Olllie'z Journal

Posted By: Terry

Olllie'z Journal - 03/31/18 09:11 AM

My cage mates iz all gone, I is lonely, no one iz left but momzy. Shez spending lots more time around my house and messing with me in za pouch too much. Shez getting on my nerves. I'z iz getting out way more, every day! so dat iz good. Shez always trying touching me, sometimes shez scratches me a bit and sometimes pets me. I'z not sure how's i'z feel about dat. It iz annoying, but kind of nice. I gets lots of food all to myself, dat iz good! And treats! More treats! It iz like shez trying to makes me like herz better, bwibing me. I'z like herz okay, momzy bwings me food every day and cleans up my messes.

Ands tonight i'z gots egg for dinner!
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Re: Olllie'z Journal - 03/31/18 03:03 PM

Hi Ollie,

My momma haz been taking me out lotz. She sez I iz going to be her next bra baby. She still putz me back with my fur parentz.

She feelz so bad that you're alone. She told me when Skadoosh crossed the Rainbow Bridge that he had friendz for you ifn your momma goes to the OSGA. What is the OSGA?

Momma sez that a few of the Rescuez that came in could be saved for you and that momma would wave the adoption fee for you. That your momma just haz to lubs them like she does you.

Stay Strong Cuz

Posted By: Terry

Re: Olllie'z Journal - 03/31/18 05:54 PM

M'Brosia! The Prinzez??? How? I'z iz most suprized to you repliez!!!!

Hello Prinzez M'Brosia! I'z heard so much about you!

Momzy talked a lot about the OSGA, I'z don't know what dat is, but momzy took off work for it, and sayz she ordered special luggage to be made for all our gear. We'z all was going. But den Skadoosh got real sick, momzy sayz she tried, but Skadoosh went to be with Lulu. I'z don't know where dat iz, but momzy said I can't goez there just now, and hopes not for long time.

I'z not knowing what momzy gonna do now. She sayz she not know how old I'z iz, dat I'z don't know either.

Momzy is worried about me, I'z not know what shez gonna do. Shez says itz gonna take time. Shez sayz she haz a momzy too, that needs her, shez worried about dat too.

Your mamma soundz very very nice.

Oh no, momzy coming to trim nails, eek!
Posted By: Terry

Re: Olllie'z Journal - 03/31/18 08:45 PM

So momzy finished trimmin nails, waznt too good. Den shez put me in my house an i'z gots drink of water an clean pouch! Haz dat stinky fleece hedgehog dat smelz like da trio (momzy sayz) an stinky blanket dat smelz like momzy. But den momzy gots me right back out of clean pouch an wif stinky momzy blanket, an shez puts into pouch wif zipper an a window. Shez sayz itz for bonding, i'z not in one for so much. We'z went ride in car, an da store. I'z not sure how i'z like it, but i'z waz good for momzy.
Posted By: Terry

Re: Olllie'z Journal - 04/01/18 11:53 AM

Dis morning waz good. I'z got out wif momzy, shez gave me yogi, 2! Shez sayz Happy Easter an give me pine nut.

Shez made me sitz on her lap to eats, but didn't pets me. Momzy hands lay next to me da whole time. Wif da treats in her fingers. I'z did make sure to peez a little an poop a lots on momzy lap, hehe. I'z heard her compwane about all da poop.

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Re: Olllie'z Journal - 04/01/18 02:43 PM

Good Jobz, Ollie!

We Gotta make sure our Mommaz smellz like uz!

Posted By: Terry

Re: Olllie'z Journal - 04/01/18 11:59 PM

:funny: :haha:

Tanks Prinzes M, canz I'z call you dat?

An tanks for being my penzpal fwiend.
Posted By: Terry

Re: Olllie'z Journal - 04/03/18 02:16 AM

Momzy visits me a lot. Dis might be okay wif me, some time. Before momzy goes to bed dis night, shez caught me in my pouch. Den shez pulled it right out of my house. I'z peek at momzy, tinking shez gots treats for me. Shez does not. No, no, no momzy gets her momzy finger allz over my head. I'z play ducking game, diving int ze pouch. Shez do not go away.

Momzy finger finds good spot, right tween my ear an eye, ah, dat is good. I'z lets her do dis for some time. I'z lets momzy finger scratch my ear an rubs my head stripe. It's good for a bit.

