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#126999 - 08/02/06 10:38 AM diets verses VET ,PET STORES

OK I hope this is the right area for this question, This is not aimed at anyone. It is just a question I get mixed answers and just wonder. Who do you trust as to what diet you could follow? The vet? Who is a Dr. that would supposedly know about the health and nutrition of your pet? And who you would take your glider to for any health issues? Or the Pet Store who should know a lot about your glider given that is there job, Or even people off of Forums? Who most know a lot about these animals and have had them for years? So Who Do you Trust? Thank You for any replies....

#127000 - 08/02/06 10:52 AM Re: diets verses VET ,PET STORES [Re: ]

I think it really depends on how much each of them know and what they are trying to get out of it (like money). My experience is...

I worked in a pet store that sold gliders (only twice...I talked my boss out of it) but anyway we had to watch that old movie on gliders. We got some good info from it and passed on to our customers. However the diet that we recommended was the Multi colored Glider Pellets (I didn't know any better sorry <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" /> ). Once I really learned about them I took all the info to my boss and she just thought they were more complicated. After I learned and people would ask about gliders I feel I did the best I could to help them out I also always refurred them here.

My vet is new with gliders. She owned them when she was younger in Texas but she fed them cat food. So when I had to get a USDA license and had to have my vet approve my diet she just looked at it and said it looks great. For a person that doesn't know anything about gliders taking them to a vet that doesn't know anything about gliders , that doesn't make a good combo. There still are not alot of vets that know about gliders. And if they have heard about them they still say feed them cat food. (I don't think cat food is horrible if fed right, but most people think just feeding cat food is enough and thats where my problem lies with it) If you go to a vet who does know all about gliders then I would take their advise into concideration especially if I was having problems with my diet.

And board forums. Well I have learned everything I know here. I have used the diet my gliders have been on for 4 1/2 years and have never had a sick glider (of my own). I have taken in many rescues who heal so quickly on my diet. Since the boards are full of people who actually own gliders and love them. At this point in time I trust the oppinions of board members (not all) then vets and pet stores. SOme people on here are lucky to have a glider knowlegable vet or have done alot of studdying themselves and are just full of great info and insight on diets.

This is just my oppinion though

#127001 - 08/02/06 10:56 AM Re: diets verses VET ,PET STORES [Re: ]

I trust myself first to research and gather information from many sources... including books & websites, and of course here <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

2nd would be my vet.

somewhere after the mailman, my children, and the bum on the corner would be the pet store. If there is someone who works there who has had suggies for a long time, I'll take what I want from the conversation and leave the rest, but the last pet store worker I talked to who had owned a suggie let him run loose at night and she woke up one morning to a smothered suggie under her pillow. The needed training just isn't there.

#127002 - 08/02/06 11:23 AM Re: diets verses VET ,PET STORES [Re: ]

I am lucky to have a glider knowlegeable vet, but even he stated just yesterday that the biggest problem he sees with sugar gliders is diet related poor health, which leads to more serious illnesses. But honestly, I would follow the more experienced glider owners over a vet that "may" have the correct information, sorry to those vets out there, but I have read such testimonials and spoken to actual experienced glider owners to know that I can sleep at night with that decision.

I've used the diet I use for 3 1/2 years now and have no regrets as to the diet I chose. BML has saved the life of one (that I know of) of the rescues that I have.

If you have a vet that is open minded, even if they aren't the best experience wise, but one that will work with some folks that do know better and healthier ways of "sugar glidin" then that's a great accomplishment.

As for knowing what's best, well, I take the research as jmwoody and many others here have and weigh it out as well. Some I tend to let alone, some I use.

Your own research will pull you to good decisions for you.

On a side note:
My Opinion, most pet stores that have any good advice on sugar gldiers is due to the community of sugar glider owners observing bad health care or housing, and educating them.

#127003 - 08/02/06 12:19 PM Re: diets verses VET ,PET STORES [Re: ]

In general I think a vet would be the last person I'd trust for any nutrition advice. Generally it is not something the study to vigorously in school. My vet recommends Pedigree and Science diet (for dogs), both of which are horrible foods filled with unhealthy fillers. With the number of glider knowledgeable vets being very slim and the ones that are knowledgeable but aren't experts I'd look elsewhere for advice.

