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#1091941 - 03/29/11 01:47 AM I messed up & I need help to correct it!

Let me tell you a lil about me before we get into Nikki. My name is Jeni Joy & I have been a lover of animals all my life, I love my children dearly too but they have grown up to the point that they dont really need me to do everything for em now, smh teens. So I find myself up all nite long lonely & needing something to nurture. Naturally it happened across my path not long ago that I found a certain website that seems to be very unliked here & from my own experince so far I understand why, anyway I read on that site that I should only listen to them & their recommended vet site for my glider info, so I did. I found some1 that Im set up to get a suggie from in may when he is ready to leave his mom but also in my search I found a female that needed a good home, Nikki was with a young single mother that simply did not have time for a glider in her life, I wont call it abuse cuz Im sure the girl meant well enough. So now I have Nikki home with me & I decide I need to speak to some1 in person about proper care, mistake #2 as this woman def ripped me off & not only sold me all the wrong foods for my lil girl but also sold me a leash & gave me a list saying to feed her things that I am now reading is all wrong for Nikki s diet. So now that I returned from the store & she is happily munching on treats that are good for Nikki, my next matter at hand is how do I undo the damage done? I only put that dreadful leash on her once & when I saw her reaction I took it off & promised I would never use it again. I stopped days ago trying to pick her up how I was 1st told to do as it just seemed mean & not the way to gain her trust, I am happy to read here tonight that I was right but please any1 that can help me now fix the trust with Nikki so that we can both be ready for Sam to come here in May I would be forever greatful for any true honest help as I am in this for the good of my gliders

#1091948 - 03/29/11 02:04 AM Re: I messed up & I need help to correct it! [Re: ]

Welcome to GliderCENTRAL! wave This is a great site and it has great members who are eager to help.
That being said, the best you can do now is read all that this site has to offer. Several of us also have websites of our own with the intentions of educating owners and future owners who don't know all there is to know.
There's not much to 'undo' per se as your baby is new to you anyway.
Read up on bonding here

THIS thread is great:

Good luck in your adventures, and keep asking questions should you be unable to find the answers in the appropriate forums!

#1091952 - 03/29/11 02:16 AM Re: I messed up & I need help to correct it! [Re: ]

aw Thank you! I can tell the past few days that changing what I felt was wrong & doing things I felt in my heart is better for Nikki is really working as she does not bite me now or crab hardly at all but any suggestions I will listen with my heart & hopefully she can forget the leash was ever in our home.

#1091954 - 03/29/11 02:29 AM Re: I messed up & I need help to correct it! [Re: ]
JillMarie Offline
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The "damage" can be undone with time patience and love. You are on the right track already!

There is a wealth of info on this forum, and as Megs said many members do have sites where they share info as well.

There is also a "search" feature for this site if you have a few key words you want to research.
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#1091970 - 03/29/11 04:09 AM Re: I messed up & I need help to correct it! [Re: ]
angelic4296 Offline
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I'm glad you came here for info. Gliders are not easy pets and they have special needs and desires unique to them.

First, diet. You didn't mention specifically what you feed her, but pellets as a diet, even with fruits and veggies added, is VERY unhealthy for gliders. I say this because mill breeders are famous for advertising the use of leashes, and they are also famous for saying all gliders need to surive is pellets and a slice of fruit - both GARBAGE. Gliders need a spedific amount of calcium (and at the same time a specific amount of phosphorous), they need a certain amount of protein, they need other vitamins and minerals that pellets just do not come close to providing. Click on the word diet and it will take you to a list of recognized and approved diets for gliders. These "staple" diets are to be offered with fruits and veggies, bugs like mealies (if your gliders will eat them, mine won't), and treats in moderation.

Second, quarantine for the new glider. You can't just put these gliders togeher, both because the new one might pass something on to your original glider, and because honestly it'll stress them both out. 30-day quaratine with the new glider is neccessary....separate rooms, separate cages, separate toys, everything....separate. Wash your hands thoroughly and change your clothes between handling gliders. During this 30-day period, you'll need to get vet checks with fecals on your new glider - once at the beginning of the 30 days and once at the end to check and see if this new glider has parasites (which have 2-3-4 weeks life cycles and shed in the feces, hence doing 2 fecals).

Third, intros. In the bonding & Relations area, there's a ton of articles of introductions and the way to go about it. When you have 2 clean fecals after 30 days, you can start swapping their pouches and toys to get them used to eachother's scent. Intros need to be done in a neutral area, like a tent or bathtub. Separate them immediately if "balling up" happens aka fighting.

That's the short of it. Welcome and ask questions all over the place - there's alot ot learn!

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#1091982 - 03/29/11 06:58 AM Re: I messed up & I need help to correct it! [Re: ]
Nikki Offline
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Where are you in Ohio? There are a lot of people in Ohio that can help you out. I sent you a PM at the top of your screen (click the flashing envelope)
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#1092102 - 03/29/11 11:33 AM Re: I messed up & I need help to correct it! [Re: ]
SugarCrazy Offline
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Hey Jeni;
First of all :welcome:. You have come to the right place for advise... you've already gotten a bunch of it. I can't really say any more than you've already heard.

Second, almost anything can be undone. Short story... my Mo and his cagemate I believe originally came from "that dreaded place". The previous owner said he couldn't keep them anymore cuz of his living arrangements changing, that they were friendly pets, and I wanted more fuzzies. We got them and I found myself with a pitbull biter that lunged at me all the time. I tried being patient, thinking he would settle down but he never did. I posted on here for help and I now (after only 2 months) have a very wonderful gentle boy that moves slowly around my hands (he is still a little fearful) but will climb on my hands, he knows not to bite mommy, takes treats from me nicely, and has let me pick him up to do photos. ** Moral of the story** With time and love your baby will learn to trust the new, knowledgeable you. After you've gotten her on a good diet, take time to learn her likes and dislikes, what her facial expressions are (that has been the most fun for me), and how she likes to spoken to. I had such a wonderful experience working with Mo that I have done this same thing with all 10 of my fuzzies and have gotten a better love and respect back from them.
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#1092153 - 03/29/11 12:46 PM Re: I messed up & I need help to correct it! [Re: ]
juonyaya Offline
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hi there.
had my share of miss-steps. probably my baby came from a bad place, me too did some rough handling frown thats why she was violent. spend a whole lot of time in GC made me wiser and more understanding towards my baby. a month later, she is such a cuddlebug and will always want me to hand feed her everytime. you will have that lovely sweet innocent baby to take care of in no time smile

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