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#1354674 - 10/03/13 07:12 AM Do gliders need to be kept in pairs?
HeatherK329 Offline
Out of Pouch

Registered: 06/19/13
Posts: 64
Loc: Chicago
My boy is almost a year now and I've never thought of getting him a cage mate firstly because I can't afford it, secondly because I'm afraid they would fight, and thirdly because he gets all the love and attention he needs and never seems upset or depressed. He's very talkative, loves to have us watch him play, and enjoys sitting and napping on us every chance he gets. So is having just one glider a crime? I'd like to hear from some owners that have only had one at a time especially, but all opinions are welcome.
And let me finish by saying if I ever saw any indication of or thought for a minute that he was not happy with his living arrangements, I would seek another glider, but at this time I see no need for one and don't think that situation will ever arise.
Proud mommy of 1yo Howard Hughes <3

#1354685 - 10/03/13 09:58 AM Re: Do gliders need to be kept in pairs? [Re: HeatherK329]
yiyo Offline
Serious Glideritis

Registered: 06/08/11
Posts: 7560
Loc: Long Island, NY
I can say, from personal experience, I feel they are happier in at least pairs. I started with one glider. Although he wasn't depressed at all and came with me everywhere I still decided to get him a girlyfriend. And what a difference I saw in him after that!!! He was like a totally different glider. SO much happier, much more talkative, and you could just see how content he was to have one of his own to cuddle up with. It was love a first sight heart

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#1354689 - 10/03/13 11:50 AM Re: Do gliders need to be kept in pairs? [Re: HeatherK329]
HeatherK329 Offline
Out of Pouch

Registered: 06/19/13
Posts: 64
Loc: Chicago
My boy has been neutered so I'm not worried about babies, but I don't have the funds for an entire other cage set up even if I were to consider that. How did you introduce them? Did they live with each other from the first night?
Proud mommy of 1yo Howard Hughes <3

#1354691 - 10/03/13 12:03 PM Re: Do gliders need to be kept in pairs? [Re: HeatherK329]
HeatherK329 Offline
Out of Pouch

Registered: 06/19/13
Posts: 64
Loc: Chicago
Also, if I chose to do this down the line, what would be the best age to do this? Howard will be 1 soon and I've had him almost a year now. I'm wondering if they have to be the same age or if it matters if the female would be a bit younger? And I was reading about introductions and although I said I don't have the money for another complete cage set up, I DO have the cage that came with Howard. Its half the size of his current cage but if intros only take a week or so maybe that would be sufficient.
Proud mommy of 1yo Howard Hughes <3

#1354699 - 10/03/13 01:40 PM Re: Do gliders need to be kept in pairs? [Re: HeatherK329]
tsuggielove Offline
Out of Pouch

Registered: 08/25/13
Posts: 45
Loc: VA
You should do it. They are COLONY animals. If you don't stay awake the WHOLE night interacting with your glider then he is not getting the attention he needs and deserves. There's no way around it.
He needs a cagemate to play with during the WHOLE night and to sleep and cuddle with during the day.
Imagine if you had zero interactions with human beings...No one to understand you, to talk to, to listen, no one to hang out with, etc. It doesn't matter if you have 10 cats or dogs...It's just in NO WAY the same.
You are not now and never will be a replacement for another glider.

Also, you can get gliders don't have to get one from a breeder. There are TONS of gliders that need homes and they are MUCH cheaper than one from a breeder. And sometimes breeders offer pet only joeys at very low prices too.

People recommend a 30 day quarantine.
After the 30 days you can start introductions.
Being in a smaller cage for a month or two is no big deal, btw. Being in a small cage their whole lives is the problem, not a few months.

Introductions probably will not last a week. It all depends on the gliders. If they get along quickly or not (they may not even get along at all).
Usually you start with exchanging pouches for a while.
Although some people say that exchanging pouches doesn't really do anything because, it doesn't matter how many times you exchange pouches, if they don't like the smell of the other glider they just don't.
You can also buy double pouches (or w/e they are called) and introduce them that way after you have been exchanging pouches. They don't have access to each other in those pouches, they just smell and see each other.
You can also put their cages beside each other so they can see each other during night time when they are awake.

After doing that, if there seems to be no problem, you can put the new glider in the bigger cage while you are there. Like, during the day when they are sleeping so you can keep an eye on them. It's a good sign if they are happily sleeping in the pouch together.

I guess there are different ways to introduce them.
It all depends on your availability. Like if you work during the day or not, how many days you work, etc.

I didn't do the 30 day quarantine because I was doing home renovations and had to put them all in the same room around 2 1/2 weeks into the quarantine.
Not everyone actually does the quarantine, though...I say wait at least two weeks. Don't just put them together right away. And take the new glider to the vet before introducing them.
If I were getting a glider from a rescue or from a random person (not from a breeder that actually takes their gliders to a vet and makes sure their breeding facility is clean and free of parasites or w/e) I would definitely do the full 30 day quarantine.
My gliders all got along, luckily. I didn't really follow recommendations word for word...I just used my brain haha
I have experience with many different animals so I kind of knew what I was doing XD

#1354724 - 10/03/13 10:56 PM Re: Do gliders need to be kept in pairs? [Re: HeatherK329]
sugarlope Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

Registered: 03/28/02
Posts: 19739
Loc: in my happy place
Gliders can certainly be happy as singles, I have met quite a few (and owned a couple) of them in my years of glider-ship.

