February is Sweethearts month at My Little Sugar Glider. If you purchase any of my Mosaic, Leucistic or Creme~ino males at regular price (Pet Only), then you may choose any Creme~ino or Leucistic female at half price. All males are neutered by my vet at the pet price before they leave. The cost is included in their price.

You may view them here:


Ask me breeding prices on any of the joeys. The link to the TPG Database is in each one of their descriptions.

I am in Lake Havasu City, AZ and can deliver as far as Phoenix or Las Vegas for a gas fee. I can also ship with United Pet Safe at buyer's expense.

Danielle G.
USDA breeder
Slave to Sugar Gliders Since 1997
Danielle G.
USDA Breeder


Slave to Sugar Gliders since 1997

:leu: = Abercrombie

:wfb: = Verbena :rtmo: = Saukura :cream: = Merry Christmas :plat: = Willie Wonka :plat: = Magdalena