Crenino? help needed

Posted By: Wayne63

Crenino? help needed - 09/30/18 10:39 PM

I have raised standard colored sugar gliders since 1995. Recently I bought a glider that I was told was a platinum. I found out later that the lady was new to raising gliders and very inexperienced. The parents were reportedly a leucistic and a platinum. She has garnet colored eyes, pale taupe colored markings and is cream instead of "platinum" gray. She looks like pictures of a cremino. The breeder is no help. Do I have a cremino? I was told only two creminos produce a cremino. If I have the wrong forum, please direct me to the correct one and I will redirect my question. This is my first time writing to Glider Central. Please forgive me if I am in the wrong spot.
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Re: Crenino? help needed - 10/01/18 01:25 PM


You've came to the right place for answers. Unfortunately, Im not too sure on which combinations produce which colorings, but yes it does sound like you are describing a cremeino. Do you have any pictures? That would help.

You do pose an interesting question to me because I've been wanting to get more gliders, so I've been looking around quite a bit. Recently in my searches I came across just the opposite. A glider labeled as cremeino but looked more like a platinum. He/she had garnet eyes but coloring closer to platinum just in lighter shades, but definitely not as pale and creamy as I've always seen in cremeinos. I looked to see if I could find it again so I could attach a link, but I can't find it now ohwell

Perhaps she's a coloring not seen too much??
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Re: Crenino? help needed - 10/01/18 03:51 PM

If you can, it would be very helpful to have a picture.

I am going to move this to our Breeding & Babies Forum .
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