Glider seems terrified of ANY other gliders

Posted By: JazEmber

Glider seems terrified of ANY other gliders - 06/13/19 03:43 PM

I recently rehomed/adopted a glider from a lady that was concerned about him being alone. Her 2 established colonies didn't accept him and I had a male (still intact) I didn't want to put with my females. So I figured they may make cagemates with each other.

After quarantines and good vet checks they're all in the same room, separate cages. I've noticed the new male seemed to run when the females came close to check him out.

And now that pouch swapping and toys, etc have been swapped I decided to introduce the two males after 3 weeks. I had their open pouches laying next to each other on my lap. The scared male went right into the other and there was no problem.

Now that they're in the same cage the scared male seems to run be very skittish of the other. I put them into the scared males cage so he would still maybe feel secure in his home. There's no crabbing or fighting but he won't let the other make get near him. The nonscared male seems serious and has grabbed at him a couple times but still nothing that seems aggressive.

Is this normal? Should I leave them and watch them? Why would 2 other colonies not accept him? Do I have a glider that prefers to be alone?

Any advice would be great. They've only been together about 20 mins but the scared glider has yet to go back to sleep or enter their pouch and when the other gets near him, even if when showing no interest the scared glider trys to absolutely dart away.
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Glider seems terrified of ANY other gliders - 06/13/19 07:51 PM

Some gliders prefer to be single. They do require extra attention usually.

So you're saying they sleep in the same pouch? But outside the pou h all he does is run away?

So they have a glidersafe wheel to play on?
Posted By: Xeno

Re: Glider seems terrified of ANY other gliders - 06/13/19 08:06 PM

They were only introduced 20 minutes ago when you posted? I would just try to get them to sleep. Are your gliders usually awake during the day? I would put a scent neutral pouch in and try to coax them both into it. Non-scared glider first. If it is dark turn on some lights so they want to sleep. If that does not work get two pouches and get them to sleep next to each other and monitor when they wake up. That is what I would do anyways.

Good luck.
Posted By: JazEmber

Re: Glider seems terrified of ANY other gliders - 06/13/19 09:41 PM

Thank you guys for the replying. They're not usually awake during the day, that's why I thought it might be better to try the intros while they were sleepy. I'm beginning to think he may prefer to be a lone glider after knowing he wasn't accept/didn't accept 2 other colonies where I rehomed him from. I'll try the neutral pouch idea but I separated right now after about an hour of him keeping away from the other glider and he went right into his pouch and right back to sleep.
Posted By: Feather

Re: Glider seems terrified of ANY other gliders - 06/14/19 03:06 AM

You should always do introduction when they are sleepy, that way they can sleep together and mingle scents all day. As long as they are not balling up, I would leave them together and add an extra sleeping pouch. He will calm down.
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