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#507718 - 03/19/08 08:28 AM Symptoms of a blind baby??

How can you tell if you have a blind baby?
I have 2 that are 5 weeks OOP one runs all over the place and the other one sits there like it is afriad to move.
she holds her head up like she is sniffing the air and doing the Ray Charles thing.
When she does move its like she is feeling her way.
She doesn't notice my hand comming to get her.

They have a vet appointment next week
But I wondering if there were any way to tell now.

#507813 - 03/19/08 10:52 AM Re: Symptoms of a blind baby?? [Re: ]
LSardou Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

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Observe her while she is playing or walking around. You can place her in a position where she would have to move from one spot to another like placing a piece of food or her favorite treat a few inches or so away and see if she will go to it...

Try and place her on you and see if she will 'look' to jump onto a soft surface (bed or carpeted floor)

Do her eyes look whitish, or cloudy?
I'm glad to hear that you are taking her in for a check up.

I hope that she is alright and is just one of the shyer type gliders.
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#507821 - 03/19/08 11:03 AM Re: Symptoms of a blind baby?? [Re: LSardou]
gryphon214 Offline
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This works with dogs, not sure about gliders. Bat your hand at her face, don't actually smack her though. See if she blinks. Just make sure not to come close enough that she can feel you with her whiskers. Most critters will blink when you do this. You can also try shining a flashight in her eyes, she should close or squint her eyes. You might also be able to see if her pupils dialate when you shine the light in her eyes, which they would in a sighted animal. Kinda hard to see glider pupils but with the light you may be able to see them. If she responds to the flashlight there's still a posibility that she is partly blind but can still see light so the trick with the treat should work well to determine that. If she can reach out and grab it in the first try I'd say she can see pretty well.


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