Momzy says goodnight, has fun. An shez puts different toy in my house, it's good, I'z not seen it for some time.
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Re: Olllie'z Journal - 04/03/18 03:27 AM

Boy your mommaz been changin tings up on you. I am still with momma and daddy, not lookin forwardz to being on my ownz.

I knowz I havez to be on my ownz soon.
Posted By: Terry

Re: Olllie'z Journal - 04/04/18 02:08 AM

I'z a little grumpy to momzy tonight. I'z not know why, shez fed me yummies dinner all de time. Shez happy I'z eating food real good.

I'z be grooming momzy now.
Posted By: Feather

Re: Olllie'z Journal - 04/04/18 04:19 AM

Didz you get up on the wrong zide of the pouch tonightz?
Posted By: Terry

Re: Olllie'z Journal - 04/05/18 02:30 AM

I'z tink dat I'z did, M. Momzy sayz shez still lovez me, so dat don't matter to her. Some time I'z just tink of stuffs dat momzy do dat makes me mad or annoyedz. Likes nail trims an finger scratches when I'z do not want em.

Shez gots peed on dis morning when shez has gives me yogis, haha. Dat don't seem to matters to her either doe. Shez didn't gets to pet or finger scratch me all day dis day. I'z tink dat bothers hers more.
Posted By: Feather

Re: Olllie'z Journal - 04/05/18 05:56 AM

Peein on the momma iz a good thing! They gotta smellz like uz!
Posted By: Terry

Re: Olllie'z Journal - 04/06/18 02:13 AM

Hahaha, ya, peeing on momzy is good. Makes her smellz better.

Momzy got groomz dis morning after I'z ate my yogies. Den at night time, I'z did let momzy gives me few finger scratches. Shez likes dat mores den I'z do I tink.

Momzy den puts her hand curled ups in my pouch.

I'z tink I'z pee on momzy again in de morning, haha.

Mmmm-mm doughs green beans! I'z loves dem!
Posted By: Terry

Re: Olllie'z Journal - 04/06/18 11:26 PM

Dis morning was good, got to pee and poo on momzy an grooms her after my two yogies. Momzy let me sits on her shoulder to eats dem an den lets me run on da wheel on da up top playground for some time.

Momzy was a bit sad dis night, shez gots a rock wif Skaddosh on it for da big outside where Skadoosh and Lulu went to. Shez had one wif Lulu's name on it. Shez says Skadoosh's rock is right next to Lulu's rock. Shez says dat shez don't want me to haves one any time soon.

Num, nums! Momzy brought me egg for dinner!
Posted By: Feather

Re: Olllie'z Journal - 04/07/18 02:38 AM

Olliez you needz to havez a discussion with youz momma, my momma sez she haz a couple girlz that can comz and libz with you.

She sez she woodz bringz them to da OSGA, what everz that iz.
Posted By: Terry

Re: Olllie'z Journal - 04/08/18 01:03 AM

Dis day waz okay, den gots better.

Momzy was late dis morning an I'z had gone to pouch already. Momzy says dat shez just 10 minutes late, but I'z ready to go to bed. Den shez gots my pouch out of my house wif me in it. She holds me, and tries finger scratches, but I'z nips her a bit so shez stop. Shez just holds me for some time, so I did like you says Princess M. Momzy says shez tinking not going to dat OSGA ting in Ohia. Shez not for sure I'z gonna like new girls libing wif me. I'z do no know, shez do not know. I'z doing okay. I'z miss my girls, but I'z gets all da food to myself an I eats good. I'z still smells dem in my pouch, momzy keeps da stinky fleece aminal in dare wif me. An a blankie dat smelz like momzy shakehead.

About pouch, momzy puts me in da zipper one again dis day, an lefs me dare most da day. I'z not too happy bout dat, but shez was busy fixen up my house. Shez says i'ts house cleaning day. But dare I'z waz, all coup up in da pouch wif zipper.

Den, momzy finally lets me out, and shez lets me into my house. I'z like it! It haz some same stuffs an some different stuffs I'z not seen for some time. More stuffs den it's been. I'z haz a funner toy bin den last time! I'z also gots my dinner soon after dat.
Dat waz good.

