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#1353322 - 09/14/13 07:57 PM USDA License and Full Time Job...? Also New Laws!!
GliderFun Offline
Glider Lover

Registered: 04/07/08
Posts: 320
Loc: NY
I was told to direct this question here for hopefully more input.

How do USDA inspections work if you have a "real job", like one that's 7am-6pm, or 9-5?

People who work for a living, how are they home for their inspections. Surly having 5 female sugar gliders doesn't entitle you to being able to take off work randomly for inspections or not work at all?

I've never heard much about this when people talk about USDA inspections.

How does that work if you have a job and can't just leave the office for inspections. At my last job, I would be fired if I had to leave randomly for inspections.

Also, I'm not sure if it's been mentioned here, but as soon as this law comes into effect, you will all be allowed to have 4 females without needing a license.

I'm not sure if people here have been following this horrible new law, but here's the new draft. It's not so bad for glider people, but for many other breeders, it's a disaster.

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#1353326 - 09/14/13 10:46 PM Re: USDA License and Full Time Job...? Also New Laws!! [Re: GliderFun]
Cora Offline
Serious Glideritis

Registered: 04/16/05
Posts: 6576
Loc: Kilgore, Texas
This topic is also on FB, many answers were: give your inspector your schedule, inspectors will get to know you and work around your schedule if possible. Plenty of people who have USDA licenses work 8 to 5 or so jobs.
USDA Licensed Breeder

#1353332 - 09/14/13 11:12 PM Re: USDA License and Full Time Job...? Also New Laws!! [Re: GliderFun]
sugarlope Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

Registered: 03/28/02
Posts: 19739
Loc: in my happy place
My inspector was known to come in the evening or on Saturday to work around my schedule. thumb

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#1353513 - 09/17/13 07:58 AM Re: USDA License and Full Time Job...? Also New Laws!! [Re: GliderFun]
Tigerlily Offline
Glider Explorer

Registered: 10/26/11
Posts: 180
Loc: Kentucky
What is it you are seeing in the new regulations that you feel is horrible? From my readings of it, it seems like at least a small positive step in an attempt to close some loopholes that allow people to sell animals sight unseen.

Happily indentured servant to many precious sugar gliders, 3 mischievous dachshunds, 3 horses, and one very patient cat.

#1353527 - 09/17/13 11:39 AM Re: USDA License and Full Time Job...? Also New Laws!! [Re: GliderFun]
GliderFun Offline
Glider Lover

Registered: 04/07/08
Posts: 320
Loc: NY
It is going to make it possible to eliminate show breeders of dogs and cats, due to the fact that most of these breeders can not follow the law to the letter as far as "facility requirements".

Most breeders breed and raise their show animals in their home. The law requires all surfaces to be sanitizable or disposable (including ceilings which have to be either drop ceilings or sanitizable).

(your couch, carpet, popcorn ceilings, etc are not sanitizable).

The law requires 2 floor drains in facilities and any wood must be painted or sealed on a regular basis or disposed of.

The numbers of those affected that's stated in the 91 page document released can't be more wrong. They state around 350(ish) cat breeders will be affected, when there are about 350 BENGAL CAT breeders ALONE who will be affected, not to mention the other breeds.

I breed Bengal cats and although this law doesn't affect me negatively (I'll already have a fully compliant facility that's been planned before I heard about this law), it will affect MANY, MANY breeders.
They won't be able to comply with the facility requirements as written so they either have to sit back and HOPE that the USDA doesn't regulate to the letter of the law (with facility requirements) or get out of breeding. This is especially bad because we need each other to work on the Bengal breed, lower the COI, and breed healthy stock.

There are already show mouse and rat breeders culling out their rodents to scale back or just getting out, which is TERRIBLE for the fancy since we rely on each other to get other genes and lines.

When you call the USDA and ask them about licensing for mouse, rat, hamster, gerbil breeders, they tell you that you don't have to worry about it, they're really only regulating dogs, or, if you're not breeding exotic animals you don't need a license, whereas the letter of the law (if you read that 91 page paper), rats, hamsters, etc are all regulated under the law.

The whole thing is a complete mess.

Also, thanks for the input regarding inspections. I'll pass the word along. Hopefully they all get nice inspectors like that.

#1353634 - 09/18/13 10:59 PM Re: USDA License and Full Time Job...? Also New Laws!! [Re: GliderFun]
Nathan24 Offline
New Member

Registered: 09/15/13
Posts: 6
Loc: FL
There must be proper rules and regulation for all that things.So that you can easily know that which one is not following that laws.And you can report for that to avoid any misunderstanding.
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#1353710 - 09/19/13 06:56 PM Re: USDA License and Full Time Job...? Also New Laws!! [Re: GliderFun]
GliderNursery Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

Registered: 09/14/07
Posts: 20059
Loc: North Central Ohio
As for inspections, according to my inspector someone has to be able to give them access when they come; a neighor maybe? (Not likely!) If you are not home when they come, they will issue a letter stating they were refused entry. It's not like you refused to let them in, but since they couldn't inspect at the time of arrival, that's the letter that will go on your file. I currently have one from when I was licensed previously to my current license.

Typically, if my insector shows up and I'm not home, he calls me. If I am where I can leave and come home to let him in, I do or my husband will if he's available. He's pretty easy to work with. But if no one can come let him in, it goes as a refusal.

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