Sleeping habit change?

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Sleeping habit change? - 07/02/19 01:04 PM

Good morning!
Sorry if this has been discussed already, I did try and search for my answer. The last few days one of my boys has taken to sleeping in the wheel. No blankets no nothing. Why? I have 2 gliders. I have 2 pouches and a hammock and he’s decided he’s going to sleep on the cold wheel. I covered him up there one morning and he just slept on. The next day I coaxed him into the pouch and he slept. Today I tried the blanket, he wasn’t having any of it, kicked the blankets out of the wheel. I’ll try and coax him into the pouch again after he settles, but any ideas as to why he’d be doing this all of a sudden?
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Re: Sleeping habit change? - 07/02/19 01:40 PM

So, you have two gliders that normally sleep together, right? Now one of them has decided to sleep alone but not in a pouch and with no blankets.

Is he eating well and playing as normal? Have you noticed anything else out of the ordinary with him? If not, just watch him for signs that something might be wrong. It could be he just wants time away from his cage mate.

What are you feeding? When was his last well check?
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Re: Sleeping habit change? - 07/02/19 02:38 PM

Right, he seems perfectly fine in every other way, active, responsive eating. He’s just wanting the wheel. I just got my boys in April.
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Re: Sleeping habit change? - 07/02/19 07:24 PM

Maybe it is a temperature thing due to summer? How hot does it get where the cage is during the day?
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Re: Sleeping habit change? - 07/02/19 10:33 PM

Originally Posted by Xeno
Maybe it is a temperature thing due to summer? How hot does it get where the cage is during the day?

I -believe- Xeno is on the right track. If you're using double pouches or the fleece is thick, & the temperature or humidity is getting up there, he might be overheating with both bodies inside. Try thinner/single-layer pouches & see if his pattern changes. I've needed to during the hot/muggy months, I make sure at least one of my pouches are 'summer-weight,' & I've seen them switch between the fluffier 'normal' offering & the lighter one.
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Re: Sleeping habit change? - 07/04/19 10:13 AM

In the time I've had my first 2, I have discovered them in separate pouches occasionally. Especially when they were younger. The first few times I discovered them like this I was alarmed. But over time, and watching their behavior, I noticed that my smallest one (Fiona)likes her alone time. She'll even beg to get out of the cage and hang out with me for an hour or two if not all day. Then she's fine for a few days up to a month or so.

So if they're acting OK otherwise, just watch them for a few days. The one left behind will usually seek out the other if they want to cuddle. They may wait a few hours and join them once he/she is sound asleep.
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Re: Sleeping habit change? - 07/06/19 12:33 AM

We keep their area about 68 to 70 year round. Is this too cool or too warm-I use double fleece with blankets? (not trying to steal your thread but curious)
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Re: Sleeping habit change? - 07/06/19 03:36 AM

68dF to 70dF should keep them happy.
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Re: Sleeping habit change? - 07/06/19 10:37 AM

Double fleece is fine year round. Fleece breathes which is why gliders do well with it.

Off topic, but worth noting: Some use cotton on the outside of pouches thinking it would be cooler in the summer. That is not true. Try this experiment:

Put your face up against a doubled piece of fleece and breathe. Then take a single piece of fleece with a piece of cotton cloth and breathe. Think of a glider at the bottom of a "dog pile" of gliders and how they could breathe through both examples of of what you just experienced.

This is just for future reference in case you ever have to experience climate change in your home due to an outage or breakdown. Also consider they have the ability unlike us to lower their body temperature while sleeping.
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