***Outside Pouch Behavior***

Posted By: Mema

***Outside Pouch Behavior*** - 08/14/16 02:29 PM

so i have had two gliders for a year now and i can pick them up to put them on me or to put elsewhere, carry them around all day in my bra or a pouch without a peep, they will stay on me if i walk around continuously but if i try to remove them from their cage while awake they run and hide. Does that mean they are not bonded to me or just like their cage more then me :(((( . I have to admit i still don't have that bond that everyone talks about. TBH I don't feel they are the pet i was hoping for. I wanted that bond that you were talking about and that everyone else seems to have such a passion for but I'm not there i guess yet. I like that you can take them wherever you go if you want and they are definitely a nice conversation piece but i feel bad that i cant just take them out of their pouch, hold them outside of their pouch and show them off without them squirming to get away. I am the only one that has any interest in them in our house because no-one gets much enjoyment out of holding a pouch with them in it and nothing much more. Am i doing something wrong that I have had them a year and don't feel as bonded to them in the way others are? I guess i was hoping to be able to hold them in my hand or lap and just pet them and i cant do that at all with them. ASA they are out of their pouch unless i am moving they want off of me. I do love them and wouldn't give them up but they have not satisfied me as a loving pet as of yet.
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Re: ***Outside Pouch Behavior*** - 08/14/16 03:17 PM

All gliders are different as I'm sure you have read about not only on this forum but other places.

You are one of the fortunate owners in that your little ones, IMO, do seem bonded to you because

" i can pick them up to put them on me or to put elsewhere, carry them around all day in my bra or a pouch without a peep, they will stay on me if i walk around continuously"

That is quite an accomplishment, and it is apparent you are their safe place when they are out in the big bad world and not in their cage agree It's a very scary place for little gliders and some simply don't like it but would rather have the safety of their cage or owner agree

If you got them as joeys, then possibly they haven't had enough time yet to settle in completely. Sometimes it takes gliders longer than we humans would like. Are there other pets in the home?

If you got them as adults, do you know their background? Any trauma that you know of to cause them to be wary of humans?

I really think they have bonded very well with you, and I'm not sure exactly what you were told to expect.
Posted By: Terry

Re: ***Outside Pouch Behavior*** - 08/14/16 09:29 PM

Besides what Karen already told you here are some points I felt compelled to post.

1. First, gliders are not typically the cuddly pets that will sit on your lap and be petted. Some circumstances, depending on many factors s/a the gliders personality (they're all different), how long you had them, how much time you invest with them, their age, and previous life experiences if not joeys; a sugar glider will be anywhere from less objectionable to fully enjoy being held and cuddled to the extent possible. But most will either not tolerate or barely tolerate being held.

2. If a glider is comfortable with being held or petted, it is usually during daytime hours, when they are not fully awake and active. It's possible, that some gliders, pending all the right circumstances mentioned above will be more tolerating of being held when wide awake, but this would be brief.

3. From what you have mentioned, your gliders sound pretty well bonded. Remember the "bond" is actually a level of trust in you and you in them, along with the development of a relationship with them based on that trust. The deeper or fuller the level of trust, the more strong your relationship is and the deeper your bond will be. If you want to enrich it, invest more time, be patient, and be willing to accept their personal level of trust in their own timing.
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Re: ***Outside Pouch Behavior*** - 08/15/16 03:52 AM

Thanks everyone for your input!!!. I feel much better in that they are obviously more bonded to me then I thought!

Without taking this the wrong way, what is it then that makes so many of you say that there isn't anything like the bond u get from them?

I want to do whatever I can to "enrich our relationship so besides tent time several hours every night and carrying them on me a lot during the day what other things can I do? I'm willing to do whatever Else anyone an suggest.

Thanks again.
Posted By: KarenE

Re: ***Outside Pouch Behavior*** - 08/15/16 03:26 PM

You have only had yours for a year, and you may have seen videos of other owners taking theirs to the store or somewhere else.

Please remember these people have more than likely had their glider/s for a much longer time which makes a huge difference agree
Posted By: Terry

Re: ***Outside Pouch Behavior*** - 08/16/16 12:40 AM

It would be a very long post for me to answer your question about "nothing like the bond". And believe me, it's a valid question which can be answered as individually as the gliders themselves.

I will try to explain what that means to me in as short of words as possible. But you would need to know these few facts:
I have rehomed all my gliders, my first a pair of females that were about 1yr old and were left pretty much to themselves besides the maintenance care from the mom after the "newness" wore off the children. As a result, I had one very terrified glider, the other was more social in personality, so not quite as difficult. The terrified one, Lulu, I didn't realize was scared, I thought she was just very, very mean. After learning that her behavior was fear based, it changed my attitude towards her dramatically. At that point on, she was my mission. Every little step of forward progress was huge to me. Taking my Lulu from how she was to what she is now is tremendous and there is nothing like knowing I got through to her and made a difference by creating a trusting relationship with her.

Although, she's still not like some of the others I see that have a stronger bond, but that's pretty much acceptable to me, I accept Lulu at whatever level she can possibly reach.
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