Occasional Diarrhea/Lima beans?

Posted By: Mema

Occasional Diarrhea/Lima beans? - 07/21/19 01:24 AM

I have 3 gliders and one of them has really smelly soft stools. I feed Critter love complete along with a variety of veggies and fruit. One item I have added is Lima beans which they love. Could that be the issue. I do have an appointment to bring in a fecal sample on Monday. They all appear healthy right now and all seem to eat and drink well. The smell is awful. It’s so bad I can’t stand to be in the room they are in. I don’t over clean or not clean enough. I wipe their tray down everyday. I do feel the smell is coming from their stools. Any suggestions.

Update Not sure if my glider has diarrhea because I looked up what diarrhea is in a glider and they say that if their poo is formed even if it’s soft it’s not diarrhea which it is but it’s really smelly for sure. Thanks.
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Re: Occasional Diarrhea/Lima beans? - 07/21/19 03:25 AM

Lima beans won't make your gliders poo smell. All of mine get lima beans in their salad.

It could be caused by Giardia, which is a parasite. I recommend taking a stool sample in for testing. If one has it then treat them all.
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Re: Occasional Diarrhea/Lima beans? - 07/21/19 02:46 PM

Back in June you made this post about how bad your cage was stinking and asked for suggestions on what else to try after you had thoroughly cleaned it, but it still stunk.

Is this different or an ongoing problem from that time?

Do you have other animals in the house?

Gliders can get a little smelly at times, but I have never heard them get to the point you could not stand to be in the room, especially when you are taking good care of them as you are.
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Re: Occasional Diarrhea/Lima beans? - 07/21/19 03:50 PM

This is a different situation unfortunately. I did take my cage outside and power washed it which helped a lot. I do not have any other animals. My friend came over and she said that she noticed the smell for the first time since i've have them. Even my grandchildren were mentioning it as well. Maybe its a mixture of both? I do think that their stools are especially smelly because when i clean the cage floor and wipe it some of the stools are soft and the smell is bad enough to make me gage. I never had an issue with them peeing and pooping on me but i do now. I have had my gliders for more then 4 years and this is the first time that i have actually noticed their smell too. I am taking a fecal smear in on monday. Hopefully its something treatable.
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Re: Occasional Diarrhea/Lima beans? - 07/21/19 04:08 PM

I would make sure to take a very smelly sample and keep it separate from any that are not. Get a very good sampling for the vet.
Posted By: Mema

Re: Occasional Diarrhea/Lima beans? - 07/21/19 04:17 PM

Ok thanks!
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