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#110417 - 06/15/06 09:27 AM Pulling joeys. ARG!

I was recently informed of a breeder (I know that I can't say who for reasons of bashing), and I hope that I have put this in the right area, if not please inform me of where this post goes.

Okay I was told that there is a breeder well known that pulls their joeys at 6 WEEKS and sells them to new homes. No offense but this ticks me off. Who would even consider doing something like this other than for a quick buck. With that said please everybody check your breeders carefully, as it is not only in the benefit of the gliders, but the joeys as well. I just thought that this was important to add to the board. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/nixweiss.gif" alt="" />

#110418 - 06/15/06 10:01 AM Re: Pulling joeys. ARG! [Re: ]
sugarglidersuz Offline
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[:"green"]It is very true that joeys should be left with their parents until they are at least 8-10 weeks oop. Unfortunately, there is no law regarding this so there is no way to enforce it. About the only thing we, as a glider community, can do is try to educate people as to the proper way of doing things. Pulling joeys early really does not earn the breeder any extra money, because the breeding cycle is not going to speed up just because the joeys have been pulled. It will simply get the money from the sales into the breeder's pocket earlier than it would otherwise. Hopefully this breeder you are referring to will see the error of their ways & change their practices for the better health of her joeys...
Joeys that are pulled too young really do not know how to take care of themselves yet. They still are learning about what to eat and how much of it to eat. They still need to nurse periodically from their mothers so that they continue to get the natural antibodies her milk can provide to them. They are still learning how to bark, jump, play, etc. (usually from the father). By pulling joeys too young, the breeder is not doing anyone any favors. The person who adopts the joey will need to provide for the joey's extra needs by adapting the diet and interaction accordingly. So, to any breeders out there who are pulling joeys while they are still young... PLEASE reconsider your current practices and give your joeys the extra time they truly need with their parents...
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#110419 - 06/15/06 04:21 PM Re: Pulling joeys. ARG! [Re: ]

Wouldn't this be detramentle to the joeys, and lead to a higher mortality rate? There may not be a law against it, but morally its wrong.

#110420 - 06/15/06 07:05 PM Re: Pulling joeys. ARG! [Re: ]
Slickable3 Offline
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My god...when my joeys were 6 weeks OOP they were still so young and dependant on their parents. I even had to wait a little longer for the smaller of the two before I could even consider giving them away. That's just horrible...(I ended up keeping them both by the way!!)
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#110421 - 06/15/06 07:53 PM Re: Pulling joeys. ARG! [Re: ]
SugarBlossoms Offline
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Is the breeder advertising this or saying they are older when they are sold? This is scary.
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#110422 - 06/15/06 08:06 PM Re: Pulling joeys. ARG! [Re: ]

There is a difference between pulling, supplementing and, hand taming. So people think pulling a joey will make them better pets. In reality is can cause problems down the road with health and socialization with other gliders. We have a glider that was pulled early. We bought him at 6 weeks (our first we didn't know better) Thank god mom found GC or Stitch would be dead! Anyway. If you are going to pull joeys eventually it will get out and the glider community is a close group and sales will be affected. Also I have a friend that was accused of doing this very thing and it was unfounded so please KNOW before you post someone has done this. A good reputation can be tarnished by hearsay. Remember LOVE your suggies not the money and you will be doing things right. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

#110423 - 06/15/06 08:23 PM Re: Pulling joeys. ARG! [Re: ]

Yes indeed this person is pulling their joeys, and saying that they are older than they are. I know this because people are coming to me. I just know that this is wrong, and I wanted to bring this up, because I know when I bought mine once it was too young (newbie at the time) and I had to suppliment the glider every hour or so. I almost lost lost the poor glider several times, but me being stubborn I fought for that suggie and she is still here today because of me.

The reason for this post is that people need to be aware that this does exist. And it is a serious issue, for only one reason, and that is money. I know who this person is, but for reasons of forum rules can not say it, and I know that, and will obey by the forum rules.

Here is what I have found to be known in a well cared for glider, that I didn't pay attention to upon purchase, as I just stuck her in the pouch (big mistake, look first)

Her eyes weren't wide open and alert. She didn't eat, and had to be supplimented by syringe. If I missed the feeding by as much as 1/2 hour she would begin to become dehydrated. She wouldn't play, jump around or do any activities, she just stayed in one spot like a stump on a bump. And the most important factor<img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frostyangel.gif" alt="" />The tail wasn't fluffy and was straight and black, kinda like when a newborn comes OOP. My best guess is this joey was around 4 weeks, as I breed them as a hobby, and should have known better. However I was told the joey was 8 weeks, eating, drinking and took care of herself. I am just glad that I could catch the problem early enough so I didn't lose her. I am just warning everyone to be careful, and watch before you buy. It is for the benefit of the glider in the end.

#110424 - 06/15/06 08:33 PM Re: Pulling joeys. ARG! [Re: ]
sugeebaby Offline
Glider Slave

Registered: 09/15/04
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So you don't know for a fact that they are pulled since you have never gotten one from this breeder. You are only going by what someone else has told you. Until you can actually see one of the joeys that was sold too young. You can't be positive this is going on. It is scary if it is happening but like James said until you have seen one of the joeys first hand you can't really be sure.
So why ruin a good breeder reputation. Yes it is good you make us all aware that it could be going on but please make sure you have the facts right before you do. This is how lives get ruined.
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#110425 - 06/15/06 08:56 PM Re: Pulling joeys. ARG! [Re: ]

Gossip is *morally wrong* too you know.

#110426 - 06/15/06 09:19 PM Re: Pulling joeys. ARG! [Re: ]

I have had people come to me from joeys bought by this person with the same stories. I don't feel that this is gossip, as that is a thin line. However when I have people coming to me, and telling me of this, then I feel that it is only right to tell people that the buyer should look the joey over first to see that it is alert and well before purchase. And if what these people are saying is true, then this although not the norm could affect future joeys from on down the line couldn't it?

#110427 - 06/15/06 09:32 PM Re: Pulling joeys. ARG! [Re: ]

IF what they are saying is true, you don't know. Perhaps you heard this from someone who doesn't like this person and has decided to smear their name. Perhaps YOU are setting out to smear this persons name because you don't like them. Could be a whole lot of things.

Why exactly should anyone believe you or your mysterious sources of information?

#110428 - 06/15/06 09:34 PM Re: Pulling joeys. ARG! [Re: ]
gliderdad79 Offline

Registered: 02/19/04
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GliderCentral does allow the discussion of glider related business as long as they follow the rules. But we will not allow speculation or accusations. If you are going to bring this discussion up, you must bring actual fact, proof that what you are saying is true! We will not allow this to continue from word of mouth. These types of things have popped up in the past,and most of the time it has ended up that what was said is not true and motive behind it all was personal conflicts, which we will not allow. That is why I am closing this until proof is brought to the admins.

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