Joey/breast milk???????

Posted By: suggiemom1980

Joey/breast milk??????? - 01/15/19 06:20 AM

I’m trying to help someone who has a mom with an infected pouch. Mom has been to vet, is on antibiotics.
The owner is a single mom of a six week old infant. Limited income, no help. She is nursing her baby. I’m getting desperate due to her limited resources. She’s ok for the first 24 hours. IF she can’t get what she needs for the second 24 hours or even third 24 hours if it comes to that, could she possibly give the Joey (9-10 days oop) human breast milk? I’m going to send her the supplies she needs to feed the Joey, but I’m concerned about how long it’ll take to reach her. (Human breast milk is not a dairy milk.) Even with overnighting it, she’s still going to go into the second 24 hours period.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: Joey/breast milk??????? - 01/15/19 02:13 PM

Is the Joey eating along with momma regular diet?
Posted By: KarenE

Re: Joey/breast milk??????? - 01/15/19 03:15 PM

Connie, what diet is the mom on?
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Re: Joey/breast milk??????? - 01/15/19 03:21 PM

No. Do not offer human milk to a sugar glider. What diet is mom on? If she is on BML you can make joey BML. If she is on Critter Love she can offer the staple itself.
Or you can go down to the pet store and purchase a can of powder esbilac.
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Re: Joey/breast milk??????? - 01/15/19 03:41 PM

Thank you, Peggy.

Connie, if she is concerned this joey needs immediate feeding, ask your friend to either go herself to get the powder esbilac or have a friend get it for her if the other options Peggy mentioned are not available.

Also, please let us know what diet the mom is being fed.
Posted By: suggiemom1980

Re: Joey/breast milk??????? - 01/16/19 11:32 PM

I’m so sorry! I posted the answer I found but apparently it didn’t go through.

UPDATE: The Joey didn’t make it the first 24 hours.
The owner is very new to suggies and I am currently mentoring her.

“No, she can’t use human breast milk. The fat and protein contents are way off of what joeys need. The Joey’s digestive system wouldn’t be able to process it.” Thank you Suz!
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