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#1070868 - 02/12/11 02:38 PM Bonding & Enviroment
Dee Offline
Joey Member

Registered: 07/26/10
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This is my story of how enviroment effects gliders and bonding. I am posting to maybe get others to think about the enviroment if they are having issues with bonding.

I got my first two gliders in Oct. they were stressed out travel babies. I set them up in the family room, thinking it wouldn't be too noisy and well the light is on when they are asleep. The girls calmed down some while they lived there. I added the sweetest little boy that I got from tjlong his name is Ranger. Well adding Ranger to the girls really helped calm the girls down more. Tjlong at that time told me that the room may be too noisy for them and I should put them in a quiter area.

I took Ranger to go get nueter I found out I was going to be getting new additions to our family, a couple more girls. Well once Ranger recovered and could get put back with his girls. I moved the cage plus the new cage into our dinning room so that a space heater could heat both cages since I couldn't do that in the familyroom. The dinning room was a formal dinning room so we don't use it very often. After moving them there Ranger was acting differently when we took him out there was nothing he wanted more than going back to the cage. He also got nippy which was very unlike him. Well thought maybe it was from the nueter and becoming a little man. After about a week, figured that would be a good amount of time for Ranger to settle from recovery and go back to his normal sweet self, that didn't happen. So I watched and really paid attention to what was going on in the cage and outside of the cage. Well stupid me didn't think there were windows right next to the cage that my dogs would look out of and see the street. The dogs would go on guard and start barking at anything and everything going up the road. They were barking right next to the cage!!! They were stressing out my gliders and they were reacting to that and not happy! Tjlong again told me to move the cage.

I moved the cages into the den. I didn't put them there originally because we use that room as a guest room and didn't want the stench of the cage and mess to lock into that room. How selffish am I! But I moved in that room early one morning, got a new space heater that oscillates. I can close the room up and it heats up in there so nice, most times I can go in there and the fan is off and reading like 79 degrees (saving energy cost). Well that night I went in there to check on the gliders. Ranger lept out of the cage onto me and wanted to explore and was the sweetest thing in the world. We could reach in and get on of the girls and she would climb around on us. Heck this is like night and day the change in the gliders. The next morning I went into the room to give morning treats. All three of my babies came right up to the front of the cage to greet me, this has never happened before even with Ranger. My gliders are have totally turned around just in one day! Even one of the girls jumped out of the cage on me the other night.

I think this is a great example for someone struggling with bonding for them to also consider the enviroment they have thier cages in. Also shows that if one thing doesn't work try something new. Just don't change things up too quickly or frequently until you observe and determine causes of problems.

Thank you Tjlong for being there for me and guiding me through this. You were right along LOL!!

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#1070927 - 02/12/11 03:45 PM Re: Bonding & Enviroment [Re: Dee]
tjlong Offline
Glider Slave

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:urwelcome: I'm just glad that your gliders are the happy gliders I knew they could be! clap
Nice job!
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#1071083 - 02/12/11 08:43 PM Re: Bonding & Enviroment [Re: Dee]
Nora Offline
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Loc: southern Ct
Great ideas and information. Thanks for sharing!!

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#1071147 - 02/12/11 10:35 PM Re: Bonding & Enviroment [Re: Dee]
fox0r Offline
Glider Guardian

Registered: 01/01/07
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Loc: Meridian, ID
Too bad we can't 'Like' posts! Great story!

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