Glider is OVER eating????

Posted By: PetreesParent

Glider is OVER eating???? - 09/18/19 01:17 PM

I tried to google this online many times and nothing came up so I'm coming to you guys for some help here.

I read online that your glider can actually just casually have a stroke and die from overeating sugar.

But lately my little man has been eating SOO much. He isn't even a year old yet, I haven't changed his diet at all since I've gotten him, an apple slice a day, an apple slice and glier-r-chow at night.

This morning I caught him trying to swat at the pan under his cage for scraps of food almost as if I never feed him and hes trying to eat whayever he can.... so I gave him his morning apple slice
He seriously ate that entire slice of apple in like 5 minutes I just watched it happen!!!! Which is supposed to be his food for the entire day!

I'm not sure if I should be feeding him more, because I'm scared I'll overfill him with sugar and that he might just straight up DIE one day :') I'm relatively new to this whole glider thing since I've only had him for less than a year.

Anybody have advice?
Posted By: KarenE

Re: Glider is OVER eating???? - 09/18/19 02:45 PM

Good to hear from you again wave

Your little one isn't eating too much because he is hungry. He is searching for foods that are missing in his diet. Gliders are very smart and know what they need to grow healthy and strong even if we don't offer them, so they will search even eating more of what is offered.

An apple slice and glide r chow is not sufficient for this growing boy. He needs more. They also offer Glide-R-Gravy which has all the vitamins and proteins they need to be served with the appropriate veggies and fruits.

We recommend Critterlove Complete to try which is the same exact as Glide-R-Gravy. Peggy, the creator, in fact marketed her Critterlove Complete to Pocket Pets. I believe if you contact her, she will send you a sample to get you started.

In the meantime, you should have your boy vet checked to make sure there are no health issues going on that would cause him to have this feeding behavior.

Also try offering him some scrambled egg or boiled chicken along with some frozen assorted veggies to see if his behavior changes. Try different fruits other than his apple also.

Hope this helps.
Posted By: Xeno

Re: Glider is OVER eating???? - 09/18/19 04:23 PM

My gliders love Critterlove complete. They also get salad but I sometimes replace that with fresh fruit or veggies. Sometimes they get boiled chicken or freeze dried chicken necks. They love fresh okra. Have a friend who grows it. She gives me some in exchange for letting her older kids come over for tent time with the gliders. I would definitely get some of Peggy’s mixture. I noticed a big improvement in energy when I started feeding it.

I also would not worry about glider scraping cage bottom. Mine do that even when not hungry. Sometimes mine are just playing. Watched them pull discarded food husks up and then throw them onto the floor. Fun for all! Especially me, the one who gets to vacuum.
Posted By: PetreesParent

Re: Glider is OVER eating???? - 09/18/19 05:22 PM

I give him glider gravy every other day for the past couple of weeks, normally i give it to him every night but I just moved and have different ice trays that wound up being too big for just one glider to eat. I guess I will start making them smaller and giving them to him every night again and adding more stuff to his diet! Thank you!!
Posted By: KarenE

Re: Glider is OVER eating???? - 09/18/19 06:32 PM

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