New Suggie Mama!

Posted By: CoriMMcKiss

New Suggie Mama! - 04/12/22 04:48 AM

Hi all!

I am a new sugar glider mama as of about a month and a half ago! I don't have any pressing questions or concerns, I just wanted to drop in here and say hi!

These little babies have absolutely stolen my heart and our bonding is going very well! If there are any tips/tricks that you wish you knew before getting your babies, what would it be?
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Re: New Suggie Mama! - 04/13/22 12:29 AM

Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: New Suggie Mama! - 04/13/22 01:51 AM

:welcomegc: wave

Hummm.. There are so many...

Disclosure: Don't try this. Escapes can happen. Doors accidentally left unlocked and so on i don't advise to test tbis.

I suppose the one thing that really surprised me the most about gliders was learning they really don't try to run away if they get loose and are truly bonded to you. They will get into mischief, and forage for food, check out smells, find a toilet if the lid is left open (they can drown or aspirate. One of the top ways gliders die when loose) hide and sleep, but will come to you. That the Human tree is a safe tree. If they are done sleeping or exploring.
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