After 12 years of owning my sugar gliders, I have finally lost the last one and have decided not to get more. I will be selling absolutely everything I owned for my gliders for $200. Everything is used but in good condition. That includes:
30"x30"x68" custom built pvc frame with glidearium cover
2 stealth wheels & 1 freestanding metal wheel
multiple fleece cage sets & fleece pouches of many types
water bottle & stainless steel food dishes
small glidearium carrier for vet visits
pop-up mesh reptile enclosure for travel/hospital use

I'm attaching a photo of the main enclosure as I had it set up recently. I am currently in the process of washing/cleaning/bleaching every single item so it will be ready for new occupants.

These items can't be shipped.

Please contact me with any questions.

DSC00575.JPG (9 downloads)

gliders. Nocturne & Lark