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#106322 - 05/30/06 09:00 AM Questions on Reptariums and hanging toys

How do you guys hang things in reptariums or custom made cages that are close to the reptariums? I have a few hanging toys in the cage they are in now, but I really want to get or make something much larger for them. I will already have to make LOTS of fleese ropes and such for them to climb/play on. I just don't know how to hang things.

I have their stealth wheel suspended from the top of their cage currently. How do you guys with these kind of cages place your wheels?

I guess I'm either out of ideas or I can't picture it correctly. Pictures are appreciated! Thanks guys! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/muchlove.gif" alt="" />

#106323 - 05/30/06 10:56 AM Re: Questions on Reptariums and hanging toys [Re: ]

Anarashka...a lot of the photos I've seen of people's reps show that they use the cross bars of the frame and they add shower curtain rings etc., to them as they assemble them so then they can just go back and hang toys from them later. That way, they can be removed easily for cleaning or changed out as the mood hits! Also, since there is framing at the top and in the middle, I think it gives you a lot of chances to add plenty of toys for them. I guess the stealth would have to go on the floor of the cage in this instance, but I'm not sure since I don't have a rep and have only seen photos of others.

#106324 - 05/30/06 11:47 AM Re: Questions on Reptariums and hanging toys [Re: ]
myangelbear77 Offline
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Shower curtain rings and zip (electrical) ties do the trick!
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#106325 - 05/30/06 05:12 PM Re: Questions on Reptariums and hanging toys [Re: Feather]

Someone here at GC asked for some pvc-coated wire from Klubertanz that I had and she put the wire panel on top of the frame of the reptarium so she could hang toys and whatnot. I thought it was the most brilliant idea ever!



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