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Switching from TPG to Critterlove
by KarenE. 12/10/18 01:53 PM
Yogurt in the TPG Diet
by KarenE. 12/10/18 09:42 AM
New adoptee
by Paani. 12/09/18 02:10 PM
round 4 the tie breaker
by mechnut450. 12/09/18 02:04 PM
Thank You Peggy Brewer!!!!
by Ladymagyver. 12/09/18 11:49 AM
by Britt_Monster. 12/09/18 11:19 AM
I got my babies yesterday!
by Britt_Monster. 12/09/18 11:16 AM
Question for people with pvc cages
by Britt_Monster. 12/09/18 10:17 AM
Gliders from The Pet Glider
by KarenE. 12/08/18 09:43 AM

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Health & Hygiene
27 minutes ago

More information comes up if you search "marsupial herpes virus", but it's mostly referring to koalas, wombats, and kangaroos/wallabies. Haven't found anything about sugar gliders or other small/ related marsupial species. Some of the articles cost money to read so I haven't read them and could be missing the information I'm looking for.
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Diet & Nutrition
2 hours ago
If you already have your Critterlove and have made up one of the salads to go along with it, I would just go ahead and make the switch. It shouldn't be any problem for them.

If you DON'T have all your supplies for the Critterlove, them wait until you do before you make the switch.

Each diet is created to be fed specifically as the creator indicates.

Hope this helps.
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Diet & Nutrition
7 hours ago
Whenever yogurt is called for in a feeding plan/staple, it is okay to use. Yogurt is often used as a bonding tool as well. Could you explain more about what you were told that dairy could be harmful? That is a really broad thing to say.

I certainly would never give gliders a bowl of milk like kittens, however, there are dairy products they do enjoy. Like the occasional mac & cheese cheat night rofl

Are you getting your gliders from a breeder with a website or a hobby breeder. There is so much conflicting information where diet is concerned. It is probably the most confusing topic about these wonderful creatures agree
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Glider Talk and Traveling
Yesterday at 07:10 PM
Thanks for confirming my thought. Just finished moving the cage and I think Nala is going to be really happy to be away from the TV in the family room. They will be able to see each other from the very tops of the cages but can hide by going down. Will post picture later, right now am late for a holiday party.
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Glider Talk and Traveling
Yesterday at 07:04 PM
I was told he was about 7-8 when she brought him to me, and I had him for over 2 years now. I do know he came to us when we just came back from SGGA in 2016 we were not home a week when the girl called and went from there. He was neutered the Wednesday before she bring him over to me for a nail clipping and left him while I was doing it. I know he had a couple molars remove since coming to us and the vet said rest looked good. early in year or last year ( man I need to keep my records written down lol..
looked bakc in a older post it was just over a year ago when teeth were removed..
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Diet & Nutrition
Yesterday at 04:49 PM
Wow!!! Merry Christmas Ollie!
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State Roll Call
Yesterday at 04:19 PM
Hurst TX. New mama to two boy suggies!
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Bonding & Relations
Yesterday at 04:16 PM
Good to know! Thank you so much I can't wait to start spending time with them 😄 I wish it wasn't bed time. Oh and I have also learned they are not fans of me singing 😵lol
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Housing & Accessories
Yesterday at 03:17 PM
Thank you guys so much!
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12/08/18 02:43 PM
Excellent reply, Hutch. No glider is going to come to you bonded, however, socialized is something completely different. As Hutch pointed out, it is possible to get gliders already socialized as Hutch did.

There could still be a few little hiccups once they reach their new homes as they get used to all the new sights, smells and sounds of their new surroundings.
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Diet & Nutrition
12/08/18 07:26 AM
Since 1 cup is 8 oz, 2 cups would be 16 oz. You state the 2 full cups is not the equivalent of 16 oz... I don't follow how you've come to that conclusion.
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Behavior & Anatomy
12/07/18 07:15 PM
Ok karene thank you
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GC Community Hall
12/07/18 04:50 PM
party :bday3: :bday2: :party2: party
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12/07/18 01:34 AM
Don't forget your calendars and holiday gifts jump jump
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Health & Hygiene
12/06/18 12:06 AM
Kim/Feather is correct you should have a discussion with your vet about her quality of life at this point.

No, it isn't selfish of you to want to keep trying to get her better. Most all of us have been where you are now with at least one of our gliders even if we haven't had to make the decision to let them go. When we have senior gliders, it is always so hard to let them go regardless of the circumstances.
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Diet & Nutrition
12/05/18 11:26 PM
If you order a sample pack you get enough Complete to make one batch and enough Plus and Bee Pollen to make a complete batch of Plus.
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Bonding & Relations
12/05/18 04:58 PM
Originally Posted by Claralice
I have one as well. I wish I had ordered a less bright! I like the dark one you have on! It does work great!
Originally Posted by Britt_Monster
Here you go. I don't get my babies till the 15 so it's empty for now

Thank you! And lol i need a brighter one I love this pattern but I lose things so easily I need one that sticks out as well
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Health & Hygiene
12/05/18 04:28 PM
I have been using my crape myrtle limbs. I read this last night on FB. I live near a creek in the burb of a small town. We have had both racoons and beavers roaming all over and this so alarmed me. I am not going to use any more limbs from my property. The ones in the cages have been in there for weeks and I had already planned to remove them this weekend and replace.
It is rather alarming how many species are traveling into other countries-it seems to be mostly pests.
Anyway, having read the article, no way will I replace those limbs! smile
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12/05/18 02:45 PM
Welcome Back wave Can't wait to see pictures of your new little ones. Love the names agree
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Housing & Accessories
12/05/18 04:30 AM
❤❤❤❤❤ so glad to hear it I'll add this to my list to buy!
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Board Help & Announcements
12/05/18 03:18 AM
imgur is still free and you get 2 GB free for using Dropbox. Microsoft gave me 100 GB storage for downloading and installing Outlook on my new Android phone even though I am not using Outlook for anything.
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Glider Talk and Traveling
12/05/18 02:14 AM
Originally Posted by Hutch
Sugar Glider Anonymous is for quitters tounge

:elaugh: Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!
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Housing & Accessories
12/05/18 01:50 AM
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Pouches/Nest Boxes/Toys
12/04/18 05:18 AM
Got my newest order from Jana last week. She amazingly still had records from my original order nearly 9 years ago. The new liners look good.
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Behavior & Anatomy
12/04/18 01:28 AM
Okay, I will try this weekend-I will allow Marshmallow to play with the boys and leave Snowball in her cage, then move those three into the boys cage after I clean it.
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Switching from TPG to Critterlove
by Britt_Monster. 12/10/18 01:45 PM
Yogurt in the TPG Diet
by krisosaurus. 12/10/18 09:28 AM
I got my babies yesterday!
by Britt_Monster. 12/09/18 10:30 AM
Thank You Peggy Brewer!!!!
by Terry. 12/08/18 05:41 PM
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Gliders from The Pet Glider
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Question for people with pvc cages
by Britt_Monster. 12/05/18 07:48 AM
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