EVERYone is going to have their opinion (some very strong) about everything related to gliders. In this situation, it seems like you already have your mind made up, so I'm not really sure why you asked the question. I am really not trying to be rude, at all, but in case anyone's opinions rub you the wrong way, I did want to make that point early on.

Certainly many gliders are very happy in multiples, some gliders are very happy as singles. If your life changes and you are not able to find as much time to spend, it is definitely worth considering the change in time that he is used to and how that will affect him. I am sure you know how to recognize the signs of stress and loneliness so if those symptoms ever arise, you know that you will need to re-evaluate what is best for him at that point.

As it is, enjoy your time with him as I am sure he enjoys his time with you. smile

If we never loved, then maybe we would never feel pain. Love anyway. It's worth it.

#1354741 - 10/04/13 08:11 AM Re: Do gliders need to be kept in pairs? [Re: HeatherK329]
GliderNursery Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

Registered: 09/14/07
Posts: 20059
Loc: North Central Ohio
I agree with Gretchen. Although I highly recommend that gliders always be in at least pairs because they are colony animals, some do just fine as singles.

I had Whiskey for over a year before she got her cagemate. I did try to intro her with my pet cage, but it didn't work out. Because I did not want her breeding too early, that meant she stayed a lone glider until I got her mate. Honestly, she acts the same today as she did when she was alone. The big difference now is I think she would get depressed if she were to be seperated from her mate (which I have no intention of doing). So, some can do fine as singles.

And then there are those that cannot handle being alone. I sent a joey home that went pretty crazy because it was in quarantine. The new owner, for the gliders sake, broke quaratine and the joey settled immediately. That is a glider that will never do good alone.

So the bottom line is know your glider, and do what is best for it. Since you mentioned financial limitations, I recommend starting a glider savings fund. Partly for emergency vet care and for purchasing a buddy when/if the need arrises. If he starts showing signs of depression, you won't have time to save up then to get another glider, you'll need to get one quickly.

I also agree that no person is capable of providing the same type of communication as another glider. I know I would miss social interation with other humans, so I can only feel they would be the same not having another glider to communicate with. So, although your glider may be doing "fine", it may not mean he's as happy as he could be.

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#1354747 - 10/04/13 11:15 AM Re: Do gliders need to be kept in pairs? [Re: HeatherK329]
HeatherK329 Offline
Out of Pouch

Registered: 06/19/13
Posts: 64
Loc: Chicago
Thank you for the opinions. And yes I think I have made up my mind, I just wanted to know all the details before I made a decision. I do have an emergency fund for him, so I guess I'll keep adding to it and maybe get him a cage mate in the next year or so. I want to make sure I have enough for vet checks and everything to make them comfortable before I buy another baby and am not prepared. Thanks
Proud mommy of 1yo Howard Hughes <3

#1355684 - 10/18/13 06:39 PM Re: Do gliders need to be kept in pairs? [Re: HeatherK329]
StitchsMom Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

Registered: 09/24/03
Posts: 10569
Loc: IL (St. Louis area)
I don't see anything wrong with waiting until you are fully prepared before seeking a cage mate so long as the single glider does not seem negatively impacted by it. My first glider was a single for a little over a year. Trip was a single for almost a year before I found a good pairing for him. Neither glider suffered that I could tell.

That said, both boys were significantly more relaxed after getting a buddy and no glider in my house is happier than any glider in my colony of six. That group is on cloud 9. So, I do suggest cage mates for gliders but I don't always think they are an immediate necessity if that makes sense.

It goes without saying that if a glider is showing signs of stress or depression due to loneliness, than of course the urgency to find a buddy increases.
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#1355849 - 10/22/13 01:31 AM Re: Do gliders need to be kept in pairs? [Re: HeatherK329]
HeatherK329 Offline
Out of Pouch

Registered: 06/19/13
Posts: 64
Loc: Chicago
Exactly my thinking, StitchsMom. Howard seems happy as a clam, especially since we just got a 6x5 tent and started tent time. He cab hardly contain himself. I'm very observant of his mood, probably bordering on overprotective, and the second I start to see his demeanor waiver I'm going to start researching options even if it's before I'm financially prepared. He's my baby and I only want the best for him.
Proud mommy of 1yo Howard Hughes <3

#1392507 - 08/02/15 12:02 AM Re: Do gliders need to be kept in pairs? [Re: HeatherK329]
SuggieSamantha Offline
In Pouch

Registered: 07/30/15
Posts: 38
Loc: Houston, TX
Some may do ok in singles, but they definitely thrive in at least pairs. I'd never keep just one glider. It's just too cruel to me. They're even more social than humans and I'd go crazy with only dogs, cats, gliders, etc. If you cannot be up with him the entire night, cannot talk to him in his language, cannot groom him, cuddle with him all day, etc, then you cannot replace another glider. Many seem happy alone but once you add another they are MUCH more lively. I've seen and heard of many self mutilating. The breeders I work for won't even sell a single glider unless you already have some at home and you can prove it. Even if they are happy and active, everyone seems to agree that being in pairs will lengthen their life span. Gliders kept alone typically only live a few weeks to a few years. Yes there are outliers but as a general, colobies are the way to go.
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#1392513 - 08/02/15 11:11 AM Re: Do gliders need to be kept in pairs? [Re: SuggieSamantha]
Srlb Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

Registered: 10/30/03
Posts: 16758
Loc: St. Johns, Florida
You do realize this thread is over 2 years old right?
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