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#135 - 07/20/02 11:16 PM Lima Beans

I've heard, and even recommended that they not be used, but I've never seen a definative answer why Lima Beans are bad for our litle ones. I have never had a problem with them having gas (when I was still using them), or any other problem using them. I do know that Lima Beans were one of Evie's favorites.

Do any of the "Nutrition Experts" know of a definative answer to not feeding Lima Beans such as toxins or any other harmful chemicals in them?

<small>[ 07-20-2002, 12:18 PM: Message edited by: Rowdy Glider ]</small>

#136 - 07/20/02 11:24 PM Re: Lima Beans [Re: ]
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Hi John, <img border="0" title="" alt="[Smile]" src="images/icons/smile.gif" />
Hmmm, I dont know much about lima beans as far as toxicity or anything like that, Ive always thought they were a gassy type food. I never feed them because I tried and they hated them, and when I went to take their plate out a few hours later they had turned a bluish black? I dunno?
Maybe someone with somemore experience with lima beans might have some advice. <img border="0" title="" alt="[Smile]" src="images/icons/smile.gif" />
(Glider Anatomy, Info, & a wee bit of fun.)

#137 - 07/20/02 11:35 PM Re: Lima Beans [Re: ]

From Glideroo:
"Uncooked lima beans & kidney beans are considered toxic as they contain cyanide-producing compounds (cyanogenic glycosides) & the liver is only capable of detoxifying small amounts of them. I have no idea what would be considered a safe amount to feed to gliders & obviously the more often they are fed the greater the risk becomes for a toxic level to build up. Additionally, uncooked lima beans, kidney beans & soybeans contain proteolytic enzyme inhibitors which can prevent/decrease utilization of substances such as trypsin & chymotrypsin thus producing nutritional deficiencies. Trypsin & chymotrypsin are juices secreted by the pancreas to help split proteins into smaller substances called pancreatic proteases. Then intestinal peptidases finally reduce the proteins to amino acids. After digestion, amino acids in the small intestine are then absorped by the blood & carried to all body tissue where they are used to form proteins needed by body tissue. Since lima beans, kidney beans & soybeans contain proteolytic enzyme inhibitors & can cause proteins not to be properly broken down to amino acids, it could reduce the amount of usuable protein in your glider's diet. Finally, these enzyme inhibitors can contribute to difficulty in digesting lima beans, kidney beans & soybeans thereby causing excessive gas, abdominal pain & diarrhea."

Here is the thread I got that from.

#138 - 07/20/02 10:47 PM Re: Lima Beans [Re: ]

I guess that is definative enough for me....back to picking out the lima beans from the kiddo's dinners!!! <img border="0" alt="roflmao" title="" src="graemlins/roflmao.gif" /> <img border="0" alt="clap" title="" src="graemlins/yelclap.gif" /> <img border="0" alt="thumb" title="" src="graemlins/thumb.gif" />


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