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I'm so happy to hear that Rooster is feeling better! Poor little guy! He looks pitiful with that bandage on his leg. Give him plenty of extra treats, Mama. smile

I'm glad Sookie is doing well, too! When you say HPW and BML, does that mean you're giving them both diets?

The first time I made the BML, Rooster loved it. Then I got Sookie and I gave it to her also. She loved it. I had about 1 1/2 weeks left of the bml. They both finished the BML, so I decided to try the HPW to see how they would like that. I made it and it seems that both of them don't finish the HPW. I don't know if the taste is that much different between the two. But they seem to like the BML better. So that's why I said BML and HPW in the previous post. Has anyone else see this in there gliders?

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