Pouch Bonding

Posted By: Xeno

Pouch Bonding - 06/03/19 05:53 PM

In the summer months I have less night time for bonding so I have been experimenting with new ways to bond during the day when they prefer to stay in their pouch. I still do bonding pouch time but I wanted something easy. I would not recommend this for an entirely unbounded glider.

After experimenting I found this approach works well. I remove the sleeping pouch from the cage. Sometimes they get nervous but when they look out and see me they calm down and are just curious. I then put the pouch on the couch or the bed. Then I slowly tip it on its side. They have learned that this means treats are coming so all four come to the edge of the light and wait. I pass treats out. While they are eating I slowly but firmly put my hand into the pouch along the bottom with my fingers spread out so it covers almost the whole “floor”. They are eating and so they mostly ignore it and just climb on top. When they are done they start grooming my hand and sometimes bite a little but this has been lessening and I hiss at them when they do. Then they usually calm down and go back to sleep between or on my fingers on in my palm. Sometimes the more alert members (Arwen and Dobby come out to the edge to look around. Arwen sometimes comes out and I will reward her with another treat if she does but she usually goes back in and goes back to sleep.. They are usually contentedly clicking in a few minutes and then I can use my thumb to scratch behind ears and give belly rubs and can read or watch quiet videos.

When I am finished (usually when the sun is setting) I slowly remove my hand and they crawl off into the pouch and I carry it back to the cage. Sometimes one or two of them will be awake and I will let them climb on me to the kitchen when I make their food. I definitely would not do this with an unbounded glider and I make sure the lights are on the whole way so they are more cautious and stay on my shirt. I did this once with the lights off and Elric jumped off my shoulder to the floor to go exploring. I turned the light on and he came right to me and jumped back onto my arm. Then put the food in and convince the gliders who took the field trip to go back in.

I have seen noticeable improvements on their behavior from this. They now only bite if I am wearing heavy deodorant and only on my arms (going to switch to something that smells less good). We still do tent time and free play (I open the cage door and let them run around the room) several times a week as well.
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Re: Pouch Bonding - 06/04/19 12:40 AM

Posted By: Hutch

Re: Pouch Bonding - 06/04/19 01:16 AM

I love doing stuff like this with mine. I refer to it as cuddling since the rest of the time they are go-go-go-go-go, even when playing with/on me.
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Re: Pouch Bonding - 06/04/19 01:40 AM

Sounds like you guys are doing great!!!

They will become more brave and curious, but should usually come back to you.
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Re: Pouch Bonding - 06/04/19 01:42 AM

My gliders tend to be very hesitant to go out in the light. I have their room set up with red lights so they are not used to normal light even during playtime.
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