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#115780 - 04/15/03 05:33 PM Protein Buildup & Calcium in eyes...

Okay, I'm probably going to get a Glider tomorrow. The lady who has him she said he is really big because she overfeeds him. And he has Protein Buildup and Calcium in his eyes. So I was wondering if you can give me some more info. on this and how I should deal w/ this glider if I get him. And how I should cure this...So thanks for the help!

#115781 - 04/15/03 06:21 PM Re: Protein Buildup & Calcium in eyes... [Re: ]

Glider Greetings, sugalover:

And he has Protein Buildup and Calcium in his eyes.

From this statement, I am assuming that there is some visible abnormality in the gliders eye(s). Could be cataracts, fat deposits, an infection, the third eye lid or something else. These are mostly serious problems. I would not commit to purchasing this glider until he has been seen by a vet to determine whether or not a serious health problem exists.

There have been a number of posts recently about glider eye problems. Take a look at the GC "SEARCH" function and plug in "eye" or "eyes" in the keyword field and search the health and hygene forum. You should come up with a number of posts about eye problems

#115782 - 04/15/03 09:59 PM Re: Protein Buildup & Calcium in eyes... [Re: ]

I am in 100% agreement with Randy on this one. I would NOT commit to buying this glider until you have some more facts from a vet as this could be more of an expense than you bargined in tons of vet bills in the future. I do believe that this glider does need a loving home that can give him a better diet and all. There are tons of other gliders out there that need homes just as bad that don't have medical problems. I would just weigh all of the pros and cons once you have the facts, if you have extra money for vet bills and want some extra responsibility then I say go for it and get this glider.
Good luck and keep us updated.

#115783 - 04/15/03 10:09 PM Re: Protein Buildup & Calcium in eyes... [Re: ]

Well I allready have one glider, and he was for her because she's really lonely, and shes actually giving him to me for free, so I don't see what I could loose. And She said the reason he has calcium in his eyes is from him overeating. SO do you think that if I can get him eating the right amount of food, that he wouldn't get calcium in his eyes? I don't know I'm going down tomorrow to look at him and see how he and Tootsie get along, so i'll just see how it goes. Thanks for the help

#115784 - 04/16/03 12:18 AM Re: Protein Buildup & Calcium in eyes... [Re: ]

[b]Glidrer Greetings, sugalover:

Please don't think that I am trying to discourage you from taking this glider......I just want to be sure that you understand the possibilities.....if after giving the situation due thought, you decide to do it.....then that's great!!!

And She said the reason he has calcium in his eyes is from him overeating. So do you think that if I can get him eating the right amount of food, that he wouldn't get calcium in his eyes?

First off, i'm no expert; but, i've never heard of gliders having calcium deposits in their eyes......somebody jump in here if you know anything about calcium in glider eyes. So, right now, we don't know what is really wrong with the glider or how serious it is. And we don't know if the condition, whatever it is, is treatable.

and she's actually giving him to me for free, so I don't see what I could loose,

Could you afford a $500 or $1000 vet bill if the little guy has a serious problem??? Could you deal with the emotional stress, if you bonded with the glider and then he went blind or worse as a result of his medical problems??

I'm really sorry to sound so negative; but, you need to be sure that you don't get yourself into a situation that you can't handle. On the other hand, if you fully understand all of the problems and are willing and able to meet the challenge.....then go for it and the best of luck!!!

#115785 - 04/16/03 12:21 PM Re: Protein Buildup & Calcium in eyes... [Re: ]

Just thought that I'd add that you may want to make sure that whatever the eye problem is, that it is not contagious so that your other glider doesn't get it too.

I don't want to discourage you either.....but I think that I would agree with Courtney & Randy; wait atleast until a vet can check out the problem. Besides if something bad does end up happening to the new glider imagine how hard that would be on you after you had bonded to him....not to mention how hard it would be on your female glider if she bonds with him.

#115786 - 04/16/03 02:12 PM Re: Protein Buildup & Calcium in eyes... [Re: ]
Gliderbuff Offline
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I agree with what all of these fine people have said. I am all for taking in those in need. 8 of my eleven pets are adoptions or rescues, so I hear where you are coming from, but don't shoot your self in the foot here. It can wind up that you might also wind up with a heart ache as well, if you get bonded to this little one. heads up. listen to these people's good advise. Good luck with your visit.

