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#1194457 - 11/21/11 07:00 AM My male Suggie is starting to bite me?

I have two sugar gliders, one neutered male and a female. The female is the sweetest doll and is already bonded, the male is very skiddish and doesn't seem to want anything to do with me. I got them from another home October 14th, I believe they had them for about a year?

To begin with the male was alright, never bit and let me hold him no problem. It seems the more I try and bond with him, the more he hates me, LOL. Some days he's sweet and crawls right into my hand, but within the past week he runs from me in the cage (my movements are slow and I talk to him and repeat his name while I go to pick him up). When he doesn't run from me and actually let's me pet him, he cocks his head and tries to nip or bite. Sometimes the bites don't hurt at all and are very soft, some are kinda hard, then sometimes the bites are vehement and as hard as he can muster. I've only seen him raise up once, but he didn't raise up like a bear, he lifted his front paws up about half an inch and stared at me.

The only time he NEVER bites me is when he is outside his cage. When he's out he'll even let me kiss him and rub under his chin, and peep when I rub his chest, but it's impossible to get him out because he bites and runs. I've tried giving him his favorite veggie, then picking him up while he's distracted but he still runs with it in his mouth, haha. What do I do? frown I love him so much, he is the cutest thing. I won't let a few bites and spooks make me hate him, though. I want to win him over.

I have one question: When he runs and bites, do I continue to try and hold him? Or will that stress him? Or do I just let him be for the night?

What do I do? frown

#1194458 - 11/21/11 07:08 AM Re: My male Suggie is starting to bite me? [Re: ]
midnight Offline
Glider Lover

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Loc: Highland NY
do you re-arrange and take out their pouches/toys? It seems like he is cage protective like this is his terrortory. Also, is he biting to worn you or is a nibble? Doesnt sound like a nibble here but just want to cover all angles...
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#1194461 - 11/21/11 07:39 AM Re: My male Suggie is starting to bite me? [Re: ]
DCMuffin Offline
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Your little guy is nervous and unsure yet. He's not protecting his cage, he's saying that he still isn't quite positive whether or not he can trust you. Raising his hand is his indication that enough is enough and he's letting you know his next move is going to be to lunge.

When you go into the cage, don't go immediately to him with your hand. Instead, wait for him to come to you. Allow him to sniff you, to come and take a treat. He can learn to trust you if he's allowed the time to do it HIS way.

Originally Posted By: Jamielol
I have one question: When he runs and bites, do I continue to try and hold him? Or will that stress him? Or do I just let him be for the night?

No, you don't want to continue to push the limits and try to hold him. In fact, you never want to push that. Never, ever chase him around the cage. Rather, you want him to WANT to come to you. Patience is important with gliders and his behavior tells me that while he's beginning to trust a little bit, he's not there yet. When you get those opportunities to rub his chest or under his chin, do so - but ONLY that. Don't then try to grab him because the trust you just earned will go away and he'll learn that what you're doing is only luring him to you, only to scare him. Give him his time, he needs it and he hasn't been with you very long. Go slowly, offering treats and that's it. Baby steps - it's the name of the game.

Here is an article for you to read that might give you a better understanding of what he's thinking and feeling. It's from a very different perspective and I hope, will give you something to think about:

Building A Relationship With Your Glider
Aimee & The Monkeys

#1194505 - 11/21/11 09:43 AM Re: My male Suggie is starting to bite me? [Re: ]
suggiemom1980 Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

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Loc: Vincennes, IN, USA
I know it seems like you've had them for a long time, but five weeks isn't very long at all in a gliders eyes. As Aimee said, let him come to you. Have their cage by your bed so they can watch you sleep at night. He was comfortable with you at first until you did something (who knows what? dunno) that scared him. Start from scratch and build his trust in your again. Food is a great motivator. Their tummies can overcome a lot of fear! The best thing you can do is understand his fear, respect it and notice the signs of his fear. Raising a leg or two, slowly walking towards you and opening his mouth, ears laid back, the look on his face, are just a few signs to tell you he's going to bite. When you see those, move your hand. You want him to feel safe by letting him know his defenses (crabbing, lunging, biting) work. Never take the bite. That will break their spirit. You may force the glider to submit to you, but it'll never fully trust and bond with you.

I'd like to take a minute and talk to everyone about the proper way to 'pick up' a glider.

Never, ever pick up a glider from above. Their instinct takes over and they think a predator has them and they hold on for dear life to whatever they can, to avoid being taken by the predator. Even my most bonded gliders, will hang on if I try to lift them from above.

Always slide your hand under the glider, so they can freely walk onto your hand or, scoop them up with your hand under them. This takes them out of the fight or flight mode, they feel safe and in control of what happens to them.

I've been able to handle some very terrified rescues this way, without being bitten. At first, I'll slide my hand under them so they walk onto my hand or scoop them up with an open hand, while they're in their cage. Even if they stay on my hand for just a second at first, they feel safe in "their territory" and know they are free to jump off and go hide if they choose. I've yet to be bitten by using this technique. Eventually, they learn to trust me enough to sit longer and longer, until they don't jump off and will sit there eating a treat and letting me pet them, I move to tent time.

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#1194732 - 11/21/11 05:21 PM Re: My male Suggie is starting to bite me? [Re: ]

@ midnight

I think it's a warning, because it ranges from a quick lunge to a slow, leaning in, THEN CHOMP, real hard, lol.


Normally I do not go straight for him, I'll clean the bottom of the cage, pet his girl. I see him watching me curiously. Then I go to slowly put my flat hand slowly under his chin/chest. He will either run, or he will pause, sniff me, then bite and take off.

"Never, ever chase him around the cage."

I'm so glad you told me this. When he would run I would try again (not aggressively, I'd whisper his name and try and slowly pet him/get him onto my hand). Now I know not to!


The cage is about 6-feet across from my bed, they can see me I'm sure, is that close enough?

"Raising a leg or two, slowly walking towards you and opening his mouth, ears laid back, the look on his face, are just a few signs to tell you he's going to bite."

This also confuses me, because he has his ears perked and has the cutest little face on with bright eyes, then just lunges suddenly! He's a little trickster, haha. He never crabs either, he's always bright and happy, he just doesn't seem to like me very much. I will try to do everyone's suggestions!

"Always slide your hand under the glider,"

I do that, too, and that's when he always bites me. So I withdraw and go back to petting him.


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