Over the past year to eighteen months, we have seen a shift where people are willing to sell the high dollar gliders on payment plans possibly because of the economic times we find ourselves in. At the time of the sale, this would seem to suit both the seller and buyer, however, many unexpected things can go wrong for either party. When this happens people start looking for help to get their money.

Some of these sales initially took place a very long time ago. At times it is impossible to reconstruct how the initial purchase came about.

Regardless of how it happened, it is the responsibility of both the Seller and the Buyer to make sure their interests are protected by a Signed Contract that would hold up in a Court of Law. GliderCENTRAL will NOT be a Collections Agency.

Consideration will be given for adding the name of anyone to our Buyer Beware List if proof of judgment against them in a Court of Law is brought is to us for the safety of our members.

We, as the Owners of GliderCENTRAL, will only get involved in straight forward sales which only take place here through GliderCENTRAL, not from other sites.

At one point in time a collaborated effort from several groups was attempted so if the sale had taken place on any of the boards, it could have been made know all the boards throughout the community. That option is not available.

Guidelines For Filing A Complaint With GliderCENTRAL:

-If the sale took place on GliderCENTRAL, and you believe you have a legitimate complaint, you MUST have placed an AD through ClassifiedCENTRAL OR been contracted through the PM system as a result of an Ad.

-GliderCENTRAL will not look into three way trades or other alternative payments such as products, other animals, etc.

-Complaints will only be accepted and reviewed within 4 months of the transaction.

There must be documented proof of any and all transactions or failed attempts to collect by either party involved.

Being contacted through the PM system as the result of a "brag post" does NOT constitute a deal taking place on GliderCENTRAL.

The reason we need the sale to take place through GC is because people who use our classifieds have agreed for us to add them to our list if we have proof that their actions have made us add their name to protect our members. If we have the proof that it took place here, it firsts proves they agreed to allowing us to post their name and second it shows it's not slander.
Karen & Eddie