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#1042597 - 12/17/10 12:21 PM USDA License in KS??

Was it hard getting your USDA License? Do you have to be USDA Licensed in KS to be able to breed?

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#1042598 - 12/17/10 12:25 PM Re: USDA License in KS?? [Re: Dancing]

just wanted to know the requirements of KS and being able to breed. Might be getting Timmy a companion when he is old enough! "pouch buddie"

#1042603 - 12/17/10 12:32 PM USDA Licensed Breeders in KS??
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Getting your USDA License can be easy or hard depending on where you are at. I am located in Merriam KS and actually got my USDA License as it is required when breeding hedgehogs or more to the point when you have three female hedgehogs over the age of 8 weeks(which are concerned breed-able if you have a male on the property). I have heard that it can be very hard to get license for gliders as there are different rules. I believe you are required to get a USDA License if you have 3-4 females who are with intact males as that concerned having 3+ breeding females.

I would suggest calling the Kansas Office of Ag. and they can tell you what steps you need to take and who you need to talk to in your area to find out. Feel free to PM me for numbers.

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#1042632 - 12/17/10 01:23 PM Re: USDA License in KS?? [Re: ]


My questions concerning a USDA License was meant to put my mind at ease concerning my "Bindi" and "Bear" having had two twin joeys. Only had them a week and found out she was preggo,one died and hand raising the other. The lady we got them from said she didn't know she had joey's IP. I JUST DON'T WANT TO GET INTO TROUBLE FOR HAVING THEM AND BREEDING WITH OUT BEING LICENSED. Now I know....

#1042789 - 12/17/10 09:08 PM Re: USDA License in KS?? [Re: ]
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If you only have the one pair, you can continue to breed without the license. Until you have enough breeding females, the USDA will not license you anyway. So, you're good to go! thumb

Kudos for asking!

Although being USDA licensed does not indicate whether you are a good/bad breeder, it does show that you follow the requirements of the law. It also allows potential buyers to go onto the USDA website and see individual inspection reports as they are all made public.

Regardless of who you plan to adopt from, do your research!! Check out Sugar Glider Help, and look up the breeders and read what kind of ratings and reviews they have.

Don't sacrifice quality information for convenient information.

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