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#1114600 - 05/16/11 11:40 AM Couple Questions

So I have had my glider for about a week, and I realize its still really early and that I need to be patient. However much progress has been made and my glider seems be getting used to her surroundings and me.

For example, she now will come up to my finger at night and lick the licky treats with no crabbing instead of nippping at it and running away. I have been carrying her in her bonding pouch throughout the day and she seems to be used to my voice, movements, etc. and only crabs when I move her which is understandable.

My problem: Because of my bounding pouch (Has a nylon type draw string to close the pouch) and her sleeping pouch that has medal clips to hang to the cage and is not made for carrying around on me i have to move her from pouch to pouch which she makes a PAIN!! Instead of putting my hand in the pouch to avoid her from rearing back and attacking my hand, I just carefully dump her into the different pouch, which she crabs aggressively too.

Is this the proper way to transfer her from pouch to pouch?

Should I just put my hand in the pouch and grab her with my hand, taking the attack?

I ask this because I feel that she is afraid of my "hand" and touching her but not my finger which has licky treat most of the time. So I have yet to even pet her except on the outside of the pouch. I figured if just start picking her up to move from the pouches she would get used to my hand and eventually allow me to pet her and improve the bonding?

Which method should I use? Also when she is in the bonding pouch in the day, should I occasionally open it, with a licky treat reach in there and pet her, taking the bit and making the PSST noise when she does bite?

Also I had a few more random questions:
1. Should I start incorporating tent/bathroom time? IF so do it right when she wakes up?

2. Also when I turn on the light to the room, which is far away from her cage, she becomes a little "skittish" and it startles her. I know they are nocturnal, but will she get used the the light because even with a red light it is difficult to interact with her in the dark.

Any advice would be much appreciative! Also note that she seems to be the most aggressive when she is in her pouch, possible pouch protective??

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#1114634 - 05/16/11 12:29 PM Re: Couple Questions [Re: ]
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Hi Mike,

You're right - it is still very early and a week is not a long time. She is still getting used to her surroundings, and it seems she is beginning to trust you a bit since she is taking licky treats.

She's crabbing when you move her from pouch to pouch because she is still scared - you are smart not to put your hand in there as that would scare her even more. She also is probably not very happy about having her sleep disturbed.

I would not put your hand in there yet, because that will frighten her. Carefully transferring her as you have been doing is probably best. Will the sleeping pouch fit inside the bonding pouch? That might be an option. You might also get a bonding pouch with a zipper that you can also use as the sleeping pouch. We have a couple of those and they work well, including when we want to put them back in the cage without disturbing them.

If you haven't done so already, I strongly suggest you read Bourbon's post in this forum:

Building a Relationship with Your Glider

For now, I would just let her be during the day when she is in the bonding pouch. That is her sleep time, and unless she is awake for some reason don't bother her to give her a treat. Let her get used to your voice, your smell, and her general environment. Even in the bonding pouch she will probably be a little uneasy until she feels more secure.

Regarding tent/bathroom time, it is bet after she wakes up. If she is regular about the time she wakes up, take her into the tent before she climbs out of the sleeping pouch and let her wake up in the tent. Since she is still afraid of you and your hands, getting her back into a bonding pouch will take some effort, but bribes often work.

As for the light going on, she is still unsure of her surroundings even though she is getting used to them. Keep the light level as low as possible. When you turn it on, just sit by the cage and talk to her softly. Eventually she will get used to this and won't be started every time.

It's good you are seeing progress, but a week is a very short time. Our first girl was (and still is to some extent) very skittish, and it took a couple of months before she was really comfortable with us. You are asking all the right questions!

Good luck. I'm sure others will chime in here as well.

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#1114691 - 05/16/11 02:02 PM Re: Couple Questions [Re: ]
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thumb good advice!
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#1114700 - 05/16/11 02:15 PM Re: Couple Questions [Re: ]

Ok so the sleeping pouch does fit into the bonding pouch, so I have her with me now. Much easier this way thanks for the tip! She doesnt like me giving her treats while she is in her pouch so I guess I will avoid that for a while and just give them to her when she is up and about and avoid touching her and scaring her. I am excited about tent time tonight as it will be the first time for us.

Thanks for the advice smile


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