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#1045558 - 12/23/10 09:45 PM Where do I start.... I need some support guys!!

I am so on the fence and need some help moving forward. I have 2 male sugar gliders that I havenít made time for lately and trying to decide if I may need to find them a good home. They eat well but I just havenít made enough time to play with them and give them the attention they need. They are almost 2 years old and I have had them just over a year. I have all kinds of toys, branches, sleeping pouches, bonding pouches, cage cleaners, dry shampoo and conditioner, bonding potion, eucalyptus spray, vitamins and all kinds of stuff to go with them including a travel cage that has never been out of the box and a junior tent for tent time- everything you need. I have the best time with their cage and feeding them and finding fun things to keep them occupied.

I love the little guys but they need more hands on attention. I was thinking of putting them up for rescue. I'm not 100% on finding them a home but if I can't step up my game and pay them the attention they need then I need too. I want find them a good one and if you can help me find someone to provide them a good, loving home or better yet, ideas of how to bond with them daily, I'd appreciate it. Little habits that I can put into my daily life routine to bond more with them.

I have the tent but it is very time consuming putting it up and taking it down. I wish I could just find space to leave it up. We used to put everyone out (the dogs and cats) and let them run around the house. Seems like they just always went back into the cage pretty quick. So, started using the bathroom as a play room, not much to climb in there though. I'm going to really put some effort into them over the next couple of weeks and see if I can make some headway. Tips would be great or a website with advice. I get the Suncoast Sugar Glider Newsletter and it is super helpful. I need someone to talk to about this because I really donít want to find them a home. I want to get close with them.

I rescued them when they were 6 months. Paid $500 for the whole package, great deal except, the age. I really thought I could just carry Ďem around and they could just hang out and weíd bond no problem. Well, they were nibbly then and started biting hard here lately, drawing blood so now Iím jumpy, which doesnít help! I really want to do better and have sweet little guys!! I didnít get to hand raise them myself and that I feel is the problem.

We have 7 dogs and 5 cats and a fish tank.

To top it off mom broke her knee and moved in with us this summer and I didnít pay them enough attention over the summer and now they have to adjust to a new perfume and well they bite me! Ouchy!! I was thinking it was teenage years testing me. IDK!! Anyway give me a call or write back please!! I need someone to talk too.

#1045562 - 12/23/10 09:52 PM Re: Where do I start.... I need some support guys!! [Re: ]
GliderNursery Offline
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Welcome to GC! You've come to the right place for help!

It sounds like you would rather work with them and keep them. I hope you can find the time and a new routine to do that.

Start off by reading Into the Bonding Pit . Go to the bonding & Relations section, and you'll find a lot of information and other people's experiences there. You can also click on the word bonding and it will take you to the database with additional information to read.

Can you possibly hang a play net made of fleece on the ceiling of your bathroom? That would provide them a lot of play area. You can hang toys on it and make it a very fun interactive way to play with them. And you wouldn't have to put it up/down all the time, unless you wanted to.

I hope you are able to begin the bonding process with your little guys, they are not too old to bond with. Don't give up hope!

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#1045583 - 12/23/10 10:41 PM Re: Where do I start.... I need some support guys!! [Re: ]
oakley Offline
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I'd say stick with it. It doesn't take more than a minute to get them into a bonding pouch during the day and then you can wear them while you go about your normal routine. I'm not sure how large your tent is... but if it's a pain to work with you can try an extra large pop-up dog kennel from Wal-Mart. I literally turn it upside-down, sit inside of it, and zip the mesh door underneath myself. There is only room enough to sit, and it's not very roomy, but it's really convenient because it literally pops open and folds shut.

I'm sure there will be more advice soon!

{{ }}

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#1045684 - 12/24/10 08:36 AM Re: Where do I start.... I need some support guys!! [Re: ]
jag Offline
Glider Lover

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Im lucky enough to have a spare room where their cage is kept. It is glider proof and I only have a small desk and lap top in there with a comfy chair. I let them out every night and they roam the room and now they always come hang out with me periodically and they have gotten much friendlier and playful with me. I was able to just let them go at their own pace and did not force bonding on them. It worked great for me

#1045726 - 12/24/10 10:08 AM Re: Where do I start.... I need some support guys!! [Re: ]
JillMarie Offline
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You could also try a genji tent. They have a pretty roomy one, but it "pops" open and closes quite easily. So tent time is easier without all the bother of setting up a big tent. With the genji you also dont have to close it all the way either. You can "fold" (push the frames together) it in half and just leave it against the wall.

I say try to work it out with them. Get a routine. They and you will benefit from it.

Did I miss it? are they neutered?
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#1045762 - 12/24/10 11:06 AM Re: Where do I start.... I need some support guys!! [Re: ]

The bathroom is still a good place to play - make yourself the play gym! vendors have activity aprons, or you can make your own. Basically, you have an apron with toys and pockets you can add treats and bells and whatever else for your suggies to investigate.

As far as handling, I think the more fear you show, the worse it gets with biting. Glider bites hurt but they are not the end of the world. Think about a diabetic that has to stick their finger 3-4 times a day just to keep themselves healthy. Then think about one glider bite. Which is worse? Overcome that fear! I guarantee the fear is worse than the bite itself.

#1045804 - 12/24/10 12:30 PM Re: Where do I start.... I need some support guys!! [Re: ]


I read, "into the bonding pit." I had no idea about moths, that's cool! Any particular kind? I was told to stay away from grapes, they can cause problems even death. I'm not in as bad a place as I thought. They don't crab at me at all. I just need to get in the habbit of grabbing one on the way out the door when it is appropriate. I like the bathroom apron idea! I will make one over the holidays laugh

I have little fleece clothes already to keep on me and put in the cage at night I just haven't been doing it... I will start again now.

