks. As they turned into little aliens, I would drop them in to the top drawer along with about 1/2" of wheat bran. I then watched every few days for them to run in to beetles. Then I feed them either apples slices(had to be changed out every few days, or carrots, potatoes sliced. Watch for mold.

Once they turn in to beetles, the egg laying begins. The beetles naturally dig to the bottom of the drawer to lay eggs. The eggs the drop through the screen to the second drawer which has not quite a half inch of wheat bran. After about 3 weeks, start leaving a carrot or potato in the second drawer as well. Change vegs right along with other drawers. It may take awhile to see any mealies. You may need a magnifying glass to see them.
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Breeding & Babies
Yesterday at 03:59 PM
There is a possibly bred glider being given away and I thought about taking it. I knew being with the girls (my other cage) would not work as they might steal it, so I wondered if she would be okay with the boys. Now you all have confirmed what I thought.
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Breeding & Babies
06/14/19 03:33 AM
Thank you for responding
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Behavior & Anatomy
06/14/19 03:06 AM
You should always do introduction when they are sleepy, that way they can sleep together and mingle scents all day. As long as they are not balling up, I would leave them together and add an extra sleeping pouch. He will calm down.
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Bonding & Relations
06/14/19 03:04 AM
Welcome to GliderCENTRAL!

You have been given some good information. A pop up dog kennel works great and it folds down for storage.
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Breeding & Babies
06/14/19 03:01 AM
You should not be giving extra protein. Just give them an extra serving of staple and fruits and veggies. So if there are 3 adults in the cage give enough for 4 adults.
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Bonding & Relations
06/12/19 08:15 PM
Yeah, mine jumped out of the bathtub during intros too. Luckily it seemed like they bonded over running away and stressing me out with their escape antics.

If I had to do it again I would use my enclosed shower and make sure not to accidentally turn the water on like my first intro attempt (as you can probably guess it went poorly).
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06/12/19 11:08 AM
We have two girls! 😁 Thank you so much
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06/11/19 11:00 AM
Mealworms or superworms are a great way to bond with your new babies, all I have to say is Jonesy worms and he comes running up out of his cage on my lap ready to eat. Dehydrated Cobia cat treats are really good for that too if you're squeamish about worms. They are both high in protein which gliders need... Congratulations on your new babies
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Health & Hygiene
06/11/19 12:16 AM
From what I have read, sugar gliders can't get Hepatitis A. But, and its a big but, you can get Hepatisis A from handling their food and cleaning their dishes.

If it were me I would throw out any questionable berries. It can infect us buy not following good hygiene and it could enter through an abrasion while handling their food and cleaning their dishes.
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by Feather. 06/15/19 11:39 PM
Been a while, so I feel new again.....
by Alan. 06/15/19 10:45 PM
Step dads'
by Claralice. 06/14/19 07:58 PM
What colors to expect?
by JazEmber. 06/13/19 06:18 PM
Glider seems terrified of ANY other gliders
by JazEmber. 06/13/19 11:43 AM
Finding a new cagemate HELP
by Drahgo. 06/13/19 11:06 AM
New to GC and joeys 7 days oop
by Serendipity. 06/11/19 06:53 AM
Hepatitis A
by darkmornings. 06/10/19 02:03 PM
Mealworm Farming small scale
by Ladymagyver. 06/07/19 07:00 PM
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