What to do when a glider is wet

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What to do when a glider is wet - 03/14/19 02:58 PM

Okay, so first off, I am not in ANYWAY acting like I am certified to know how to deal with a wet sugar glider and that this information should be used in place of a vet. This is just for during the time until you can get a vet because for me it was a three-hour drive and three hours for a wet sugar glider can mean a lot. Ok now that I got that out of the way here are some things I learned to keep your glider warm in case they get wet.

Double stuff your pouches, what your sugar glider needs are warmth. So take one pouch and stuff it in another.
DO NOT USE FLEECE. I know it is the safest material for sugar gliders, but when they are in a near death state you need something to absorb their wetness. instead, USE COTTON. I had fleece in their pouch for two hours and it did nothing, but when I put in cotton socks, it took away a lot of their wetness.
Put them next to skin and put layers above them, they lose a lot of heat when they get cold, and I noticed that it takes them a while before they can start regulating their own heat again, so until you feel them getting warm, create heat for them.
GET THEM TO A VET. A wet sugar glider can contract illness easier than a dry one. A vet visit is never a bad thing, making sure your suggies are healthy is the most important step.

Also in case you didn't know, AVOID CAGES WITH NO FALSE BOTTOMS AT ALL COST. If a water bottle leaks(which happened in my case) the water will lap up at the bottom until it is like a pool of water, and if you know anything about sugar gliders a pool of water and a sugar glider are not a good combination, so please avoid getting a false bottom unless you have no other options.
As I said, I am not a professional nor do I claim to be one. This is just what worked for me in a bad situation, and it may not work for you, the point of this post is to help the suggies until you can see a professional and get them warm again. My suggies are now fine and healthy and just had an extremely bad scare. cry
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Re: What to do when a glider is wet - 03/14/19 06:59 PM

Getting them we will not kill them. I have bathed sick gliders before. We wash them with Original Dawn dish soap and keep them in a big fluffy towel until they are dry.

We keep moving them around in the towel so they are always against a dry part of the towel so soak up water on their fur.

The only time I would run one to the vet for being wet, would be if it had fallen into the toilet or some other liquid that would make them sick from the chemicals.
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Re: What to do when a glider is wet - 03/14/19 07:02 PM

Now I feel like an idiot😔 thank you for clarifying
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Re: What to do when a glider is wet - 03/14/19 10:27 PM

Don't feel that way!

There are people on the internet, namely Facebook that parrot information from bad sources or from groups that feel they know it all when they really don't.

We are here for people to learn. We also have a lot of good archived posts. We also don't allow drama on here.

You will find a lot of drama on most of the Facebook Sugar Glider Groups.
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