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#114654 - 06/30/06 06:21 AM Chewing on pine shavings?

Hi there seems to be some controversy about pine shavings as bedding but what I'm concerned about is my glider chewing on it. He scoops it up from bottom of cage and chews on it and possibly swallows some...very very little amount but it worries me....please adivise thanks for comments ahead of time.

#114655 - 06/30/06 06:45 AM Re: Chewing on pine shavings? [Re: ]

Pine and cedar shavings irritate the lungs, eyes, mouths, and noses of sugar gliders. I would definitely switch your bedding, especially if they are eating it!

I use newspaper, which is really cheap and very easy to remove from bottom of the cage. Most newspaper is made out of vegetable die, so it is safe.

I have heard many people on this site use puppy potty pads with good results. Some people also use paper towels or some even use fleece that they can stick in the washer to clean.

#114656 - 06/30/06 08:43 AM Re: Chewing on pine shavings? [Re: ]

Eeeek! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shocked.gif" alt="" /> Good advice...

Mikey <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/dance.gif" alt="" />

#114657 - 06/30/06 08:54 AM Re: Chewing on pine shavings? [Re: ]

Yes, cedar & pine shavings are a no-no. You can use many other things as bedding for the drop pan. Like said above: newspaper (black ink), kitchen paper towles, puppy pads, fleece & care fresh pet bedding. These are all safe hygenic options to use.

If your glider can reach into the drop pan you will need to have something in there that is in no way harmful to them. Fleece might be a good option for you. It is really easy to keep clean. You just take it out every morning and shake it off outside. I use mine for two nights and then put in a clean piece of fleece.

#114658 - 06/30/06 10:10 AM Re: Chewing on pine shavings? [Re: ]
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Care Fresh is the BEST

#114659 - 06/30/06 10:26 AM Re: Chewing on pine shavings? [Re: ]
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When urine or other forms of moisture get on the pine shavings it releases the oils in the pine. These oils can cause respritory problems for gliders (and most small animals).

If you want to use a wood shaving for bedding, Aspen shavings is safe to use and last time I looked, about the same cost as the pine.

Respritory problems can be fatal or at best, costly to cure (vet visit, antibiotics, stress and worry). It would be wise to not risk it and go with a safe alternative.
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#114660 - 06/30/06 08:59 PM Re: Chewing on pine shavings? [Re: ]

OMG I had no idea, poor babies I will switch it now right away to some newspaper thanks so much to all who replied.

#114661 - 06/30/06 10:35 PM Re: Chewing on pine shavings? [Re: ]

I have found carefresh ultra is the best for my gliders. They like to play in it also and its harmless.Its also easy to clean up when they throw it in the floor... good luck your on the right track now. I knew you werent suppose to use cedar and pine but didnt know exactly why.. good info

#114662 - 07/03/06 12:03 PM Re: Chewing on pine shavings? [Re: ]

aspen is the only safe type of shaving for gliders


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