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#1057902 - 01/20/11 10:03 AM Fully bonded?

Hello everyone, I was wondering how I will know that my sugar glider is fully bonded/used to me? How are your sugar gliders with you and what do they do during playtime? I'm just curious because Fluffy is my first suggie smile

#1057916 - 01/20/11 10:58 AM Re: Fully bonded? [Re: ]

Every glider is different. I knew mine were bonded to me when they heard loud or unexpected noises and ran back toward me for safety.

#1057925 - 01/20/11 11:25 AM Re: Fully bonded? [Re: ]
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It can be hard to tell because of their different personalities.

Like, I think both Michi and Pasha are bonded to me, but they show it in different ways. Michi is so brave and outgoing. When she hears me near the cage--even during the middle of the day--she pops out of the sleeping pouch to see me.

She prefers to eat her treats while she's sitting on me and I'm petting her the whole time.

In the tent, she will have little bursts of energy and want to explore, but she always quickly comes back to me. She probably spends 75% of her tent time sitting with me, grooming my hands/fingers/toes.

Pasha is a little shyer. She won't come out of the pouch in the daytime (though she'll crawl up to the very edge). I almost think it's something to do with her ruby eyes being more sensitive to light, because the flash of the camera bothers her way more than it does Michi.

Pasha will explore more on the tent, and use me more for a launching pad, but she will always run back to me when startled. She rarely grooms me.

Now, you can see that if I judged Pasha by Michi, I'd think something was "wrong" with her. But that couldn't be further from the truth! Despite being twin sisters, they are just very different little souls! They were even at the breeder's; Pasha was a crabber and Michi has never crabbed a day in her life. smile

Ultimately, it sounds cheesy, but I want to just say that "you'll know." As I got more comfortable with them (they were my first gliders) and they got more comfortable with me, it was like one day I realized how much I trusted them and how much they trusted me. It was a nice feeling. cloud9

#1057946 - 01/20/11 12:04 PM Re: Fully bonded? [Re: ]
Gizmogirl Offline
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I agree that with time you get to know your gliders, each one's personality, likes and dislikes. Mostly you will notice the trust relationship between you and your glider. During playtime our gliders will jump back and forth between the vines and us. They will come check on a regular basis and share kisses. We have one boy who loves to explore in the glider room, we can call him back anytime, as soon as we say "quickly, come to mommy", he will be on one of us in seconds.
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#1058016 - 01/20/11 02:07 PM Re: Fully bonded? [Re: ]
JillMarie Offline
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Hummmm, an opportunity to brag on Arwen and how I know she is bonded to me...
She prefers to be on me as opposed to off me. She clicks and purrs at me all the time. If I try to take her off me and put her on someone else she digs her nails into me soooo hard and gives me this look like "WHAT are you doing?!" When she is on me no one else is allowed to come near me or she crabs at them. When she is in her pouch I am the only one allowed to touch her.

when in the glider room and something scares her, she will come to me unless something else to hide under is closer. She will go to the closest safe spot. But she also knows that when I call her, its safe to run to me, which she does.

In my opinion, bond=trust, and she definitely trusts me.
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#1058518 - 01/21/11 01:49 PM Re: Fully bonded? [Re: ]

Yay you have such nice relationships with your suggies smile. From what you described, Fluffy is on a good way. When we play, he likes to jump back and forth between me and his toys, he sleeps on my body all day with no problem and he doesn't crab at me at all (but I think that it's just part of his sweet personality because he didn't crab during his vets visit either). Sometimes and more and more often he let me rub his chest and neck and he seems to love it, it's so cute when his eyes are slowly closing =). I don't feel like he FULLY trusts me yet though, but I hope that he will soon smile I think that my almost always cold hands don't help with our bonding..

#1058519 - 01/21/11 01:50 PM Re: Fully bonded? [Re: ]

ops sorry double post..

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