New mom -- baby food question

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New mom -- baby food question - 04/17/19 04:24 PM

Hi! I'm a new mother of two girls, Cloud and Apple, they're about 12 weeks old now and I've had them for almost 5 weeks! I've been following the dietary instructions I got from the pet store I got them from, but I've been doing a lot of research online and now I'm not sure if they gave me sound advice. Specifically, they told me it was fine to supplement their diet with baby food, I was wondering if any of you ever did that and what your experience was?

I only buy no sugar and no salt-added organic brands, so far I've given them three -- pear and blueberries, apple and kale, apple and pumpkin (I think the brand is Beech Nut?). I don't know how accurate the claim "no sugar added" is given how corporations work so I'm skeptical of that as well lol. I've also heard that giving them blended food isn't good because it inhibits their natural ability to digest fiber. But, some people I've talked to have told me it's fine. I don't give it to them all the time by any means, usually once a week, and the others nights they get either fresh cut berries, kale, snap peas, carrots, plum, sweet potato, apples, etc. in addition to their staple diet.

What do you guys think? Thanks so much in advance!! heart Sorry in advance if this has already been answered in the forum, I haven't figured out the search function yet!
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Re: New mom -- baby food question - 04/17/19 09:50 PM

Hi and Welcome to GliderCENTRAL!!

First what is your staple diet?

Are you giving them fruit and vegetables?

There are several good diets out there, I feed Critterlove with the recommended Salad mixtures. Critterlove can be either Plus, which you add your own eggs, bee pollen and honey it freezes to the consistency of ice cream. Then there is the Critterlove Complete, which has powdered honey, powdered eggs and be pollen already in it and it should be frozen in ice cube trays as it freezes solid.

There are 5 different fruit/veggie salad mixtures that you rotate through. It is one of the best diets out there. It has been and continues to be tested. I rescue and all rescues go on this diet right away.
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Re: New mom -- baby food question - 04/18/19 01:30 AM

Hi! :welcome2: wave to GC!!!

There are several good diets out there. I use Critterlove plus, but have fed BML(which has baby food in their staple), and OHPW. (Click on the any blue word and it will take you to that topic or database).

I am curious what the pet store had been feeding them and what they recommended.

As far as baby food, it is better for their digestion if their food isn't blended. Especially their fruits and vegetables. When they eat these, they chew it and spit out the insoluble part. Carrots sometimes look untouched, however upon closer inspection, they may be gnawed on.

I hope this was helpful
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Re: New mom -- baby food question - 04/18/19 05:18 AM

I use Critterlove Complete and Critterlove salads and cannot complain. I would be fine supplementing with baby food if it is safe and I use applesauce as a treat along with yogurt drops and sugar glider kibble. I also often give them fresh fruit and veggies (the group favorites are apples, peas in a pod, and blueberries so far) as a snack and slightly lower how much salad I give them to compensate.

I really recommend giving them at least some solids which you are doing. I am curious what their staple is as well.
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Re: New mom -- baby food question - 04/20/19 09:35 PM

Hi, thanks everyone for the advice! Their staple is what they recommended to me at the pet store, alternating every night between Exotic Nutrition HPW and insectivore pellets, in addition to the fruits and veggies. I'll probably switch to Critterlove after this and cut down on baby food
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Re: New mom -- baby food question - 04/20/19 11:44 PM

Please do change from the Exotic Nutrition HPW crap. It has been tested and what is in the bag is not reflected in the labeling. That stuff in a jar is just plain scary.

Critterlove is great stuff.
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Re: New mom -- baby food question - 04/21/19 05:26 PM

Will do!
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