I researched, researched, researched before I decided to feed the diet I am using.

#127004 - 08/02/06 03:28 PM Re: diets verses VET ,PET STORES [Re: ]

I got into this situation with my bird expert lady as she kept telling me pellets were the best food and seeds were bad and I read information that seeds are good because it stimulates them and helps them to function. So after I did my research when she would tell me stuff I would just let it go in one ear and out the other (then I found out one of the birds she sold me she wasn't honest about how she hand fed it and he later died) so I take a lot of what I hear with a grain of salt until I try it and it works.

I know for me BML works and I have gliders that love it and I have my own takes on it as well.

You just have to use your best judgement and do a lot of reading and research and you'll do the right thing.

I like this site because you have very knowledgable people here and they can guide you.

Remember there is never a right and wrong answer it is just what works for you and your gliders.

I'm a realitvly new owner of gliders but when I go to my pet store to pick up supplies and they rave about the monkey biscut diet I get a little upset and I tell people about BML and how it is a really good diet and how easy it is. I have some of those pellets and they are good pellets. Durning the day I will put them in their bowl with pieces of apple (they don't really touch them though) but it is not a staple I use. I also have pellets with euclyptus in it and they seem to like that pellet.

It took me a while to find a good dog food for my dogs and I went through a lot of trial and error and vets say scince diet because they get money from them as they have the speical diets so take this into consideration too. One vet I went to with my bird recommneded lakes pellets and he was the only vet in town that sold it so it was a finacial thing for him not a better thing. Remember that vets are in this to make money too.

Hope this helps.

#127005 - 08/02/06 11:09 PM Re: diets verses VET ,PET STORES [Re: ]
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I pretty much agree with the general consensus. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> It's really a case-by-case assessment. Unfortunately for a new owner, not everyone is honest about what they know or don't know. Especially if they have healthy egos, you might end up getting bad advice rather than no advice (from a vet, an owner on this board, a pet store employee, anyone!).
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#127006 - 08/02/06 11:36 PM Re: diets verses VET ,PET STORES [Re: ]

</font><blockquote><font class="small">Quote:</font><hr />
somewhere after the mailman, my children, and the bum on the corner would be the pet store.

<hr /></blockquote><font class="post">

Amen! Oh and don't forget to put them after the used car salesman and the lawyer (Sorry, meant no offense to any lawyers or used car salesmen out there <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" /> )

Some people in pet stores may know what they're talking about, but that's usually because they have taken the initiative to research themselves on their own, rather than because of any store policies or training. I know we have a few pet store employees who are members here and the people who buy from them are lucky that they happened to walk into the right store and talk to the right person.

vets are hit and miss too. They all seem to agree that diet is the number one issue with sugar glider health, but some of them are still holding on to outdated beliefs about what makes a good diet.

By far, I trust the advise I get here at GC over anyone else. I would also point out that I think it's best to take the advise that is posted on the board rather than by PM. Just in case, you know that if incorrect info is given out on the board, someone will come along to refute it.

#127007 - 08/03/06 07:02 AM Re: diets verses VET ,PET STORES [Re: ]

I know we have a local pet store that breeds gliders.. the man who does the breeding and one employee are knowledgeable about them.. god help you if you get anyone else...

Our vet has gliders (well one ofthe vets in the office- there are 2 who care for them). She does a good job, but admits to not being an expert in things like diet, etc.. she is still learning like everyone else. She was the one who said Ernie's diet looked ok.. UNTIL Ukyo was so underweight and so was everyone else. THEN she urged me to move them to BML! Knowing this I sorta trust the vet, but I challenge everyone on information and sources (ask Bourbon).

Though I also trust people online somewhat.. without knowing a lot about the individual posting I take everything with a grain of salt (OK.. bourbon- I argue with you and make you give reasons, but I do trust you now.. you've proven yourself to me over the last few weeks!)


#127008 - 08/07/06 05:56 PM Re: diets verses VET ,PET STORES [Re: ]
Paula0442 Offline
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I trust Bourbon!
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