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#102280 - 05/12/06 09:45 AM How long does mom feed joey?

Our Joey, now named Molly, came out of pouch march 27 (or there about.) I am yet to see her eat anything except for bitting the head off of a worm the other night which see then didn't eat. should I be worried yet? I have found a few different things telling me when molly should be eating on her own but none of them are the same. Please help!
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#102281 - 05/12/06 09:54 AM Re: How long does mom feed joey? [Re: ]

Every joey is different and do things at a different rate. But the joey should be kept with mom until she is at least 8 weeks oop. They tend to start sampling the food out of the dish around 6-7 weeks oop. Some joeys need to stay with mom longer the 8 weeks if they are not eating yet. Your joey is a little over 6 weeks. So I bet pretty soon you will see her out and about just for a little bit eating some food.

#102282 - 05/12/06 12:58 PM Re: How long does mom feed joey? [Re: ]
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The two babes that I have now started eating the mom and dad's BML at about 4-5 weeks oop. I thought this was a bit early though since they are still living with mom and dad. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/worried2.gif" alt="" />
I haven't seen them try the fruits and veggies yet though but they could be doing that while I'm asleep. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/nixweiss.gif" alt="" />
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#102283 - 05/12/06 01:09 PM Re: How long does mom feed joey? [Re: ]

some will sample as early as 4-5 weeks.. it doesn't happen for me very often but it has. The fruits and veggies again every glider is different but by 8 weeks they should be eating a little of it. If not by 8 weeks then they should stay with momma and dad until they are eating everything, not a full serving but at least eating fruits, veggies and bml mix

#102284 - 05/12/06 01:28 PM Re: How long does mom feed joey? [Re: RSXTC]
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Some joeys will continue to nurse off mom for up to 12-13 weeks. While that isn't a common thing, it isn't at all wrong for them to do providing mom will still let them. They should however also be eating some of the real food too.

At 6 weeks, sounds like your joey is right on track.
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#102285 - 05/15/06 09:45 AM Re: How long does mom feed joey? [Re: ]

thanks everybody!

#102286 - 05/25/06 09:54 AM Re: How long does mom feed joey? [Re: ]

update: molly is now starting to lick some of the babyfood and bml mix off of our fingers (it is about time!) also she likes to lick the ice off of the frozen mixed veggies. it is really cute. I love my Molly!!!! thanks again for all the good info. I love having a place where I can ask all of my glider questions and know I am getting, for the most part, good answers.



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