Momzy makes up being late in da morning. Shez comes to my house an lets me go to up top playground. I'z had fun! Momzy house cleaned up dare and put different ting up dare. I explore everyting, an even side tunnel outside my house an momzy middle shelf. I'z run in da wheel, climb to top of jungle gym, slide down da pole, an goes to the castle. Den after some time, I grooms momzy, den I'z wanted to go back to my house. I'z want to explore in dare an eats some more.
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Olllie'z Journal - 04/08/18 03:17 AM

But Owwie, if you don' go, ma iddin't gonna work on dadzy to go!

How can I meetz you an be you fwend? I pwomise to be nice. But i can't pwomise any ting about Dottie. She bossy... I be good... Ma says so...
Posted By: Terry

Re: Olllie'z Journal - 04/09/18 02:22 AM

Who dis? Is dis Fiona? Hello Fiona, momzy mentioned bout you and Dot. I tink you wrote to Dear Crabby too!

So momzy says dat shez love to go an all, but says I need a check up, an dat is more portant to spends all da monies it cost. I do not know what funds are, but momzy says day low right now.

Dis day was real good day!

Momzy gots up super early an we had da most fun together. I'z got to play an explore, ate nummy yogies, it was so good. I'z grooms momzy an peed on momzy! I'z was out for some time wif momzy an playing. I'z climbed up to date top of playground an looks all around, saws lots of stuffs around!

Den later, momzy brought me nummy dinner. Shez sets there an talks to me bout lots of stuff.

Dis night, I'z in da pouch when momzy come. Shez take my pouch out of my house an holds me, talking an did dat finger scratchy ting. Dis time I'z let's her, cause shez been good momzy dis day an I'z in a good mood.

Posted By: Terry

Re: Olllie'z Journal - 04/09/18 02:56 PM

Oops, I'z made momzy so mad dis morning. I'z bits her on da nose when she's says good morning Ollie. I'z do not know why I'z did dat. I tink maybe cause I'z was mad cause shez did not come to my house early an I'z was waiting for my yogies.

I'z hope dat shez do not stays mad at me. Shez just put me inside my house an put my 2 yogies in my food bowl. Den go to be ready to go to work.
Posted By: Feather

Re: Olllie'z Journal - 04/09/18 10:50 PM

Oh Olliez, Princes M here. Your momma will fogivez you. I bit mommaz pinkie finger when she was putting me back wiz my fur momma and pappa.

You shouldz clean herz hands tonightz.
Posted By: Terry

Re: Olllie'z Journal - 04/09/18 11:13 PM

Momzy just puts in my dinner, shez says hi Ollie, but shez not sitting outside my house dunno shez does always. I tink shez still mad. Shez did gives me more kibs in da snacky mouse dough, an shez shuvs somting different, leaves! In a treat toy! An dare is someone I sees only some time, an hez using momzy puter, so dat could be why shez not sits outside my house now.

I'z has to wait an sees what momzy does dis night.

You really tink shez forgives me princess M?
Posted By: Terry

Re: Olllie'z Journal - 04/10/18 02:05 AM

Momzy still loves me!
Posted By: Feather

Re: Olllie'z Journal - 04/10/18 10:01 PM

Seez! I toldz youz Ollie! They alwaz forgibz us.
Posted By: Terry

Re: Olllie'z Journal - 04/11/18 06:57 PM

So, dis day was okay so far. Last night momzy said was crazy. I do not know what dat mean. Momzy visits was short, do maybe day what crazy mean.

Dis day, momzy let me out of my house for two yogies. Been doing dat. An den I'z grooms momzy, an den I ran around da ip top playground, but not long. I'z getting tired see. An den momzy gives me two pine nuts! When I'z went back into my house.

I'z hoping to gets back here later dis day.
Posted By: Terry

Re: Olllie'z Journal - 04/13/18 11:05 PM

Oh me nose! I didn't gets to get to da puter at all, momzy hads a crazy day. Shez made me eggs for dinner to makes up for it I'z tink.

