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#1102082 - 04/19/11 10:58 AM Every Glider Owner Should Read This!
LabNGliderMom Offline
Glider Addict

Registered: 01/04/09
Posts: 3753
Loc: Florida
Doing these things could save your glider(s) in an emergency! Do not delay - do it today!

1) Have a vet, and emergency vet, and a backup for BOTH if possible - all of which you should meet and research and make sure in advance that they will consult with other vets if need be.

2) Have a list of vets that do consults and keep it in multiple locations - including copies in your gliders' file in your vet's office(s)

3) If you travel to specific places frequently with your gliders, be sure your "second home(s)" have vets you trust and know who all have the consult lists, too

4) Get or create your own glider emergency kit that includes e-collar and practice putting on the collar(s)so you can do it quickly in an emergency.

5) Make sure regular household members and/or visitors know where your emergency kit is in case you need them to get it for you quickly or in case they need to get it in your absence. They should also know how to contact your vet(s).

6) In your kit, keep a list of the vets you use, vets who do consults, AND community members and/or friends with gliders who you know have knowledge about issues you think you might face that are glider related - and organize the list by specialty (for instance, I could call person "A" for penis issues or person "B" for SM issues or person "C" for rejected joey issues, etc)

No one can stress this stuff enough - and I am posting this across all the boards I frequent. If you go to other boards and don't see this post, PLEASE copy/paste it there yourself. This could SAVE a glider's LIFE!
Hubby: George
Kids: Ayla & Michael
Grandsons: Trysten, Dayton, KJ & Nathyn
The Zoo: Midnight, Severe & Nala - Claude, Pixie, Tippy & Chili - Scout & Soluna, Theo & Deegie

#1102407 - 04/20/11 03:34 AM Re: Every Glider Owner Should Read This! [Re: LabNGliderMom]
Bozeman Offline
Glider Slave

Registered: 08/04/09
Posts: 2346
Loc: South Africa
Brilliant post! Cannot stress this enough. Thank you LabNGliderMom.
:grey: Casper (Bozeman) & Liezl (Gizmogirl):grey:

A glider's eyes have the power to speak a great language Sugar Glider Online Store

RIP: Sugar (2009) :grey:
You unfairly passed too young - your passing saved many gliders and will continue to do so

#1102442 - 04/20/11 07:27 AM Re: Every Glider Owner Should Read This! [Re: LabNGliderMom]
DCMuffin Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

Registered: 03/21/10
Posts: 28202
Loc: Washington D.C. Metro Area
Great post, Julie! This information should be first and foremost in every glider owners mind. Thank you!
Aimee & The Monkeys

#1102816 - 04/20/11 10:23 PM Re: Every Glider Owner Should Read This! [Re: LabNGliderMom]
angelic4296 Offline
Glider Addict

Registered: 09/06/05
Posts: 3264
Loc: Northeast U.S.
Great post Jules! smile

2 spoiled gliders, Gizzy (6/05) and Ruthie (?/05) <3

Please consider rescuing first!

Please remember to complete your surveys at - help better the lives of gliders everywhere smile


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