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#1064202 - 01/31/11 08:59 PM Taking a Glider out and about?

How long can a glider be out during the day with me? Some times I'm out for 7 hours at a time... Common sense tells me that's too long from food and water, but I hate having him in his cage all day. He'd be in a pouch or a mesh bookbag I bought for him so he can climb around and see everything; I just don't want to take him out for too long.

#1064242 - 01/31/11 10:07 PM Re: Taking a Glider out and about? [Re: ]
sunjana1 Offline
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I'm finding they will literally sleep all day in a bonding pouch while out with you. I've had my babies out with me every day since last Wednesday - up to 10 hours. I disturbed them a few times to feed them mealies (I bring a "to go" supply with me). Other than that and them occasionally readjusting in the pouch, they seem perfectly content. They don't even try to get out when I open the pouch to feed and talk to them!

It also seems to be rapidly increasing their trust in me and our bond in general.
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#1064249 - 01/31/11 10:16 PM Re: Taking a Glider out and about? [Re: ]
suggiemom1980 Offline
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Bring a couple of grapes in case they get hungry and a small water bottle. What I find to be perfect as a travel water bottle, is the bottle my vet uses to put medicine in.

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#1064645 - 02/01/11 02:50 PM Re: Taking a Glider out and about? [Re: ]
JillMarie Offline
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I have had mine out from 8am to about 5 or 6 pm. Just bring water and treats!
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#1064651 - 02/01/11 02:58 PM Re: Taking a Glider out and about? [Re: ]
IslandGliders Offline
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I figure keeping them in the bonding pouch all day is no different than them sleeping in their cage pouch all day... and mine absolutely do not wake up during the day to eat, drink, or potty. Ever.

So while I make it a point to offer them water or at the very least juicy fruits, they obviously would normally just sleep the day away if they were in their cage. smile So no worries.

#1065057 - 02/02/11 05:27 AM Re: Taking a Glider out and about? [Re: ]
1daddyglider1 Offline
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Registered: 09/20/06
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Certain ones will wake up if they hear me eating and want some of Dad's food others will sleep right through lunch.

As long as they are comfortable and are sleeping it really is no different than sleeping in a cage pouch. If they get restless or fight the pouch then they need a break or a shorter time in pouch to start with. As long as they don't get too cold or too hot in the pouch. That can also make them restless and not get good restful sleep. Like was said above offer drinks or liquid snacks every once in awhile especially if they wake up and move around, plus potty breaks. Take extra pouch when you first start out for accidents and I use to take a carry cage just to be sure if it was gonna be a long day. Let them decide and don't force it, scent blankets also are good so they feel comfortable.

some of mine won't go back in the cage once they are out in pocket shirt, I have them for all day. They actually get upset if I try to put them back home early.


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