Dis day okay, hads my yogies on momzy lap, no grooms for momzy in da morning. But momzy come before dinner, to my house an takes me whiles I'z hangin in my pouch. Shez tucks me under da shirt and walks around for some time. I'z hear food noises, I'z smells food noises after a bit. Den I'z hear momzy crunchin! I'z like "oh me nose momzy! You eaten my dinner?). Momzy says shez not eatin my dinner. An den shez takes me back to my house. Shez puts da pouch where it belongs. Dinner is there! Mmmm, da melon so good. Momzy keeps waiting outside my house, shez talkin, mmmm pees! An green beans! My favorite! I'z gonna just eats some dinner, I'z keep grabbin da food an runnin to da skull, so momzy don't take it.
Posted By: Terry

Re: Olllie'z Journal - 04/15/18 03:18 AM

Dat guy was here dis day on momzy puter, almost da day! Not da bestest day for me. Momzy sats and visits at dinner time.
Posted By: Terry

Re: Olllie'z Journal - 04/18/18 12:53 AM

Momzy says I'z not need to be on here every day. Tings are abouts the same, momzy comes and momzy goes. I'z gets food, I'z gets out of my house usually onced a day, some time two times, dough not most da time, cept not countin my morning yogis. I'z usually out on momzy lap or out to grooms her in da morning when I'z get doughs yogis. Den, ifs I'z want to come out of my house at night time, but I don't always wants to. Some time she just hold me in my pouch den.

Anyways, momzy says I'z look good, I'z eatin good and all, but shez not happys wit my grooming habbits above my eyes. Momzy says shez taking me to vet for check up, gots to make appointment for dat real soon.
Posted By: Feather

Re: Olllie'z Journal - 04/18/18 11:56 PM

Just keepz lubbing your momma. She needz it right now.
Posted By: Terry

Re: Olllie'z Journal - 04/20/18 05:44 PM

I'z kinda loves momzy, but shez annoys me most da time. I'z not bited her dough for a while since her nose.

I'z do cwab at her some of da time, when in da pouch.
Posted By: Feather

Re: Olllie'z Journal - 04/20/18 08:54 PM

Well Olliez you be protectin your bedroom. Youz gotz to do dat sometimez.

My mommy and daddy crabz at Momma, but dez habz to take care ov my new siblinz.
Posted By: Terry

Re: Olllie'z Journal - 05/13/18 10:28 PM

I'z not bin on here for some time. Momzy sayz I don't need to post everyday, whatever dat means. Shez sayz not to go on her puter every day.

I'z still okay, momzy spends much time with me most da time. Some time shez gets busy an maybe I'z miss a little bit of time for some day, but shez still gives me my two yoggies every morning. An I'z gets dinner every day, an I'z gets out of my house most da time when I want. Momzy likes to holds me in my pouch a lot. Shez bin keeping her momzy hand inside my pouch an covers me more. I'z liking dat a bit more, getting used to it. Momzy not so bad, but some time gets on my nerves like today shez trim my nails.

Momzy happy I'z eaten good, an exploring good. I'z think momzy still a bit sad dough. We'z be okay dough.
Posted By: Feather

Re: Olllie'z Journal - 05/14/18 02:14 AM

Awez, youz gotza lubs on your momma. Specialyz todayz as it was mommaz day.

Gladz to hear ebery tink is goin goodz for you Olliez.

Princess M
Posted By: Terry

Re: Olllie'z Journal - 12/01/18 10:11 PM

Hawoh, itz me Ollie. Momzy hazn't been on here for some time, andz herz not let'z me on eider. Iz iz doin okay. Iz gets all da food to myself andz iz eats real good, even corn!

Momzy comes to my house lots, givez me da yogies every morning andz when iz wants to come out and play or hang out wis momzy. Some da time iz gets pine nuts! Iz grooms mom some too, and some of da time momzy gets my pouch and sits wif her hand on me inside, itz okay iz guess.

Momzy says iz still over groom too much som of da time, so herz gets new stuff in my house. Iz don't bodder wif much if no nummies in dare.

Anywayz, iz just wanted to say hawoh.

Oh, iz forgots, iz over 9 now, but iz getz around pretty good still.
Posted By: Terry

Re: Olllie'z Journal - 12/02/18 05:12 PM

Do you see now Ollie? This is why we don't post here anymore!
Posted By: Ladymagyver

Re: Olllie'z Journal - 12/02/18 09:23 PM

:lshower: wave Hi Ollie!!!

So glad to hear you're doing well!!!

We do miss you!!!

Glad you and Mom are spending time together!!!!
Posted By: Feather

Re: Olllie'z Journal - 12/02/18 09:24 PM

Uh Oh! Ollie got in trouble for being online. Glad to hear that he is doing good. Don't yell at him to much, he was just saying high. Or did he use your charge card for something?

Good to see you posting, how do you like the new look.
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