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#130898 - 08/10/06 03:46 PM Starting a farm

I am finally starting my own mealworm farm. I just ordered a bunch of large mealworms from grubco. Is large ok to start out with? I heard that they give larger mealworms something to make them not morph. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/crazy.gif" alt="" />

#130899 - 08/10/06 04:05 PM Re: Starting a farm [Re: ]

The only way to prevent them from morphing is by keeping them in the fridge or freezing them.

#130900 - 08/10/06 07:49 PM Re: Starting a farm [Re: ]

WOW, good for you. I couldn't even imagine where to begin with a mealie farm, lol. I will be VERY interested to see what the other members have to say and their suggestions.

#130901 - 08/10/06 08:11 PM Re: Starting a farm [Re: ]
dranger1108 Offline
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Is there any good mealie farming links? starting one of my own too... right now got them living in oatmeal and giving them fruit for moisture....

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#130902 - 08/10/06 08:52 PM Re: Starting a farm [Re: ]

#130903 - 08/10/06 09:06 PM Re: Starting a farm [Re: ]

Thanks for the link, very interesting <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

#130904 - 08/11/06 01:56 AM Re: Starting a farm [Re: ]
KattyM Offline
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Here are a couple of links from our members:

mealie farm questions
mealworm ?

Let us know how it goes!
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#130905 - 08/11/06 06:43 AM Re: Starting a farm [Re: ]

About that link osmo238;
Lots of items they used bother me. I found that wood products (the containers) do keep in more moisture, hence producing mold. Once you have mold in the wood, it's hard to get rid of, so I would not recommend using the wooden containers as the University suggests. (Just my own personal experience). The Sheetmetal, a Huge NO-NO. Also, please don't use flour products as that site suggests either. Strickly use ONLY OAT products.

I'm sure when the University of Kentucky started that particular farm it was for study reasons alone, and NOT to feed the mealworms to Sugar Gliders.
REMEMBER; What you feed your worms your suggies are eating, too.


I do want to also add to this post, that I used to use the gut load (calcium and herptivite) but found more dead mealworms in my farms; also using these products alter the ratios in your diet, (I feed the BML) so I stopped using these quite a while back, but I couldn't edit those posts.

Party and dranger1108, and elmer, if you start with the large ones, they will morph, and I too, have heard that they are introduced to a hormone to stop the morphing, but I have not, nor have I, ever seen any evidence of it.

Stick to watery foods with little to no nutirtional value, such as Iceberg or Romaine Lettuce, carrots, or celery.

The iron and calcium rich veggies are definitely not what you want to feed to them. #1, ratios in your diet, #2 I find the worms end up turning darker colors, not dying but just from my experiencce, looking weird, and I toss them out. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/crying.gif" alt="" />

Try to avoid feeding fruits. Mainly due to inducing mold. Once you see any mold in your farms, you need to toss the entire farm container. Also, if you do use any fruits, you will have to maintenance your farm DAILY if you do. Well, I am not a daily maintenance mealworm farm person, so if you want to, up to you. I check on my farms every three to four days, and they are massive!!!

Lots of us here farm our own mealworms and all of us have our own way of farming them, but we all feed the healtiest worms to our suggies by the information found right here on this site, and I too, have learned farming tips from here, but please don't think that the farming sites that feed potatoes, use wood and metal, other no-no items, are the way to raise mealworms for Sugar Gliders. Sorry I sound fussy, ....I need some coffee and hug <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/needhug.gif" alt="" />!

#130906 - 08/11/06 07:21 AM Re: Starting a farm [Re: ]
mattysmom Offline
Glider Guardian

Registered: 01/31/06
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I started a mealworm farm - it takes WEEKS for them to go through the process but I now have two aquariums full of mealworms and the process keeps on. I use oat bran to feed them and potato/sweet potato. I was adding fruits but did read with interest the information about mold and will take a second look at what I'm feeding. I got original instructions from Good luck - be patient - it works and you're NEVER out of mealworms. I actually have a few Godzilla-sized worms which I think would wrestle with my gliders so I'm just watching their progress. I put a mix of worms, including a few superworms, in there.
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#130907 - 08/11/06 08:40 AM Re: Starting a farm [Re: ]

Thanks for all the feed back. I still have a few more questions. What is oat bran? I have oatmeal and baby cereal. Is that enough? Where would I find oat bran?
Sending hugs to Cycy! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/hug2.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/hug2.gif" alt="" />

#130908 - 08/11/06 08:48 AM Re: Starting a farm [Re: ]

That's enough really.... sometimes I just use the Oats and the baby oatmeal ceral, when I run out of the bran... Also some here just use the old fashioned oats and their farms grow wonderfully....

If you go to the grocery store, down the cereal aisle, look for the Kelloggs (sp) brand, (Oat Bran Cereal) which has nothing but the oat bran in it. Just telling you that cause they do have wheat and other brans and you have to check on the ingredients. The issue with the wheat would be similar to that of Wheat germ, the oils turning toxic unless refrigerated.....
And I know we don't all refrigerate our wheat cereals, but to a sugar glider that has many times smaller little systems that us human folk, their bodies feel toxins much faster than we would..... hence why we would refrigerate the wheat germ as the manufacturer's suggest.

Thanks for the Hugs... back to ya Party!!!!
<img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/hug2.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/hug2.gif" alt="" />

#130909 - 08/11/06 08:55 AM Re: Starting a farm [Re: ]

Thanks Cycy! I can't wait to get started.

#130910 - 08/11/06 11:32 AM Re: Starting a farm [Re: ]

We have a few mealworm farms going too, and we use oatmeal for bedding. We cut up baby carrots for moisture and food. Sometimes we use wheat germ and oatmeal but mostly oatmeal. We use the old-fashioned type of oatmeal. So far so good.

Raising a mealworm farm takes a long time, so have some patience.

We use plastic shoe boxes as containers, with holes drilled on the cover.


#130911 - 08/11/06 11:51 AM Re: Starting a farm [Re: ]

Can this post be stickied? I want to be able to find it when I start a farm in the near future, but also I've seen this question asked before. Also, it's OK to house several types of insects together?

#130912 - 08/11/06 12:01 PM Re: Starting a farm [Re: ]

Just save it to your favorites, and name it "Mealworm Post" Heheh!


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