Live Deliberately...
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I believe in argument for the purpose of individual revelation.

Be overly kind, for everyone you meet is in some kind of battle.

#115787 - 04/16/03 04:44 PM Re: Protein Buildup & Calcium in eyes... [Re: ]

Sugalover: If this glider has had too much fat in its diet regularly, then there is a chance that the glider may have cholesterol (fat) deposits in the corneas of the eyes. The fat deposits usually take on the appearance of white specks if the condition is not too severe. If the condition is severe, you may see only one large whitish area. Refractive light will cause no change in the size of the opacity if the condition is one of cholesterol deposits.

If, on the other hand, the condition is a cataract one, you will normally see a white milky area in the center area of each eye. Cataracts affect the lenses of the eyes and will appear larger or smaller depending on the amount of light being reflected off of the lense at any given time. Cataracts may result from injuries to the eye, inflammation within the eye (uveitis), internal diseases that have an effect on the eye such as diabetes mellitus or protein buildup, and some cataracts are inherited. Although it may be difficult to name the specific cause of a cataract, cataracts that develop in eyes free of signs of ocular disease are assumed to be

As for calcium buildup due to overeating, your friend is incorrect that eatting calcium-laden foods will cause a calcium buildup in the eyes. There is, however, a calcific corneal degenerative condition which occurs in dogs but I have never heard of it occurring in a glider. Here is how calcific corneal degeneration occurs:

Calcium is the mineral which makes bones strong. Calcium is in solution in all tissues of the body. It is present in the fluid within the eye (aqueous) and is constantly moving through the corneal tissue from the inside of the cornea (endothelium) to the surface of the cornea (epithelium). Under certain circumstances, the calcium "precipitates out" of solution either just beneath the epithelium or within the stroma. In these circumstances, the epithelium and stroma of the cornea can become whitish. Sometimes the calcium deposits will coalesce and break through the surface and little chips of the deposit can slough off. Alternatively, the calcium may become quite dense immediately beneath the epithelium. If the calcium becomes thick enough, the surface epithelium can no longer remain attached and will "peel off." The sloughing of the calcium or the peeling off of the epithelium will result in an ulcer which can be quite painful.

If an ulcer is present, the ulcer needs to be treated with topically applied antibiotics to prevent infection while the ulcer heals. Additionally, atropine will be administered topically to dilate the pupil and relax the muscles within the eye which go into spasm when an ulcer is present. Pain medication may be given for pain relief to dogs with corneal ulcers. Finally, to help dissolve the calcium, a "chelating agent" such as ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) will be applied topically several times a day. If the EDTA does not remove the calcium, debridement with a diamond burr or a surgical procedure call a superficial keratectomy may be required. However, as I previously stated, in all of my research, I have not come across any data indicating gliders are subject to this condition.

As for protein buildup, cataracts can be caused by a protein buildup on the surface of the lens of the eye. This normally happens because of a difficulty in digesting proteins properly as people/animals age.

Should you consider taking this glider in? If the glider has cholesterol deposits of the corneas or cataracts, it is doubtful you will incur any medical costs associated with these conditions. The worst you may have to deal with is a blind glider who can have a quality life if you follow some simple rules:

1. Keep all items in the glider's cage in the same place at all times. Re-arranging things may cause disorientation.
2. Only allow the glider access to a totally glider-proofed environment in order to avoid accidents/injuries and always supervise the glider during any playtime within the glider-proofed environment.
3. keep food/water dishes in exactly the same place each and every day.
4) If your glider becomes disoriented, take him to his sleeping pouch or food bowl. This will be a landmark that will re-orient the glider.

#115788 - 04/17/03 11:17 AM Re: Protein Buildup & Calcium in eyes... [Re: ]

Thankyou Glideroo That was very helpful and informative. Well when I met the glider yesterday I ended up getting him and as far as I can see his eyes look perfectyl normal to me. He looks like a very healthy Glider w/ normal eyes, he's just a little big from eating. Anywasy he's a beauiful Glider. He's a really light color. And his face has a little Blonde in it maybe. And he was one little streak of Cinnamon on his leg. He's gorgeous. Thanks for all the info. And if I see anything wrong w/ his eyes i'll let ya know!


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