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Boog - 04/18/19 09:42 PM

It is with great sadness that I relay that Casper and Liezl Swanepoel's beloved Boog crossed the Rainbow Bridge today.

From Boogs Facebook page.
Boog took his last breath today in my arms. I held him like always for hours just singing to him. Boog was loved by so many people across the world. We all dreaded this day, people all over the world feels broken today. He was given two weeks max to live after we rescued him, he gave us six additional years. Boog reached the age of ten years, impossible we all thought. Boog rescued us, he taught us what unconditional love is, how to be brave, how to live, determination, acceptance, beauty and how to overcome. Thank you to each and every Boogster fan for your continued support, love and gifts throughout the years.

Glide Free Little Boog: rbridge:
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Re: Boog - 04/19/19 02:16 PM

I read that on fb. Such sad news. I know they are heartbroken hug2
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Re: Boog - 04/26/19 06:04 PM

I seen this and it so upsetting he was a truly Lucky Glider and such a caring owner he had. I wanted to play his Video one more time ( Fame boog) but it was removed frown
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