Posted By: Shalena

Sneezing - 12/30/20 07:05 AM

One of my Sugar Gliders within the last two days started sneezing a lot. I just checked on her after hearing her sneezing again tonight. I tried to listen to her breathing after putting her in a pouch by herself, it sounded from what I could hear pretty normal. I checked her eyes and nose she doesn’t have any discharge. Aside from this she’s eating, drinking and being active.
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Sneezing - 12/30/20 12:39 PM

So are you sure she's not spitting and grooming?

There are a few things that can cause sneezing other than respiratory issues and abscess.

Dry air/ static/ dust this combination could cause extra grooming or sneezing and /or skin discomfort. How's the humidity in their room? Are they scratching themselves a lot?

Have you changed laundry soap lately? Or cleaning supplies in your home? Do you use air diffuser's or scentsy, or candles? Incense?

Dryer sheets shouldn't ever be used when drying any of their fleece things.

We use a wood stove in our mobile home for heat and it definitely changes the climate in our home. I keep water on the stove and run a humidifier near their cage too.

Regardless, if she doesn't stop/slow within a week or less, a vet check is recommended. They can listen to her breathing and check for any respiratory issues. They should also check her teeth and her throat too.
Posted By: Feather

Re: Sneezing - 12/30/20 02:56 PM

Dawn has giving you great advice. If it persists and you don't see her grooming a vet visit is in order.
Posted By: Shalena

Re: Sneezing - 12/31/20 07:39 AM

Thank you for the advice. Greatly appreciated.

She is not grooming while sneezing when I saw her. I’m looking into getting a humidifier as winter is here now and it does become dry. I haven’t noticed an any abnormal things like her scratching more. But tonight she’s sneezed but not compared to the first or second nights when she sneeze a lot that night. I will definitely continue monitoring her.

I am very precautions when it comes to scented things around my girls. I’ve long since adapted to using unscented when it comes to anything. I don’t use dryer sheets when drying their pouches, I don’t even use dryer sheets with my own clothes. The only time I could say she got a strong smell of was was a few days before she started sneezing. My brother came home for Christmas and that Saturday he took her to show his fiancée but what I didn’t know was that they had moped with pin-[censored]. I could have taken her back but I didn’t want to be rude and just take her away and complain about the smell. Other than this there’s nothing else I can think of. She was only around this smell a minute or 2 before I took her back downstairs.
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