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#102870 - 05/14/06 08:36 PM URGENT! Baby OOP and unattached

I don't have a picture right now (no camera available), but one of the babies is out of the pouch & unattached from the nipple. It's quite small and completely pink. The mom is only about 8-9 months old and seems to be denying it re-entry to the pouch. I know the chances of a baby living with such a young mother are small, but what would you suggest I do? Right now, I've put it into the big pouch where they always are and the father seems to be taking some care of it (licking and whatnot). Would the best thing be to just hope that it reattaches, which I think it probably can do if the mom lets it. Or would trying to take care of it be best or what?

Thanks for your help.

#102871 - 05/14/06 08:49 PM Re: URGENT! Baby OOP and unattached [Re: ]

I dont really know the answer but I think that still being pink there is little chance of it surviving handfed or of attatching to the nipple again. I cant tell you which to choose but either way you'll probably lose the joey.

#102872 - 05/14/06 09:00 PM Re: URGENT! Baby OOP and unattached [Re: ]

You need to hand feed starting now. Dont try to attach to nipple quote me on this though if a moderator comes or someone that is really smart listen to them over me. Thers lots of how to handfeed links ill get you some hold on

#102873 - 05/14/06 09:02 PM Re: URGENT! Baby OOP and unattached [Re: ]
Unregistered i would consider this rejecting. Im not fursure though look at that oyu need a incubator ltos of stuff. Someone please respond that has more knowledge im not fursure iof this is rejection but im pretty fursure. Is the joey cold to the touch yet?

#102874 - 05/14/06 10:04 PM Re: URGENT! Baby OOP and unattached [Re: ]

Good question, is the baby cold?

Also, take a look at this:

Also here for hand raising:

I think you did the best thing first to see if mom would take care of it. Do you provide mom with enough protein? What diet are you feeding?

#102875 - 05/14/06 11:28 PM Re: URGENT! Baby OOP and unattached [Re: ]

Any updates? Read through Suz's hand raising a joey it has helped many. You might need to start either supplementing or handing feeding. If momma will take her back to clean after you feed then you will only need to supplement. Is the babys cry strong with a hiss and squeek at the end or is it soft just hissing. Is the baby cold or warm?
I am not the best when it comes to handing feeding becuase I have never had to do it. But keep us posted and we will try are best to help you. Suz (sugarglidersuz) is really good at helping with hand raising.

#102876 - 05/15/06 05:46 AM Re: URGENT! Baby OOP and unattached [Re: RSXTC]
sugarglidersuz Offline
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[:"green"](Sorry I wasn't on last night so I didn't see this until just now <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shakehead.gif" alt="" />.)
How is this little one doing this morning? Did she survive the night? Did the mother take her back into her pouch? If she did, then the joey may still survive. Have you tried to hand-feed her yet? For a premature joey (no fur or coloration yet) you will need to make up a formula that is fairly thin (no baby cereal in it). This is the formula I would use for a premature joey:
Joey Formula
Mix the following ingredients together until very smooth:
2 Tbsp. water -or- Pedialyte
1/2 tsp. Gliderade powder
1/2 tsp. Brisky's Booster Milk (or Wombaroo <0.8 or Esbilac Puppy Formula) powder
Feed to the joey at room temperature. Make sure it is not too hot nor cool (should feel no temp at all when you put a drop on the inside of your wrist). The joey will need to be warm in order to get it to eat. You may need to heat a fleece blankie in the microwave for a few seconds, then wrap the joey in it to warm it up enough. Make sure the blankie is warm NOT hot to the touch.
I hope this helps. Please call me if you need further help - I'll be home most of the day today & you can leave a message if I'm not. My number is: 440-953-0904 (before 9 p.m. ET please unless it's an emergency).
Suz Enyedy
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Allira & Gizmo :grey:
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Suz' Sugar Gliders

#102877 - 05/16/06 07:37 PM Re: URGENT! Baby OOP and unattached [Re: ]

Any updates yet?


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