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#1210437 - 12/31/11 09:11 AM Law in Sweden
Gabriela Offline
New Member

Registered: 07/30/11
Posts: 16
Loc: Sweden
Hello everyone!

Since sugar gliders are becoming more and more popular in Sweden and since there are Swedish users browsing this forum, I thought it would be useful to inform that housing rules are bit more restrictive in Sweden.

Sugar gliders are treated as exotic animals, and according to L80 (legislation regulating pet keeping and pet commerce in Sweden), they fall under L108 - legislation concerning animal keeping in zoos. In other words, private owners must comply with the same regulations as zoos.
When it comes to sugar gliders, housing regulations include a minimum area of 4 square meters which corresponds to about 43 square feet, and a minimum height of 2,2 m which corresponds to 7 ' and 2.61 ".

I know it sounds pretty extreme, but I think it's useful to have it here somewhere since failing to comply with specific requirements concerning enclosure size and enrichment is classified as animal abuse.

Now, for those of you who understand Swedish, I am quoting from the L80- concerning the fact that one shall look for sugar glider provisions in L108 /DFS2004:19)
Kap. 1. 6 § Djur som får hållas enligt 4 och 5 §§ och som inte omfattas av 6 – 15 kap. ska, utöver vad som framgår av 1 – 5 kap., hållas i enlighet med de utrymmes- krav, inklusive inredning och annan miljöberikning, som anges i Djurskydds- myndighetens föreskrifter (DFS 2004:19) om djurhållning i djurparker m.m.

then special regulations concerning arboreal marsupials with a weight comprised between 0,25-1kg (sugar gliders weight less than this but, according to the listing in the annex, Petaurus species are all to be treated within this class):

Kap. 2
Övriga trädlevande pungdjur 0,25 - 1 kg
15 § Arterna får hållas inomhus året runt.
16 § Utrymmeskrav enligt följande:
Utrymme: 4 m2
Utrymmets utformning: Klättermöjligheter

Kap. 1 - 19 § Om inte annat anges ska takhöjden inomhus vara minst 2,2 m.
(the last stating that if nothing else is specified, then minimum height should be 2,2m)

The legislation can be found on the Agricultural Board website (Jordbruksverket in Swedish):

L108 (the most recent version):

Current Research, Studies & Resources
#1210439 - 12/31/11 09:15 AM Re: Law in Sweden [Re: Gabriela]
hypnotist321 Offline
Glider Explorer

Registered: 11/25/11
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Loc: Mo
I'm glad. No matter how big a cage I find, I always feel they should have more.

(I'm Swedish in part - family line)
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#1210592 - 12/31/11 04:05 PM Re: Law in Sweden [Re: Gabriela]
TinaPa Offline
Glider Lover

Registered: 11/15/11
Posts: 552
Loc: Connecticut
Same here. At least there is a place out there that actually has stricter laws on keeping them. They clearly should not be kept in a cage that is big enough for a hamster. But people do that and I find it cruel.
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#1210594 - 12/31/11 04:12 PM Re: Law in Sweden [Re: Gabriela]
suggiemom1980 Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

Registered: 03/05/07
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Loc: Vincennes, IN, USA
I love the minimum size! Thanks for posting and welcome to GC!

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#1211163 - 01/02/12 01:11 AM Re: Law in Sweden [Re: Gabriela]
Gabriela Offline
New Member

Registered: 07/30/11
Posts: 16
Loc: Sweden
Thank you for your kind feedback, everyone!

The truth is that, inspite of these restrictive regulations, more than 90% of the sugar gliders in Sweden ended up in illegal enclosures. I ground my statement on about 3 years of, well, informal research that included following the exotic pet market (what it's visible of it), pictures uploaded on various Swedish forums, articles written by breeders or housing advices from breeders, as posted on forums or from personal communications.

Based on what I commented in my first post (failing to provide proper environment = breaking the law = one may be thus accused of animal abuse), it's easy to infer what the consequences could be - for both owners and the animals.

Since I assume that this is primarily due (I guess and I hope) to people being ignorant of the law and to much erroneous info regarding sugar glider keeping on Swedish forums, I consider that informing and giving the chance to improve is the way to go, instead of reporting all these cases.

And a good starting point would be to give it proper exposure so that, in time, people update and expand their current enclosures in line with the extant legislation.

I must say it's a delight to see my sugar gliders glide every night. Well, with the exception of my first gliders that have not yet recovered this behavior.

Perhaps I should add a similar comment to the Housing section and, of course, illustrate it with a couple of pictures smile

Edited by Gabriela (01/02/12 01:12 AM)


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