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#1379463 - 10/03/14 07:39 PM Putting a Joey with another mom
allisvanity Offline
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Registered: 04/11/12
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Loc: ohio
I had someone ask me today if the mom dies that has joeys can they be placed with another mom that just weaned a joey?

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#1379464 - 10/03/14 07:44 PM Re: Putting a Joey with another mom [Re: allisvanity]
Feather Offline

Registered: 01/19/08
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Loc: Wisconsin
I am only a small breeder. I have heard of someone else trying it, but I don't know the outcome.

Hopefully someone with more breeding experience will see this.
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#1379465 - 10/03/14 07:58 PM Re: Putting a Joey with another mom [Re: allisvanity]
Happy Birthday GliderNursery Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

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It would be a risk. If it were a situation where they were in a trio, and there was another female currently nursing, it would be possible that she would take care of the remaining joeys. However, supplementing would possibly be required.

If it was a normal breeding pair, I don't think I'd risk trying to put strange joeys in a cage with another mom. I don't know that this would work.

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#1379476 - 10/04/14 06:38 AM Re: Putting a Joey with another mom [Re: GliderNursery]
Srlb Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

Registered: 10/30/03
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Loc: St. Johns, Florida
I know of a few people that used a 'surrogate' mom for their joeys and it worked great. There was one other that the mom took it but dad did not.

Would depend on the gliders really and I would make sure the joey smelled like the new gliders introduced to as well.
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