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#1011140 - 09/29/10 09:43 PM What does this mean??

I have always been told that sugar gliders were legal in certain cities within Ontario Canada. However, my one neighbor to whom works for Animal Care and Control has informed me that a bylaw was passed that chinchilla's, ferrets were illegal to have now. . . so I have gone back to researching. . .

What does this mean???

"Class 7 animals" shall mean any animal of a type that is normally found in a wild and natural
state, whether or not it has been bred and/or raised in captivity and includes but is not limited to
bear, wolf, coyote, crocodile, alligator, bobcat, lynx, mountain lion, cougar, tiger, lion, monkey,
fox, skunk, kangaroo, eagle, hawk, elephant, weasel, racoon, venomous lizard, venomous
snake, venomous spider, all birds the keeping of which is prohibited in the Migratory Birds
Convention Act, S.C. 1985, C.M-7, and regulations thereto and all animals the keeping of which
is prohibited in the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, 1997 and regulations thereto.

It does not mention sugar glider actually in the list but it "is not limited to".

Help I want to make sure!

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#1011175 - 09/29/10 10:32 PM Re: What does this mean?? [Re: ]
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Boy, I wish I knew the answer to this one! I can't be of any help! Hang tight...hopefully someone else will have some answers for you!
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#1011205 - 09/29/10 11:00 PM Re: What does this mean?? [Re: ]
ValkyrieMome Offline
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Sorry - No idea.

Bumping this for you ... hopefully you'll get an answer!
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#1011207 - 09/29/10 11:04 PM Re: What does this mean?? [Re: ]
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You should contact the law-makers and find out! smile I know in the US the Fish and Wildlife department and tell us of the laws for individual states. We had to do that when we were shipping out a glider to NY.

To me it looks like gliders WOULD be included in that list, only because it seems to be referring to 'exotic' animals. Because kangaroos and chins are included, I would think that would mean sugar gliders too.

However, when in doubt- ASK!! smile

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#1011403 - 09/30/10 01:54 PM Re: What does this mean?? [Re: Glide_Bye_Lily]

Well I guess I can be thankful that they are relaxed on this as I have to have a complaint against me (from what I was informed) have Animal Care & Control come to my door and not answer and again told that would be the end of that!

We have a very large community of sugar glider owners in London, ON and they sold them in the pet stores for some time.

I just don't get it. . . they would never survive our canadian winters or reproduce with the squirel population.

They are legal apparently in other cities around us.


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