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#1383293 - 12/01/14 01:48 PM New Member With Question
LolaNRoxie Offline
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Loc: Bardstown, ky
I really need help with a sugar glider (Roxie) I rescued from a sad lonely life, She is approx. 1 1/2 and her first owner was going to let her loose and the lady I got her from took her in but locked her in a room and only fed her (not proper diet). I have recently got her a new friend who is so sweet and nice and loves to be touched. Though its been slow Roxie is coming around less crabbing, able to pet her and will lean into my fingers to rub her ears, HOWEVER she is biting me, no signs of stress or odd behavior, she will crawl all over me and reach my skin and chomps down, drawing blood, and it is any chance she gets to get to my skin she will draw blood, the odd thing is she's not doing it to my boyfriend and he rarely messes with them, when she bites and runs he can catch her and she doesn't seem to care. What should I do? Could it be something in my blood that she likes? I do know my hands do not have food on them and I don't wear scented lotions, soaps etc. PLEASE HELP ME HELP HER!!

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#1383294 - 12/01/14 02:21 PM Re: please help!! i have a biter [Re: LolaNRoxie]
Kris_N_Zoe Offline
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I really wish I had the experience/insight to help, but since I'm not there to observe her it's hard to say why she's biting. My boy Smoke was biting me for a while and I figured out that it was because he didn't like the way I was handling him.
The best i can offer you is to let her know biting is not acceptable behavior. When Zoey would bite I made the "Tssss" and she stopped within a week or so. Smoke is a bit more ornery... But's he's being a good boy.
Patience, that's the key. Try not to get mad, it might be a rebellious phase, maybe how she shows love and doesn't realize it hurts you, maybe something you can't smell. Give her time and lots of lovin's.
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#1383312 - 12/01/14 06:13 PM Re: please help!! i have a biter [Re: Kris_N_Zoe]
Terry Offline
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Well, it is hard to say just why she is biting you like that. It could be the soap or body wash you use, even if you don't use a scented lotion. Or, she could be testing you. Try the TSSS noise when she bites, hopefully she will stop, but there is always a chance she could stay a nipper. If that's the case, she may eventually bite less hard over time. Another possibility, is she is taking more time to warm up to you.
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