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#1035625 - 11/27/10 08:46 PM Gliders and Cats

Can anyone tell me what the deal is with the relationship between cats and gliders? I want to introduce mine but Im not sure if I should or what the protocol is?

#1035640 - 11/27/10 09:13 PM Re: Gliders and Cats [Re: ]
Happy Birthday GliderNursery Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

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I do not recommend that you introduce your gliders to any other household pet. Animals, regardless of how well-trained they are, have natural instincts and can be unpredictable. IMO, it simply isn't worth the risk of your gliders life to allow them to interact with each other.

A cat could chase the glider, may not hurt it, but it might. It could surely give it a heart attack!

Gliders can coexist in a household with other pets, but I don't think they should ever interact with each other.

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#1035642 - 11/27/10 09:17 PM Re: Gliders and Cats [Re: ]

It depends on the cats. I have 3 cats and when i first brought my sugar glider tinkbell home, my black cat named scrappy was very curious about her. He would sit outside her cage and watch her. As time went on, i tried to introduce and he moved towards her like she was prey. I quickly picked her up and put her in her cage. Im not sure if she knew he was doing that but an hour later he was back at the side of her cage and all of a sudden she jumped from across her cage crabbing loudly at him. He must have jumped 2 feet in the air because he was not expecting that. The main point is if you feel as though there are insecurities then dont. Cats are hunters by nature and they may see your baby as a mouse, or maybe a quick meal.

#1035645 - 11/27/10 09:24 PM Re: Gliders and Cats [Re: ]

I don't think a cat should ever be introduced to a glider.
Cat's are animals and sometimes they act like it. It isn't the cat's fault for doing what it's instincts dictate. But it's waaaay to big of a risk to try to introduce a cat to a glider.

#1035646 - 11/27/10 09:25 PM Re: Gliders and Cats [Re: ]
Meg_n_Von Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

Registered: 05/15/09
Posts: 12099
Loc: Vulcan, MO
I wouldn't recommend it either. I'm not scared of having my gliders out around my cats, I know they're not interested, but I definitely wouldn't let them meet intentionally. Just because a cat shows no interest when they're face to face, it doesn't mean a cats natural instinct wont come out when a glider is scurrying across the floor. wink
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#1035656 - 11/27/10 09:54 PM Re: Gliders and Cats [Re: ]
tjlong Offline
Glider Slave

Registered: 09/25/09
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Loc: Washington
You know aside from the fact that cats naturally eat or kill things that move and resemble sugar gliders, there is also the fact that cats can carry toxoplasmosis. Toxo can be fatal to gliders. It can cause major damage if they get it and survive. Just food for thought. Oh and if you cat has fleas and gets tapeworms they can be transmitted to your gliders too. Ya, I'm just full of fun facts. Sorry. shakehead
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#1035671 - 11/27/10 10:18 PM Re: Gliders and Cats [Re: ]

There are so many reasons not to.
Like Tracy said, cats can carry toxoplasmosis which is deadly for gliders. Cats can also carry pin worms, which we as humans can EASILY get. Think of how big we are compared to gliders. If it's easy for us, imagine how easy it would be for a glider!

On top of that, even if you feel in your gut your cat would NEVER harm a thing.. It can still happen.

One of my clients (I work home healthcare) has a cat that she has insisted would 'never hurt a fly' yet the other day she found her cat with a mouse it had just caught.

I most definitely wouldn't risk it.

ON TOP of that, if a cat were just playing with a glider, a lot can go wrong. First off, cats play by swiping at things. Gliders are tiny and practically weightless. A swipe could hurt them, ESPECIALLY if the cat has claws.

Cats also like to play involving their mouths. Their teeth are sharp and their saliva contains a toxin that can be harmful to gliders, among other things.

So definitely opt out of this.

#1035675 - 11/27/10 10:23 PM Re: Gliders and Cats [Re: ]
TempyKDog Offline
Glider Lover

Registered: 03/09/10
Posts: 338
Loc: Indiana
I would say no. Cats have a very high prey drive, and even in play they still pounce, scratch, bite, ect. It is not a good idea at all. Too many things are likely to go wrong, I would say its a very slim chance that they would get along.
If you did try, an something went wrong. All its going to take is one bite or a good catch of claws.

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#1035679 - 11/27/10 10:38 PM Re: Gliders and Cats [Re: ]
WintersSong Offline
Glider Slave

Registered: 10/26/09
Posts: 2294
Loc: NY
I think it's careless to introduce your gliders to other animals. I have both cats and gliders, but my cats are never allowed near my gliders.

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#1035691 - 11/27/10 11:05 PM Re: Gliders and Cats [Re: ]

I put up a block against tinkerbells cage so the cats wont be able to sit next to the cage. I used a wire trash container that has my glidder supplies in it. I agree with everyone else. I have had this setup for more than 2 years and it has got to a point the cats dont even care to try and get near the cage.

#1035874 - 11/28/10 02:13 PM Re: Gliders and Cats [Re: ]

I have two cats and 4 dogs. They all are aware of the gliders and where the cage is. I don't allow any of them in that room unless I am also in the room. They are not allowed to hang out near the cage at all and now they know its part of the routine, and do not even seem interested.
But if I take the gliders out to play in tent time or whatever I put all of them outside or in an entirely different room.
The cats I would never trust just because it is the way of nature. I have seen both cats just watching the gliders from a distance but I know too well they would love to bat them around or worse.
At night or if I am not at home, their door is closed and off limits.

#1035878 - 11/28/10 02:19 PM Re: Gliders and Cats [Re: ]
Akane Offline
Glider Lover

Registered: 09/20/09
Posts: 433
Loc: Iowa
I would not purposefully introduce smaller critters to dogs or cats. Mine see the cages and know when I'm hauling gliders around but they are severely disciplined if they do more than watch from a safe distance. If it's a situation where I know I can't trust one or more of the bigger animals I put them in a room or their crates or else take the small critters to another room. When we are not home the dogs are all individually crated. Accidents happen so easily when mixing animals of different sizes. Occasionally the 80lb dog causes injury to the 20lb dog in play so I don't even leave them together unsupervised for very long. Something the size of a glider would only take a paw swipe or nip to kill especially from a cat since their mouths have a lot of bacteria and their claws leave nasty puncture wounds. Infections from cat bites and claws are very common and have put people in the hospital.
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#1035882 - 11/28/10 02:26 PM Re: Gliders and Cats [Re: ]
Marz Offline
Glider Guardian

Registered: 09/06/05
Posts: 708
Loc: Melbourne Australia
I always say no in this situation.

Cats can be deadly to gliders and it can take only the tiniest bite even in play to kill your glider in the most painful way.

It's a well known fact to wildlife rescuers and vets here in Australia, that cats have a bacteria in their saliva which is basically lethal to possums and gliders. Their system cannot fight the bacteria and they can die a very painful death anything from days to weeks later! In many cases there will be no signs that the glider has even been touched. The organs simply shut down as the whole body becomes infected. Nasty death and fully preventable by keeping the two apart totally.


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