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#1148101 - 07/19/11 07:42 PM Updating some rules.
gliderdad79 Offline

Registered: 02/19/04
Posts: 15514
Loc: Long Island, NY
Some time later this evening or tomorrow we will be updating the rules to reflect the changes we made a few months ago so they will now be on the rules page.

This means everyone will need to agree to the rules again. As always we will tell you all ahead of time whats being changed/update. I will highlight the changes below in red. The changes are to rule 4 & 8. Rule 4's change is dealing with allowing embedded youtube videos and glider related news links. Rule 8's change has to deal with trade posts

4. GliderCENTRAL is a family oriented "G" rated board. Be polite, courteous and respectful to other board members at all times. This means illegal substances, illegal activities, flaming, sexually explicit subjects, cursing, spamming, harassing, policing, diet bashing, and abusive or negative personal posts are not allowed. Posts and sometimes entire topics that contain such content will be removed, and the poster(s) may be warned, suspended or banned at the discretion of the board administrators. Abuse, flaming or inappropriate comments directed toward GliderCENTRAL, its Moderators and Administrators, or failure to comply with the direction of a Moderator or Administrator, the poster(s) may be warned, suspended or banned at the discretion of the board administrators. Please keep any personal matters off the board. Take it to email or pm. Please keep in mind that board rules do apply when using the PM feature. Since we are a G rated board, the decision has been made not to allow any web blog links like below due to non G rated material on them.

News Links We only allow news links to articles that pertain to gliders or can be medically pertaining to gliders. This way we can justify the link to a parent if need be.
Youtube Youtube videos are permitted if and only if they are related to gliders. We will not allow youtube links or embedded videos to/for (PPP) Perfect Pocket Pets or ASGV videos. All videos must comply with rule 4. We will not be allowing links like this http://[non_supported_link]/watch?v=N0wtH1ZQ1C8, but we will allow embedding.

News Links You Tube Xanga
Myspace paltalk
Web Blogs

**** We cannot possibly cover every website individually so any website which leads to non G-rated material will be removed ****

Rule 4 violations:
  • First offense = Will be a warning or suspension depending on severity
  • Further offense's = actions will be determined by admin.
  • Third offense = Will be decided by GliderCENTRAL admin.

8. Classifieds

*********By advertising on GliderCENTRAL either through a post or the pm system, the owners and admin reserves the right to add your name to the Buyers Beware List and or the Colony Alert depending on offense.*********
  • Advertising is not allowed on the forums except in the Classified section of the board and must be glider related. Ads will stay for 30 days. Ads can be posted by the seller or buyer only. No third party ads. No xBay (links to outside auction and classified sites) allowed except in the links section, no promoting the sale of your items on xbay sites. No posting for the rehoming of rescues in ClassifiedCENTRAL. Please read here about posting in RescueCENTRAL. You may have one ad in each subforum. You may only bump your ad once within a 7 day period. If you are removed from classified privileges, this also includes the links database, profile, signature, etc. If you double post, your newest ad will be deleted without notice. Ads will remain active for 30 days. Please read here for more clarification.
  • Any person who posts to an ad in the classified section whose only intent is to cause trouble and has no intention of purchasing the glider(s) or item for sale, will be handed a suspension from GliderCENTRAL.
  • If your account is suspended and is found to be using the pm system to advertise the sale or purchase, that account will serve a suspension from the board for a period of time to be determined at the time of the offense.
  • Due to past issues, we will not allow trade/barter posts.

Illegal States/Areas
  • Any account found to be residing in an illegal state and or illegal areas, will have privileges removed from the glider ads section of the classifieds, not the glider things section.
  • If such account is found to be using the PM system to advertise the sale or purchase of a glider, that account will loose PM privileges permanently and serve a suspension from the board for a period of time to be determined at the time of the offense.

Suspensions from ClassifiedCENTRAL
  • First offense = 14 day ban from GliderCENTRAL
  • Second offense = 30 day ban from GliderCENTRAL
  • Third offense will be decided by GliderCENTRAL admin.

In the Tropics somewhere between the port of indecision and southeast of disorder!

"Great people talk about ideas. Average people talk about things. Small people talk about other people."

One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure its worth watching!

#1148251 - 07/20/11 12:44 AM Re: Updating some rules. [Re: gliderdad79]
Gizmogirl Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

Registered: 07/31/09
Posts: 13454
Loc: South Africa
Casper & Liezl
:grey:Gizzy, Boesman, Muchu, Kiamon, Sky & Boog:grey:
A glider's eyes have the power to speak a great language

RIP Sugar 2009 & Kaida 2013

#1148281 - 07/20/11 02:17 AM Re: Updating some rules. [Re: gliderdad79]
JillMarie Offline
Serious Glideritis

Registered: 01/03/09
Posts: 7748
Loc: New Jersey
:grey: Bosom Buddy Creations:grey:
^website link wink

Remember that God Loves You!

#1148304 - 07/20/11 03:26 AM Re: Updating some rules. [Re: gliderdad79]
Bozeman Offline
Glider Slave

Registered: 08/04/09
Posts: 2346
Loc: South Africa
:grey: Casper (Bozeman) & Liezl (Gizmogirl):grey:

A glider's eyes have the power to speak a great language Sugar Glider Online Store

RIP: Sugar (2009) :grey:
You unfairly passed too young - your passing saved many gliders and will continue to do so

#1148307 - 07/20/11 03:57 AM Re: Updating some rules. [Re: gliderdad79]
GlidersNW Offline
Glider Lover

Registered: 06/23/11
Posts: 324
Loc: Portland, Oregon, USA
Ok...i'm confused. The list of sites after whre it says you won't allow video links but will allow embedding...that list. Is that where you are allowed to embed from or is that a list of sites you are not allowed to embed from?

Thanks for the clarification.
Matt Compton
Gliders NW
cell: 503-737-9540

#1148321 - 07/20/11 07:06 AM Re: Updating some rules. [Re: gliderdad79]
DCMuffin Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

Registered: 03/21/10
Posts: 28206
Loc: Washington D.C. Metro Area
The links posted below the embedding information are the sites that we do NOT allow links from. However, keep in mind that they are just examples as we can't possibly list them all.
Aimee & The Monkeys


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12/08/17 05:37 PM
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12/08/17 05:25 PM
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