I move them into the den in the evening and back into the "office" at night when we go to sleep so they are part of the evening activity. They get up, play, eat and go back to bed and then get up agian late after we are asleep.

The biting- yes, if it was a [censored] like a needle it would be one thing but they have made little puncture wounds that are deep!! like a little vampire mark!! and this last time it was deep into my finger and has taken over a week to heal!! one of 'em is the culprate not the other. anyway it's almost healed up but he latches on and is like hanging from my finger!!! so i just blow on him in hopes he'll let go and eventually he does. these yogert treats are smaller than the last batch and i think it is an accident sometimes other times i'm not so sure. but today i'm wrapping up Christmas shopping and will take one of them with me. thank you again for the support it is just what i needed!

i like the fold up tent idea too. maybe i can purchase one down the road. currently i have a jr tent and it doesnt take that long to set up i suppose. literally 5 minutes i bet it just seems like more trouble when it's 6 or 7 and i've been working all day and just want to chill. so the bathroom i think is the way to go.

thanks again guys!! i will keep in touch on our progress. I loved the cage that was built out of Klubertanz wire!! I think my favorite part of suggies is the cage toys and keeping them entertained. I want to get them a ball pit!! They have balls on the floor of the cage but it seems the cup is the favorite. they love to spin it!! ok im going to get going here. suggie in pouch!

#1045831 - 12/24/10 01:38 PM Re: Where do I start.... I need some support guys!! [Re: ]

Hi and welcome to GC Amanda!!

I took in my 2 "rock stars" Jay & Silent Bob when they were 2 yrs old too. These 2 took the longest to warm up to me. They came from a pretty decent home, outside of feeding them things like pork cops, hamburger, etc...they had a good sized cage, wheel, toys...but I was the new human, and they were skittish of me. The one thing that really warmed them up to me was hand feeding them treats....once they realized my hand wasn't a monster lol, they came around. Jay is still a bit standoffish at times (they are 4 yrs old now) but nothing like he was when I first got them.

One thing I learned here at GC was to go at THEIR pace...they will warm up and start getting used to you when they are ready.

And we love pictures here....we'd love to see these boys!! Show them off smile

#1045842 - 12/24/10 02:03 PM Re: Where do I start.... I need some support guys!! [Re: ]
fox0r Offline
Glider Guardian

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I think one of the most important things that you can do with suggies is get them on a routine.

I would make a list, starting from when you get up in the morning, and write down everything you do, and look for gaps in the time.

If you get up at 6am, and they are still awake, go in and visit them, offer them treats or licky treats through the cage bars, and talk to them.

When you get home in the evening, pouch them until it's time for tent time. Feed them dinner at the same time every night, too.

They'll get used to the routine and expect to see you. smile

And I don't think I've seen this asked yet.. but what are you doing when you're getting bitten?

Sugar Mountain - Sugar gliders in Idaho!

#1046209 - 12/25/10 01:03 PM Re: Where do I start.... I need some support guys!! [Re: ]

ok good ideas! I'll get some pix up soon!! I feel like I'm back to square one. I did take them with me, in the same pouch granted, I know they need to be in seprate ones but it was too much to handle both shopping yesterday. They did great!!

They bite when getting treats here lately. The new yogert drops are like half the size of the old ones and I think it is not intentional. But they will nibble if i stick my hand in the pouch and try and pick one out. so now i just take out the pouch and transfer them w/o touching em into the bonding pouch.

I have always been good about giving em treats. Even if I didnt have time to get them out this summer while mom was here they ate very well.

Not enough attention over the summer, new perfume, smaller treats, smoke at night but not during the day so idk. they must be confused lil fellas! but i am doing the cloth in the bra and starting back at square one.

So i'm gonna keep a constant same perfume and try and get into a routine like yall said.

Thank you again for all the suppport!! AND...


#1046216 - 12/25/10 01:20 PM Re: Where do I start.... I need some support guys!! [Re: ]


I dont know if they are neutered or not

#1064164 - 01/31/11 07:53 PM Re: Where do I start.... I need some support guys!! [Re: ]

Ok I spoke with the lady's daughter who I rescued these guys from and she thinks they are fixed. I still need to call her mom and find out for sure.

Things are going much better. I'm using the same perfume and handling them everyday. Haven't been bitten in a while!! Yay! I think the treat size had something to do with that but I'm still a little hand shy. I've been using a flat palm for them to sniff and no nibbles here lately.

I don't always get them out and carry them in the pouch everyday but I am working on the routine. I am taking them out and caring them in the bonding pouches for hours on the weekends and giving them treats early in the morning and playing with them some then and before they eat "breakfast" when I get home in the evenings handling them and trying to get in a routine of getting them out for a bit, bonding pouch style while I make end of the day phone calls.

I will get some pictures up soon everyone. Thanks for the support. I believe I'm going to keep on keeping on until they come around.

#1064188 - 01/31/11 08:30 PM Re: Where do I start.... I need some support guys!! [Re: ]

One easy way to tell if they are fixed is if they have a pom pom (testicles) and a bald spot on their heads they likely have not been neutered. If there is no bald spot there is a very good chance they have been, and if they have no pom pom its beyond a doubt. The neutering has been known to subdue aggression which is why its been suggested, but other than that reason you wouldn't have much of a need to do the procedure if you didn't want to.

Good luck with the bonding process. I'm in NC as well so its nice to see a neighbor.

#1064253 - 01/31/11 10:19 PM Re: Where do I start.... I need some support guys!! [Re: ]

It sounds like you are making lots of progress with your two boys Amanda, way to go!


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