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#111760 - 06/20/06 12:49 PM Large mealworms

Hi, i just got my babys some very large mealworms, and my hubby told me i had to crush their heads, before i feed them, to my suggies, is this true? and why? <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />

#111761 - 06/20/06 12:59 PM Re: Large mealworms [Re: ]
Srlb Offline
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No, this is not true. Although the superworms have been known to eat the stomach of a lizard, one must remember that a lizard swallows their meals whole. A glider will bit the worm, usually tearing it in half and just eats the inside of the worm, and throwing the skin away. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/thumb.gif" alt="" />
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#111762 - 06/20/06 01:10 PM Re: Large mealworms [Re: ]

Our Kids love the Superworms!

#111763 - 06/20/06 01:17 PM Re: Large mealworms [Re: ]

How old are your babies?
If they are young, your hubby may be thinking about if they don't eat mealies yet, you can break them in half and they will lick the guts..... kind of teaches them how to eat them. On the other hand, I'm with Peggy, you won't need to crush their heads..... (Ewwwe!)

#111764 - 06/20/06 02:48 PM Re: Large mealworms [Re: ]

All my gliders love superworms. At first I would hold the head with tweezers so they wouldn't get bit by the worms. Then I realized the gliders have no problem holding the head so that they don't get bit.

#111765 - 06/20/06 02:56 PM Re: Large mealworms [Re: ]

I have fed mine the giant mealworms before to my older gliders and they just love them. The only problem is is that you can't breed giants, only the large, which trust me I succeeded in a big way just the first time I did it.

Are your glders eating the mealworms now, or is this your first time? Also I would assume that your suggies are younger, but I am just guessing as you didn't state an age. I tried for months to get 2 of mine to eat mealies, from ripping their heads off (totally gross), to even putting honey on the worm, but the little stinkers would just like the honey off and leave the worm.

Just recently a few days ago, the 2 I was just telling you about finally ate some mealies, and I was soo happy as these were the mealworms I bred, and they loved them.

I wouldn't rip their heads off unless they don't want to eat them, and turn their heads to it. Also I would try honey first.

#111766 - 06/21/06 05:30 AM Re: Large mealworms [Re: ]

A caution that too much honey will not be beneficial to your suggie has been a topic of discussion here before; For one thing, it throws off the balance of your proven diet if too much is used to coax them into eating the foods you want them to eat, in this case mealworms. Another is it can cause diareah, which may associate their problem with other issues.
When they are old enough, they will learn to adore the mealworms you offer. You won't need to coax them at all.

#111767 - 06/21/06 08:55 PM Re: Large mealworms [Re: ]

they are adults and they love meal orms i just wanted to make sure i didnt have to crush their head first. thinks for all the advice though.

#111768 - 06/21/06 11:36 PM Re: Large mealworms [Re: ]

Grubco doesn't offer large meal worms anymore. Just mighty mealies..which turn to beetles quickly. Where can you find large ones these days. Cause the medium ones are not cutting it. The looks I get from the suggies are breaking my heart.


#111769 - 06/22/06 06:24 AM Re: Large mealworms [Re: ]

Grubco took the Large Mealworm selection off of their ordering site, and the Mighty Mealies are REALLY HUGE... but there are others that sell the Large:
Try Superworm Farm:
Also, has them as well, but you may be taking your chances, several of us here have ordered from them in the past and have received medium to large mixed.

However, if you do get the mediums from Grubco, they will grow to be large if not refrigerated. Just place some Old Fashiond Oats, which is really inexpensive, in a container and dump the mealworms in it. After they grow to "large" sized mealies, you can refrigerate them to place them in stasis, which will slow their systems but they will still warm up to be good (large mealworm) feeders.

Just a thought if you like Grubco, that's probably what I would do. But, I have received pretty good large mealworms from Superworm farm before like over a year ago, and I was satisfied with their service and their product.

#111770 - 06/22/06 07:21 AM Re: Large mealworms [Re: ]
RMiriam Offline
Glider Lover

Registered: 12/05/04
Posts: 458
Loc: Austin, TX
I needed some large mealworms, and everyone was out of them. Finally I ordered from They arrived yesterday, and they are all extremely healthy and active - I was very impressed!

#111771 - 06/22/06 08:45 AM Re: Large mealworms [Re: ]
glidrz5 Offline
Serious Glideritis

Registered: 06/13/01
Posts: 7297
Loc: Quincy, IL
I've always gotten mine from Timberline.
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#111772 - 06/22/06 09:05 AM Re: Large mealworms [Re: ]
gliderboy4life Offline
Glider Guardian

Registered: 02/06/06
Posts: 841
Loc: Houston, Texas
I don't post much on here, but I am always on and reading. I order my mealies from Rainbow Mealworms. they are inexpensive, healthy, and most importantly the gliders love them. This is actually where a local breeder gets hers by the thousands. All of my gliders and hers love them to death. I tried the superworms my my new little WFB boy wouldn't eat them, so I had to ask her where she gets hers. If you order off of there get the Rainbow Giants which are about 1 to 1.5 inches.

Tyler Cleckley

#111773 - 06/25/06 07:09 PM Re: Large mealworms [Re: ]

Thanks! I'll do the grub co meds and let em grow then. Everyone else charges $8 on a $10 order. I just can't fathom that! Back to grub co I go.



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