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#105884 - 05/28/06 02:11 AM 4th of July. Patriotic, Fireworks, cage sets?

I've looked and looked!! I can find NO sets of patriotic themed stuff for 4th of July! I want a pouch, hammock, swing, tunnel and maybe a cube or?? Or any combination of those, Please help! "My guys" (C & H) don't care, but, I do!! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/nixweiss.gif" alt="" />

#105885 - 05/28/06 02:37 AM Re: 4th of July. Patriotic, Fireworks, cage sets? [Re: ]
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I don't have any patriotic themed fleece but I do have some poly/cotton blend that can be made into cage sets with fleece as the lining.

THIS is really fun fabric.

Also THIS one that is americana.

And I also have red, white and blue solid fleece.

I could make a set a pouch, 2 corner hammocks (or one square hammock), one swing, one fleece vine, one fire cracker cylinder pouch, a coconut swing (with red white and blue fleece beads and even a liberty bell), a tunnel and a cage rug for $50 and I'll include shipping.
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#105886 - 05/28/06 08:32 AM Re: 4th of July. Patriotic, Fireworks, cage sets? [Re: ]

We make them in a cotton/flannel. We have STARS and FIREWORKS . VERY cute! We have a set almost made and will be able to post pics of it next week. Also, I will have photos of the cubes by next week, which are included in the cage sets as well. They're really cool. Like our bonding pouches, they have button up/down window flaps so you can take a peek at your babies while they're sleeping or if they have joeys!!

Edited by suggiemom2three (05/28/06 08:39 AM)

#105887 - 05/28/06 09:50 AM Re: 4th of July. Patriotic, Fireworks, cage sets? [Re: ]
jacknsally Offline
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don't have any posted on my website- but have a set in progess. Here's the print I'm working with. it will be finished with red fleece. If you check out my sets from my website- you'll see more of a finished look.

577310-4thjuly.jpg (12 downloads)

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