Possible Cancer/Pneumonia

Posted By: Jem

Possible Cancer/Pneumonia - 12/12/18 12:37 PM

Well, that was the hardest decision I've had to make in a very long time.

Thank you everyone for your suggestions. We tried everything. Last Thursday she had a really good day and started to eat solid food and was moving around great. We were hopeful she was on the up and up. That night she even made it up into the pouch with her sister and got a full nights sleep. Friday she was fantastic, she was eating corn (her favorite) and drinking full syringes of fluids.

Then Saturday hit and it was like the last two days didn't happen. She was having tremors, kicking her back leg and nodding her heads uncontrollably all day. I held her all day on the couch and by the evening it got better where she was convulsing only every few minutes. For the first time I knew she was definitely in pain. I tried to get fluids, meds and a painkiller into her but she wasn't having it.

Sunday killed me. I woke up and she was stuck in the bars of the floor of the cage convulsing. I wrapped her up like a suggie burrito and held her all day. Her entire body was convulsing uncontrollably. I laid on the couch with her all day again and kept her wrapped up so she didn't hurt herself more than she was already hurting. I knew it was time but at this point the soonest we could get her in was Monday. My goal was just to be there and make her as comfortable as possible in case she passed before then. At night i jerryrigged the pouch so she couldn't roll out of it but her sister could get in to see her.

Monday she was barely breathing, but still hanging in there, which hurt to see even more. We brought her in with her sister and sat in the room saying our goodbyes, three grown men crying hysterically. We let Feng out to see her sister before we let her go, she ran over and cuddled up on her a little bit but she started to shake and get nervous (she hates the vets). Commence more crying as they took her away, we all said our goodbyes.

They brought her back in wrapped in a nice blanket. We kissed her and cried for another 20 minutes or so. It hurt. It still does. We let Feng out to see her again. She laid next to her and ran her tail over her. She then nudged her body twice then she kinda lost it. She jumped back on me then did laps around us and didn't want to go back near her. Whenever we tried to get her to come back over she'd run in the opposite direction. We said our goodbyes for about 10 minutes then as we were leaving I removed the pouch she rested on and kept Shui wrapped in her blankies and the larger blanket that the vet laid her in. Feng jumped off me and burrowed into the burrito we had Shui wrapped in and cuddled against her for a few minutes. I lost it.

We all said our final goodbyes. Feng got to say goodbye with us. She jumped back out of the blanket and went into the pouch.

11 years old, we knew she was a little old lady, but it still kills saying goodbye. It'll hurt for a while. We're just happy she isn't in pain any longer.

Again, thank you everyone for your support.

Rest in peace, Shui. <3 We love you.
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Re: Possible Cancer/Pneumonia - 12/12/18 02:18 PM

My eyes were so full of tears I could barely read your last post.

Sweet Shui fought so hard, but that poor little body just could not come back from so much. Eleven years is a very long time. Just think of all the love and joy those years were filled with because of you.

I am so very very sorry for your loss. You know you did all you could for Little Shui. Thank you so much for taking her sister with you to make sure all goodbyes were said.

I am going to move your last post to Rainbow Memorials now with a link back to how all this happened.

Read Shui's Story Here
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Re: Possible Cancer/Pneumonia - 12/13/18 02:25 AM

I know how hard that decision was to make, I have made it several times.

You made the decision out of love and I know how much it hurt.

May you find comfort and peace in your memories of her.

Glide Free Little Shui :rbridge:
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Re: Possible Cancer/Pneumonia - 12/13/18 10:58 AM

What a story...

I'm so glad Feng had a chance to say goodbye... I know it was a difficult decision, but it was a good one. Thank you for sharing...

I'm so sorry for your loss, but happy for Shui. Now she can glide free with no aches or pain... May your memories comfort you.

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