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#101909 - 05/10/06 08:20 PM Female Glider Moving Really Really Slow??

My female glider is moving around the cage really really slow and she eats fine and sleeps and everything seems normal, could this mean she is pregnant? <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/littleglider.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />

#101910 - 05/10/06 08:23 PM Re: Female Glider Moving Really Really Slow?? [Re: 1299921]

I'm not sure, but I've never read that they slow down when preggers (at least not until the joeys are so big IP that they can barely move)... are her movements jerky/not smooth? what diet it she on, how old is she?

#101911 - 05/10/06 10:02 PM Re: Female Glider Moving Really Really Slow?? [Re: ]
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When a glider shows a change in behavior such as slowing down, it could indicate that she is ill. When a glider does get sick, they try to hide it so they are not vunerable to preditors. If she were my glider, I would be taking her to the vet to be checked out. Have them do a fecal and urinalysis to check for bacteria or parasites.

I have never had any of my females slow down from pregnacy except during the last week or so before the joeys came out of pouch and only because she had just gotten so huge it was hard for her to get around.

If in any doubt at all, take her to the vet.
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#101912 - 05/12/06 11:05 PM Re: Female Glider Moving Really Really Slow?? [Re: ]

She moves around the cage fine it is just when I get there pouch out at nite she moves really slow to the edge maybe she is not fully use to me yet since The pair of them are 5 yrs old and I have only had them for a week. She will crab at me when I try to go near her the only thing she lets me do is talk to her the male has taken onto me just fine he crawls all over me but she doesnt care to do things like that.

#101913 - 05/13/06 01:19 AM Re: Female Glider Moving Really Really Slow?? [Re: 1299921]
StitchsMom Offline
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When I have nervous gliders in the house they do this slow creep/crawl down my arm and such. They have never turned out ill. They were just timid. That isn't to say that this isn't a different case, but I think what you are describing is just a glider still learning to fully trust you yet comfortable enough to interact. As a matter of fact, my youngest glider is not yet 10 weeks old and he will do this cautious slow walk onto my hand. Once he realizes all is well, he loosens up. I'm sure this timid behavior will decrease as he learns to trust me more.
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#101914 - 05/13/06 07:10 AM Re: Female Glider Moving Really Really Slow?? [Re: ]
sugarglidersuz Offline
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[:"green"]What you are describing does sound like she is being cautious and is nervous about you. Knowing that you've only had her for 1 week helps us to analyze her behavior better. It also helps to know that she acts fine once she's out & about in the cage. Give her some extra time to get used to you and she should start to act more normally all the time. It is very surprising that the male is so friendly with you already. You are doing a great job!
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#101915 - 05/15/06 10:19 AM Re: Female Glider Moving Really Really Slow?? [Re: ]

It does sound like she is just being timid but do watch for signs of illness just in case. Also my jimmy does this slow walk/creep thing when I wake him up. If i reach into the pouch and pull him out (gently of course) he will creep to a food dish he likes to hang out in and just watch me do whatever I needed to do for a while. After about 10 min of so he calms down/wakes up and will come try to escape the cage but running up my arm and onto my back, he is so silly!

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#101916 - 05/15/06 10:33 AM Re: Female Glider Moving Really Really Slow?? [Re: ]

I was having the same concerns about my Jeepers last night, but it turned out she just needed to wake up a bit. She is usually that way (taking a while to wake up) but I've been more paranoid than usual because she and Peepers are just recovering from an illness. I'm just looking for something to worry about, I guess.

She creeps out of the pouch and goes down to sit on the bottom of the cage for a while, does her business, sits for a while, slowly begins to groom herself, then wakes up enough to go see what's for dinner.


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